From the WPCentral Forums: Sales reps and Windows Phone (The Good the Bad & the Ugly)

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One topic that seems to come up a lot in the forums is individual experience with sales representatives when looking at a Windows Phone. For the longest time these posts were mostly bad experiences, after all Windows Phone is the "new kid on the block" so it seems to take a beating on most occasions. Yet Windows Phone continues to get great reviews and its popularity is increasing. The positive news is on the rise and so are the forum posts about great experiences when inquiring about Windows Phone devices. Still, there are all sorts of stories that you folks are sharing with each other. Here are a few:

In the thread "Rogers impressed me today", forum member based_graham had a great experience with a sales rep:

"So I went into Rogers today and saw this sweet looking Nokia Universal Dash so I tried it out with my Lumia 800 and all goes well so at the counter I asked about the 710 and the sales guy was like "Yeah we just got them in for 255 unlocked. Amazing phone the only phone to really rival the iOS and functionality with Mango is amazing" he kept going on and on about it and briefly mentioned that they might get the Lumia 900 in March/May. He also said that Mango and Lumia phones have all been getting great reviews etcGlad to see sales rep in Canada excited about it of course its only one store but I might pop in another Rogers and see what they have to say about it. I was going to buy it straight up but its not unlocked kinda choked."

In "Odd thing T-Mo rep told me while looking at Lumia 710 today", forum member speedtouch had an interesting interaction when inquiring about getting a Lumia 710 off contract.

"My wife and I went to T-Mo today so that I could show her the Lumia 710. I had been to a different T-Mo store last week to see it for myself. While speaking with the T-Mo rep today I told him I was not interested in getting a 2-yr contract. I want to buy the phone outright and go on a month-to-month plan. He said that's fine but I would lose access to roaming on other non-T-Mo towers. That I would only have access to T-Mo towers, not to any other towers that T-Mo has roaming agreements with. Is this true? I have never heard of that before.He said that the only way I could get access on non-T-Mo towers is by going with a contract on T-mo. My BS meter shot up to 100% when he told me that. Am I right and he's wrong?"

Likewise in "This is what a Verizon rep told me, forshame!!" forum member johndd34 got the "you should get an Android" hard sell from a Verizon sales representative.

Stephanie: What will you be using the device for?john: I have a corporate email account with Microsoft Outlook and I like to social networkStephanie: I would recommend that you get an Android phone!john: why so?Stephanie: Because we have a wide selection and you will be able to do everything you need on them!john: really? well, maybe i will go with a windows phones since i use a lot of windows programs and it is much faster than androidStephanie: The windows phone is great too!(Really? the reason I should get android is because they have a ot of phones????........ugh....stupid sales people....what do you think about this??)

There you have it, some of what our Forum Members are saying. 

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