GoComics launches official app for Windows Phone, get your Dilbert on the run

GoComics is a popular website launched back in 2005 for both strips, panels and editorial cartoons. It features virtually all of the major comics and cartoonists you can think of. And there is now an official app for Windows Phone to satisfy your comics need on the run.

If you need your Calvin and Hobbes fix on the run GoComics can help. The app just came out earlier today and looks to be a fairly smooth implementation for the medium. Launching the app and you’ll be on the ‘menu’ portion of the panorama. You’ll get the option to drill down into comics, editorial, popular, or funnies in Spanish. Tapping any one of those will give you the alphabet picker list where you can search out your favorite panels (for comics) or authors for editorial comics. What’s cool about the author list is that it is separated by left, middle and right. So you can filter down to your preferred political position. Although I do recommend viewing comics from opposing views, its good humor to see how everyone views each other.

GoComics SC

Back on that main panorama if you swipe to the right of ‘menu’ you’ll find yourself in the featured section. Here is where the folks behind GoComics prominently place reader favorites. You’ll see familiar faces like Garfield, Foxtrot, Dilbert and more. Tapping anyone of them will place you right into the strip. One swipe to the right of featured and you’ll find my comics, favorites and extras. Comics that you subscribe to show up under ‘my comics’ and any you mark as favorites pop up under favorites, it’s pretty straightforward. But in order for those to work you need to create (or log in with) a GoComics account. You can do both through the app under the extras section. You’ll also find a blog that stays up to date with the latest news in the comic world.

Overall GoComics is a fairly nice application for getting some light humor on the run. I would have liked to see some Windows Phone 8 features, like: double wide tile, lock screen support (hello!?), and whatever else you guys and gals come up with in the comments.

That said, GoComics is available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8, that’s a good thing. You can download it right here in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app.

QR: GoComics

Thanks for the tip Paul!

Sam Sabri