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Google acquires Softcard tech, fate of Windows Phone apps unknown

Google announced earlier today that it has acquired "technology and intellectual property" from the online payments company Softcard. Rumors about the acquisition were first reported in January. The news puts the fate of the recently launched Softcard Windows Phone apps for Verizon and AT&T customers up in the air.

Google stated that the technology they are acquiring from Softcard will be used to improve their own Google Wallet app, but didn't offer any details. A separate announcement from Softcard stated, "For now, Softcard customers can continue to tap and pay with the app. We will share more information with customers and partners in the coming weeks." It added, "Today's announcement is a positive step forward for the mobile payments industry and wireless consumers."

Windows Central contacted Softcard to ask what today's acquisition by Google means for users of its Windows Phone apps. Unfortunately, a spokesperson for the company replied, "What is included in Softcard's blog post is all we are sharing at this time." Softcard launched a Windows Phone app for AT&T users in early November, followed a couple of weeks later by the Verizon version. A Softcard Windows Phone app for T-Mobile customers has been promised but so far it has yet to be released.

QR: Softcard Verizon

QR: Softcard AT&T

Source: Google, Softcard

  • We still have Waze, so I have faith!
  • We might still have it but it is worthless. Hasn't been updated since google acquired it. Now if that was heavy sarcasm in your post, then nevermind...
  • How is it worthless. Last time I used it it still gave directions, still gave traffic, and still showed post by it's users for traffic conditions. I don't know what features it is missing from IOS and droid, but it is far from worthless.
  • It's missing many things. The ability to connect to Facebook to have your friends on your leaderboard. Ability to edit maps, which means we miss out on the map editor icons. Also, there's numerous reports that differ between our WP version, and the Android version. We also do not get the bonus points that Android/iOS users get for just driving. They did something like that during Christmas, but the points were laughable. My girlfriends Android's version constantly gives her bonus points, ranging from 10-200. Since the sale of Waze to Google, we haven't seen any sort of update. The sad thing is, that most likely, unless things REALLY change, it looks like I'll be switching to an Android on my next upgrade, but that's more so to do with Verizon having a hatred for Windows Phone. It kind of sucks, man.
  • Hasn't development on that stopped though?
  • Waze hasn't been updated in a year. Most likely never again.
  • If there are enough Windows Phones, I'm sure they'll update it again.  Eventually.
  • If that keeps you warm at night....
  • With how hot my Lumia got when running Waze it probably could ^^
  • Du bist sehr "ehrgeizig". Möge die Wärme mit dir sein.
  • Really? The Google that has ignored millions of users by not giving us a YouTube app will update Waze If there is demand? You must be new here. Don't take any offence in my reply but we really don't think highly of Google and its tactics.
  • Well I have a note 4 along with my 930 believe me. You are not missing anything all the youtubes apps on android are trash.
  • About YouTube app in android it's total crap constant crashing, slow performance it's not the best application if want compare side by side,
  • If Windows Phone hits 15% or higher global market share, Google will very quickly start putting their major apps on Windows Phone.
  • Of course and the cows flies too, if Google care of it then, how come that don't exist a single Google app on Windows 8.1 modern ? Google don't care about applications it's self centered in their eco system and how much earns with Google search so don't dream, why not Microsoft launch their own video platform like YouTube? Suppose that Cortana works under the Bing engine so what hell would do if ask for videos of a x thing I, hope don't show YouTube results
  • Sure there are 200+ million Windows8 PCs/laptops/tablets out there but I would say that the vast majority of them are desktop or laptops.  I don't think people use the modern apps a whole lot on desktops or laptops.  And on a full blown Win8 machine, you can access official Google stuff through any web broswer without performance loss, even IE. 
  • Microsft has already tried to launch a competitor to Youtube. It was called Soapbox and died a quick, lonely death.
  • What you just said right there is key....
    You mention market share, which is what matters most....
    Google isn't dumb, and they will go where the money is.... If Microsoft could figure out how NOT to screw up marketing for Windows smartphones, and increase market share, then we wouldn't have to worry about apps, leaving, or coming, to the platform...
    My question is what is Microsoft going to do to make sure Softcard continues to support WP❓
  • You must not remember when ms made a great youtube app and google blocked it
    This is much more personal than market share
  • This ^^
  • +1 exactly.. Market share is the excuse not the real reason..
  • No, that's called business, dude... Apple plays it, Google plays it, Samsung, and every successful company plays it.... But, MS doesn't, you support that, and look at the position they're in with mobile.... Lol..
    No... MS has a lot to learn from the others... MS is a terrific company, with superb products, but they don't yet know how to muscle their products into peoples hands, and pockets...
    Do not bring up PC, or W10,, because PC is not yet considered mobile by the average consumer, and W10 has yet to be proven...
  • So you're saying, in a nutshell, Microsoft is not a very successful company... Lol
  • In the 21st century,,, Yes, MS has been a relatively UNSUCCESSFUL company as far MOBILE is concerned.
    Lol... But, I see what you did there..
  • The only thing that pokes a hole in your theory is that there is a YouTube app for Wii U and Roku. I'd argue that there are more Windows Phone users than users of those 2 combined.  I have to ask though, you keeping hitting on this point that MS isn't doing enough to market their products. I'm curious what makes you think that. 
  • That's a good point about Roku, and Wii.... But, I seriously doubt there is more WP users than Wii users worldwide... Lol.....
    .... Roku? It's more popular than WP, whether the numbers show it, or not.... But, those devices act kinda different when it comes to a YouTube app... They use the default YouTube app that YouTube makes available for consoles, DVD, BR, tv's, and other appliances... They aren't specific mobile apps that Google developed for each appliances,, there's just to many of them... I think that default YT app can be skinned, I'm not sure, but I was reading something about this... It's just irrelevant asking why my Sony BRD player has a YT app, and WP doesn't... It's a different story.
    The reasons why I think MS has horrible marketing?????.... Lol. I can see why someone might question that depending on their region... But, just trust me,, if marketing is good in your area then you're in one of those rare areas, like Italy, that marketing is actually good in.... We talked about this last see. A few guys actually named where they were from, and the marketing situation.... Funny thing is that the few guys who said that marketing was good lived in those few European countries where WP market share is on the rise... The rest, the majority, who complained about marketing, were in areas that are either loosing market share, or market share is stagnant.... This isn't rocket science, as a usually say....
    ...... No, I'm not going to go into the myriad of reasons marketing is inadequate.. We already know why, and you already know why....... It's just time for us to hold MS accountable as users, and fans, and quit making up excesses for them.... Then we can finally get somewhere....
  • As of January of this year the lifetime sales of the Wii U is 9.2 million. That would seem less than the amount of Windows Phone users. I could be wrong. Either way, what you're saying is that market share matters but only for phones? I guess I don't understand why it would be. Seems like there would have to be some effort to develop a default YouTube for consoles. But what you're saying that since it's different that effort isn't as great?  As far as marketing goes, I don't know why you think it's inadequate. That's why I asked. To be honest I have no opinion on the matter but and I'm not making excuses.You just keep hitting this point all the time but I haven't really seen anything to back it up other than generalities. 
  • Lol.. I'm not saying that market share only matters for phones...
    And, like I said... Im not getting into the obvious reasons why marketing is horrible.. That's old news, and really is a waist of time... The fact that it is, and always has been, is the message that I try to get across... Feel free to figure out why on your own time... Lol. Or, just keep up with the rest of the post.
  • I'm confused. If market share matters for the other devices, then why is there a YouTube app on them and not Windows Phone? And once again you're deflecting the question about marketing. I'm looking online but don't see anything about this topic. Is there some concrete evidence that you are basing your statements on? If so, what?
  • Dude.. You are making this way to complicated.. What I read is what I've read.. Believe it, or not.. Understand my point, or not.. I'm just not interested in doing the work for you.....
    If you don't understand, believe, or like, the fact that marketing is WP'S biggest problem then that's something you're going to have to deal with.... Do I have statements from MS saying they messed up marketing?.. No. That's my opinion based on really obvious things we see.. Just start paying more attention to what's going on with WP... If you've been here for five years like me you might understand... But, damn, dude..
  • How am I making this complicated? How would you backing up your own statements with something be doing the work for me?  If you asked someone to back up a statement or theory and they responded with, "it's obvious, do the work yourself" would you believe them? You've been around here for 5 years yet you can't point to one article or post about this?  I asked because I'm curious. It's not about believing you are not. It's about trying to understand why you keep going this 1 topic when I don't see it and was hoping you could point me in some direction.
  • Article, or post?. No. It's my own personal perception... It's an educated, and very clear, observation.... It's not rocket science, and I don't have to have documentation to believe it...
    Look up the definition of the word horrible, then look up the definition of the word marketing.... That's it... Or, just look around you... Study your environment... Process what you see... I don't know... Where are you located❓ Compare WP marketing to that of Samsung, and Apple.. Ask some friends, go to the mall, drive down the highway... Just watch some TV....
    I just don't understand what else to tell you.... Most people are either going to say that WP marketing is bad, and they don't see enough good marketing, or they are going to say that WP marketing is good, and they do see enough good marketing.... This is something that you must determine yourself..... Go do those things then come back and tell me your opinion.. Tell me what you saw.. What's your comparison between WP, Android, or iOS, marketing....... Does that help❓
  • I've seen plenty of WP marketing in the places you've mentioned. Except on the highway. The billboards I see are for local businesses or movies. They did get to my non-techie mother who wanted a 1020 because of the ads she saw on TV. Why doesn't she have a 1020? Because it wasn't available on T-Mobile. I don't see how marketing is going to fix that problem. 
  • In your area marketing could possibly be sufficient.. That's not something that we don't see people say from time to time....
    The problem is that your situation is relatively rare... Just listen to what members say.
    Marketing.... Availability on store shelves... Carrier Availability..... That's a huge part of marketing... Everything that has to do with getting that device into customers hands is marketing...
    We could be on to something.
  • You're describing exactly what MS did back in the day that resulted in the MS antitrust lawsuit, which ironically the EU is currently accusing Google of
  • Tell me exactly how I'm describing that..
    Back up your comment, please.
  • 1). It's not abut "marketshare". That's a bullshit lie/excuse that has been used way too long but actually means nothing. Those that buy into that are the problem, because you are putting the "power" in the wrong hands. 2). Yes, as a matter of fact google is pretty dumb. The only people dumber are the people who believe what they say about developing for WP. Now I personally don't care, I don't need google on my phone (or anything else). But the fact is they are leveraging their services to EFFECT marketshare. It''s not the other way around. 3). You are delusional. "What is MS doing about it?!" That's the dumbest shit you people spew here (and other places) MS shouldn't have to do anything. They damn sure shouldn't have to pay for it (which I'm assuming is what you are eluding to). These idiot developers try that and ultimately price themselves out. Creating apps for WP/W8.1 is E A S Y. Those that don't do it simply don't want to. It's not about "marketshare", especially when you look at these incredibly simple apps like instagram. They simply don't want to. Therefore, F*ck em.
  • This!!! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sean...... No.. Not accepting that.. None of it.. But, thanks for your opinion... I understand your frustration, but we have different viewpoints....
    Nevertheless, besides your unnecessarily rude, and immature, comment,, thanks for representing WP, and the entire Windows ecosystem...
    Although, I would appreciate if you would remember my user name, and never reply to me ever again in the future if this is how you choose to get your message across... Thanks for your time.
  • TOTALLY agree
  • I agree. Marketshare is always the excuse when people want to say, "it's business". Businesses market to consumers in raw numbers, not to spreadsheets. The fact is that there are MILLIONS of users, regardless of the percentage they represent. Mac has single digit market share, as well. They get programs. There are anti competitive forces at play here. They're is nothing Microsoft can do to force or even influence Google to make apps for Windows Phone.
  • Yeah, but you're suggesting that PC market share operates on the same TECHNICAL dynamics as mobile market share... As you just stated, that's simply not true... It's a different era, and market share determines a lot,,, no matter how it works with PC, and mac....
    But, if you want to make that comparison... Mac has been around a lot longer than WP, and is much more popular... It's the second option that's more established than the third.... WP is basically Linux... Lol.. It's totally Linux..
    It's MS's job to increase market share, because that means at that point WP is becoming more popular... It's possible for WP, or any platform to become just as, or more, popular than iOS, because times simply change.. And, certain companies MAKE times change...
    Lol... I hope there's more people, who think like me, working at MS, vs people who say "there's nothing we can do" like you.. Lol. They would be in some EXTREMELY bad trouble...
    We can't say there's nothing that can be done about any situation with WP until everything has been accomplished, and tried.... Double digit market share hasn't been accomplished, consistently effective marketing worldwide hasn't been done, devices haven't been readily available on store shelves.... This isn't how Android became popular, and it's actually the complete opposite story,, for whatever reason..... The thing is that these are all things that MS has control over, and it is there job to manage, or make these things happen...... Until at least those three things, out of most likely much more, have been accomplished you could never convince me that developers, Google, OEM's, the average consumer, and carriers will never take WP seriously, and there's nothing MS can do.
    When those things have been tried, and met, then I will honestly be able to say that it's Chase bank just being stupid, Google is hatful, or BOA doesn't know $hit.... Until then it's all MS not doing what needs to be done.... That's just logic, and I just refuse to see it any other way because I have no reason to question logic.... That's my honest take on the situation. That's the best way I can explain my opinion, and I'm sticking to it until some of those things are met, and until in my eyes it needs adjusting...
  • I bet that if Windows for phones gets more market share you can be damned sure Google will not only not create apps, but do everything they can to keep even more companies from doing so. Google has little to no income from anything other than the ads and user data they sell. They are not willing to let that income go.
  • That's the reality of the situation..... Google wants money, money is in mobile, MS isn't currently in mobile....
    It's not rocket science...
  • Stop believing/perpetuating that lie.
  • Google is going to **** know story of is king right now...
    What they do is right..
  • Well there are a few companies out there trying to get android more away from google it is open source you know Hopefully Samsung will ship with ms services cyanogen may.
  • I certainly hope Google continues to support and develop for Windows, but my confidence in that particular outcome is minimal. Google wants to replace Microsoft as the default tools people use, thier unwavering push for the children in school systems around the country is evidence of this. If the children are "nurtured on Google Productivity tools and Chrome books as we were on Microsoft Office and Windows Google has a better chance of using those Google trained masses of youth who will be adults become a driving force to begin pushing enterprise toward Google tools. Google already owns mobile.
    Solidifying their position in a very practical area of mobile payments which Apple has succeeded in virtually mainstreaming will further persuade people to use Google tools, within Google ecosystem. Sadly it is in Google's share hungry business interests to block Microsoft out of this arena.
    Microsoft though thier Mobile market share is dwarfed by Google and Apple is the only company that offers a comprehensive ecosystem of products and services that if Microsoft's mobile fortunes were to change Google's position could be drastically affected, particularly given Microsoft's powerful 91% PC install base in homes and enterprise across the globe.
    If MS is pushed out of mobile payment early on, while the foundations are being laid in the industry "infrastructure" and consumers mindset set, Windows may sadly become known as the platform among users during this critical stage, that does not support mobile payments. Touché Google.
    Microsoft. Your move. Windows 10 hopefully will have the ultimate affect of becoming the ecosystem that pulls that massive PC install base into the "mobile" arena via universal apps. Though a competitor, if Win 10 leads to a large enough base that would generate advertise dollars for Google, that base may be to big to ignore.
    GOOGLE Refuses to Play Nice With Windows Phone and Here's Why
  • It has been MS's move for a long time.... But, you're right if you're saying it's up to MS..
    If MS fails then it's their fault, and their only..
  • Dude, it's not MS's fault. It really isn't.
    Maybe it's time you just go buy some other device, because you (not *just* you) put out a lot of untrue garbage.
  • I blame Rodney
  • I blame him too... What a fool.. Lol.
    NIST.... That's a cool screen name..
  • Still, not that many people care about payments on their phone. It's just a luxury that saves you from the two seconds it takes to enter your pin.
  • Says the WP fan who's platform is never ahead of the curve, or with it.....
    Dude... That's the worst "sore looser" toned comment I've seen in a while... Lol.
    You seriously don't think Mobile payments are the future❓ Can you explain why? I'm willing to hear your point unbiased..
  • Tony didn't say it's not the future. It could very well be a hit. He said it is a luxury, and it is. He is right it does save you two seconds to put in your pin, but what you make of it is up to the individual. It also didn't sound like a sore loser comment, he obviously just doesn't care for it.
  • Tony can speak for himself.... Lol.. I asked HIM a valid question, and it's ok if he answers it... Just give him a chance.
  • I'll reply.... Simple... right now there is no reason to push mobile payments. MOST people don't care for the idea. MOST people barely trust saving CC data in their browsers let alone in a device that could be easily stolen or hacked. Is it the future? Probably... but Tony is right... Not that many people care about payments on their phones and it is just a luxury that saves you from two seconds to pull out your CC and type in a pin. No matter what Google or Apple try to tell you.. "Oooh... we have Apple-Pay" and I have NEVER ever seen a single person pay that way to date.
  • "Most people don't care right now"
    Is that how you want MS to think?
    Is that how Apple is thinking?
    Where has that kinda thinking landed MS vs Apple... SMH.. I can't believe some of you guys have not learned the importance of being ahead of the curve.... I mean,, most of us are WP fans here... Lol. You would think that the last mindset we would allow ourselves to have is that old MS last to the party way of thinking... OH, lord.
    Maybe to problem with MS is old school fans holding on to 20th century ways of thinking.. Lol... I'm not saying that's you, dude, but I'm just saying that's kinda how you sound... No offense..
    Smart watches, phablets, mobile pay.... MS better be ahead of it all... Wait, they probably dropped the ball on smart watches again, but I'm sure Apple will pick it up for them..... Don't you guys want MS to do better? Why not❓❓
  • Whether or not MS think that is irrelevant... Most people think that. Period. I'm an Android user (currently use Note 2 but changing to Nokia 1520) and I'm not saying I wouldn't use mobile payments or that I'm against it in any way shape or form... I'm saying MOST people aren't as open to new ideas, and most don't trust the technology yet and see no need for it. That's all... and that is what Tony said... He didn't say it was a bad idea, or that because MS doesn't push it, then it must be a bad idea... He simply stated fact. Not that many people care about payments on their phone. That's true... TODAY. MS didn't drop the ball on smart watches.. Apple actually did that. The Band is 100X better than that joke Apple came up with. They recently said they were disappointed they couldn't include the sensors for health use.
  • I know what Tony said, and I understand his point.. Move on from that.. It's just besides the point, and so is saying that Apple dropped the ball...
    Dropped the ball.... Ok.. That's why the MSB has been out for months, and nobody knows what it is, and the ASW hasn't even come out yet, and the whole world knows what it is... Lol.. Ok.
    It's funny how hatred, and extreme bias, can make people avoid the reality of situations... MS is once again going to be behind Google, and Apple, with smartwatches, payment, and whatever Google, and Apple, are smart enough to see is going to be the next big thing....
  • Don't take my word for it.. A report in the WSJ noted: "Apple also struggled to find a purpose for the watch after the sensors were ditched, and were left 'wrestling with why a consumer would need or want such a device.'" and they referred to it as a "'black hole'" I'm positive apple fans will buy it... that's besides the point. We all know Apple are the king of marketing.. Is that what you are upset about? MS not marketing as well as Apple or Google? I agree they do a terrible job... I had no idea about the band until I stated coming here and was shocked they had such a great device I hadn't even heard of. They have a pretty steep uphill battle to change users perceptions of a virus filled OS company that is always lagging behind the innovators. No argument there.
    I believe they are on the right track though... with Windows 10, the new phones, the band and Surface Pro 3...
  • Honestly, the two things that make me mad about MS most are marketing,, when it comes to WP, and urgency....
    Now, exactly as you say I do have a lot of faith that things can, and most likely will, get better.. Two reasons: Surface, and W10...
    If MS "owns" Lumia devices, like they have "owned" Surface, then WP market share should increase steadily... And, now MS is in the position to give Lumia the Surface treatment.... The whole universal platform idea is amazing, and never been done before, and I see MS is ready to push that idea...
    Nevertheless, those two things haven't been proven, and we're still feeling the effects of 5 years poor marketing... So that's the actual situation we're in today............ So, I'm not being super critical of MS just to be super critical... I'm being super critical of MS because I'm a fan, and they, as big, and capable, as they are, should be doing better... That's why whenever I see an article about ANYTHING negative that's happening to WP my first reaction is BLAME MICROSOFT❗ ...... I know that a lot of people here don't like it, understand why, or agree, but it is what it is, and that's my take on the situation.... I won't stop until the bleeding stops, and hopefully I'll convince others to give MS the same greef.... I can't please everyone, and that's not my goal..... But, I know that it's more worth my time to ask MS to fix WP's app situation than to beg Google, Chase, or CBS, to give a damn about WP..... MS needs to give them more reason to.... It's just business.
  • I think one reason people react so badly to your comments is due to how narrow your focus is. You constantly focus on a single aspect of MS' strategy: Marketing You refuse to entertain other issues most of the time, making you seem too narrow minded to make a fair point. Maybe you do this on purpose for effect, but it just doesn't come off well. The people working at MS really do care about marketing and they are capable of doing it well, so don't think your awakening them to something they are not aware of. They would agree with its importance, however, marketing is just one variable in any market, mobile is no exception. To ignore the rest is irresponsible. How Google operates is very relevant to the fate of Softcard on WP. Softcard already felt it was worth creating an app, so the idea that Google can claim its suddenly not worth it would be hard to accept. I hope that is not the case here.
  • Trooper.... I could care less about how narrow people, or you, think my focus is, or whether you think a "narrow focus" is good, or bad, so don't come off as if you, or anyone else, might have some devine wisdom over me...
    It's quite obvious that you've seen my point of view many times about why WP is unsuccessful, and that you don't agree with it... I understand that, but I'm sorry,, I can't agree with you... You know how firmly I feel about marketing, and you should know by now that my viewpoints aren't going to change.....
    So with that said you might ask why I'm even here... Well, it's not to convince you, or people like you, of anything.. You're free to believe what you want.. I don't care.. But, I do find people with my same view points, and there will be more.... I'm all about root cause, a single issue that effects all issues... I have determined marketing to be the root cause of all of WP's issues, and for many reasons that you should already know by now... If you don't know, well whatever.. That's something you're going to have to pay attention to more.... IDK what to tell people like you.... I guess, maybe I should be asking what your goal is here❓ I mean, what's your point❓ ...... All I can suggest is for you to either try and understand me, add to my points instead of disagreeing with them, or to simply ignore me when you see me ride MS for horrible marketing..... I'm trying to be as civil as possible here with you... So, do you want to work with me, or not? It's up to you.
  • Since you decided to attack me instead of being civil as you claim to be (people like me? please, get off your high horse), I will keep it short: 1.  If you actually read my comments on this topic, you will notice I actually agree with you that marketing could improve. I may think there are other issues too, but I never denied your point.  2.  You go after people around here constantly bringing up your opinion in response to their opinion, so if your not trying to engage in debate to convince others, then are you just hoping everyone will agree with you without a discussion? 3. If you are willing to work with me, then I'm all for discussing these things properly and making sure MS improves as a result. So if you are truly interested in being civil and having a fair discussion, I welcome it.  That does mean however that both sides must at least be willing to listen.  
  • Yes❗❗❗... I'm not here to debate whether the root cause of all WP problems is marketing... I've already done that enough, and I make that clear... I'm not going to listen to anyone who tries to change my mind about marketing either... I'm past that..
    So, if it's that kind of discussion you're looking for then I'm sorry,, I can't help you.. I have my mind made up, and at this point I'm only interested in like minded people who believe the same..... You might call it closed minded, but it's called moving on.. Complete! My idea is complete, I'm happy with what I believe, and im done examining it.... I'm just here to spread the message... Whether you can deal with that, or not, IDK.... That's up to you... Do as you please, but I really have only one response to anyone who disagrees with this subject.... No
  • Do you have room in your idea for those that believe marketing is one of a few problems to focus on?  So we believe marketing is an issue, but we see other issues.  Do you have room for those people or do you only want to see comments from those that only focus on marketing? If you are just looking to hang out with like minded people, that's fine, but then posting comments arguing with other people seems like a waste of your time.  Maybe start a forum thread and try to build a group of those only interested in agreeing with you. As for me, I'm ready to move on to the present day and keep pushing MS to do better.  I have my own opinions on how they should do that and what they are doing now that I like to see.  I agree that MS has had  history of issues, including marketing, but I also know that they seem to be improving all around lately and they are taking steps I approve of.  I see a good foundation being laid and just hope enough people around me see it as well to give it a chance to actually work. I'll certainly call out issues, but I will also give them credit when they make a  good step. When I see an article about an app leaving WP for example, it defintiely sucks and it makes you worried for the platform, but then I see an article about an app arriving on WP.  Its a mix of bad and good feelings and its taught me not to overreact to any single article.  Look at the bigger picture and look at what MS is doing and saying now to try and see what the next 5-10 years will be like.    
  • Most of that article is correct IMO. But it's not "MS's move"... they've had moble pay capabilities on WP for a while now.
  • Discontinued within 3 months.... :)
  • That long ehh, I expect an update on WP support tomorrow :-).
  • Will never use this again if google is involved.
  • I barely use it as it is, since it's really not any better or more efficient than a credit card (who doesn't have the wallet with them everywhere anyway), and is accepted in way fewer places. Now I for sure have no desire to use it again.
  • Can't Microsoft do what Apple does and produce a phone with the Secure Element built-in and paired with some form of biometric authentication? Maybe the banks can readily support that specific device?
  • The problem is that the carriers wanted a cut, so Microsoft had to go with their solution (as they didn't really have enough market share to fight the carriers on it).  If the carriers sold off Softcard though, it sounds like they don't care any more and maybe the path to that is easier now.
  • I'm pretty sure Google is giving the carriers a piece of the revenue still even though they bought these parts of softcard. That's why the carriers gave that up.
  • Yeah, I read something of the sort. Since Apple Pay is gaining popularity and they're not getting a cut of that, they figure they go a separate route with Google. The thing is...Samsung is going yet another route and they're the biggest Android player.
  • Google doesn't like Samsung, to be honest. They have a very complicated and even somewhat strained relationship.
  • More than likely, Google has agreed to share all the data they collect on payments as well.
  • Microsoft onepay :)
  • WP8 actually has support for it.  But it isn't enabled.
  • And WP8.1 removed that support for it, in favor of an app-based NFC payment experience.
  • I use NFC payments at a couple places like Jack N Box, Panera Bread. My debit card is in my Windows Phone wallet so it's pretty awesome.
  • I use NFC payments at a couple places like Jack N Box, Panera Bread. My debit card is in my WindowsPhone wallet so its pretty awesome!
  • Could we even use it anywhere anyway? Three inky places in my area were coca cola vending machines
  • McDonald ,fresh market,Walgreens,subway,firehouse subs,petco etc
  • i use mine quite often...... an i live in a small town :)
  • I live in Virginia. Almost all grocery stores, pharmacies, department stores, many gas stations and more in my area have NFC payments enabled. I use Softcard almost every day. Anywhere that currently accepts Apple Pay or Google Wallet works with Softcard. I recently travelled to a small town in Tennessee, and it worked in many places there too. Many vendors who had disabled NFC payments in the past are enabling them again because of Apple Pay. I really do hope that Google doesn't discontinue support for Softcard on Windows Phone.
  • You can count on Softcard going away for WP, or at the very lease, never be updated again.
  • Sadly, I fear you will be proven correct.
  • I'm a daily user of Waze on Windows Phone (was an active beta tester too while that was still happening). As with Waze, I hope that if Google decides to leave the Softcard app untouched in the store and not disable it, I will be satisfied, since I could at least continue to use it for the foreseeable future.
  • Walgrens and McDonalds were on the list and I've used it there on several occasions. It's kinda handy to have my phone ready when I get to pay and just tap and go. No signing the screen or whatever. I've spotted an NFC payment option one other place, but darned if I wasn't so shocked I can't remember where it was. hehe My workplace has a vending machine that takes it as well. Even though it's a food vendor, I'm sure it's linked to Coca-Cola somehow.
  • Google sucks.
  • +1 trillion
  • + googolplex
  • +1 quadrillion
  • +1 zillions
  • google sucks EUs ass
  • Pfffft looks like softcard will be discontinued....... For wp that is
  • I guess the real question, since this buy up and consolidation of services is going, what is available that is equivalent that Microsoft could buy up? Our can they just adopt ApplePay just to screw Google. Apple uses our Bing and we get to use their ApplePay system.
  • That's what I was thinking. But MS needs to make some moves fast.
  • "Apple uses our Bing" Bing (Microsoft) pays Apple to be the default search provider (just like Google used to). Apple is not going to share Apple Pay.  
  • Wallet im sure will be revamped.
  • Keep telling yourself that.
  • If he's referring to Google Wallet he's probably right.
  • Making hardcard, problem solved!
  • +1 lol
  • No need to wonder...Google will kill this.
  • Well lets just say, softcard is dead for windows users and now MS will have to find a new solution to have their own form of nfc pay
  • Companies are not acquired to make it or the other better, it's to kill the competition. Now Google will have a foot hold in Windows 10 across over 500 million devices when everyone update from Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. Great for Google bad for Microsoft who doesn't have their own pay system.
  • ...when everyone update from Windows 7, 8, and 8.1... IF everyone upgrades. And nobody knows if they will.
  • It's getting harder and harder to justify staying on Windows Phone. 1st party apps like Office, OneNote, and Outlook, are better on Android or the fruit than WP8.1, and 3rd party apps are dropping like flies. What, exactly, does WP offer now over Android or Apple? I've been an MS fan since Zune, I absolutely loved my WP7 phones, but it seems each iteration of WP since then gets less and less unique. WP is converging towards its competitors in UI and UX but has none of the 3rd party (or even 1st party!) support of them. This might be my last Windows Phone (sadly).
  • Agreed :(
  • Yup, honestly the big selling point to windows phone originally was the UI aesthetic which was essentially the zuneHD UI. It's pretty much gone now and honestly I've been looking at getting an android few phone and loading up a Zune launcher. Because why buy a guarded OS with no app support that looks like a bastardize android 4.x
  • You do realise that you don't HAVE to upgrade to the next version of Windows Phone? You could have stuck with the previous versions (if your phones were still functioning, of course.)
  • I've tried the Zune launchers and they're all poo. No where near as good as Windows Phone.
  • hey. Was you that guy doing those Zune cases back in the day ???
  • I agree. Lately I've been thinking about getting iPhone 7 for late this year. Bank of America application now gone, WP 10 looks more like competition, and really missing hubs. Gonna keep using my 2+years old 8x till late this year and jump to different wagon.
  • Ok, bye.
  • It's in MS best interest to continue the push toward universal apps and cross platform functionality. Win10 is on the horizon and thus new functionality for phone users is coming. MS understands they must offer some compelling and unique experiences on their new phones but at the same time they need to ensure users can access their services from almost anywhere. The adoption rate of MS apps on iOS and Android has been amazing since the strategy shift. They had to do something drastically different from there previous approach. I think this is starting to put iOS and Android on clear notice to rethink their own strategies. We also see MS beginning to invest more in companies that are the backbone of other popular services. I've been right there with you through the WP evolution. Unfortunately, the path for opening up MS own services to other platforms can be done faster while the Windows core becomes more unified for 10. Hopefully the Tech Previews will generate enough feedback and tweaking for the GA release to appeal to the masses.
  • The OS is still excellent. There simply isn't anything better, IMO. But the app situation is getting dire. Even if WP is getting some more apps, the invention and progress is happening on iOS and Android. It used to be bad, but it's getting exponentially worse. With extremely few good exceptions, there are very few multi platform apps that have good WP versions. And let's not even go to the "casual gaming" market where WP might as well not exist (not a problem for me, but a HUGE issue for lots of people that want to play with their friends, and either can't or have to settle for sub-par versions that have way fewer features than they were used to). I have no idea how this is supposed to get better.
  • Mike,,, looks like you can see the reality of situations pretty damn good.
  • Now Samsung bought LoopPay and Google Softcard... Nothing there avaliable for Microsoft. :(
  • Only thing that is left is PayPal but I think the company will be expensive after ebay spins it off. Maybe a partnership agreement to offer mobile nfc payments will go a long way. There is also LevelUP that Microsoft can buy.
  • So when's Microsoft's universal payment solution coming?
  • Once again MS does nothing while Apple and Google march right in.
  • How when they had wallet capabilities a year or so before...??
  • In a single carrier in a small market doesn't really count for much.
  • They needed to strike deals with merhcants and banks, like Apple did. Unfortunately, they were ahead of their time, and didn't have enough clout. Apple did.
  • I'm not waiting for Google to cancel it because I'm cancelling it myself. I don't do anything Google.
  • Not even YouTube?
  • Ssssht. Don't tell everyone my secret... :)
    If it wasn't for youtube I would no longer have a google account... I guess I just love flame wars too much
  • Not even you tube.
  • That's hard core
  • Well bye to this.
  • Zero Effs given. Have at it, Google. It'll be interesting to see if this payment solution fails to gain meaningful traction as well.
  • Pfffft. I dont bank with the only three listed with SC. To me its useless if I cant put in my current debit/credit. linking all these cards together with a Serve or whatever is too bothersome. I'd use it if it was easier to use and no additional cost. I'm not going to pay extra fees or a % on a transaction just to tap my damn phone on a cash register. If the carriers were smart they couldve set that up to put purchases on my wireless bill.
  • what extra fees? using serve with softcard waives the monthly $1 fee, and no extra % is taken either.....
  • I read the fine print on their web site. Monthly fees are listed in the fine print.
  • I read the fine print also, that's for Amex Serve, not Amex Serve for Softcard. I've had it since November, haven't seen a fee yet
  • Yea, I haven't set that up either. I'm not switching credit card co's because an app asked me to. Accept what I have or I won't use it.
  • The Amex Serve takes it out of your debit account, without fees, and works with any card. It's simple if you want to actually do it.
  • I want a native wallet app. I wanted to use softcard, but they do not accept USBank. I felt cheated.
  • At least I got $30 amazon gift card from them. Looks like its back to LevelUp for me.
  • Fate unknown?  ROTFLMAO.  We know its fate as far as Windows Phone is concerned. We just don't know the time and date. Reading google stories on here is like reading stories about Putin doing a drive-by over the Ukraine. We know its happening, but they will deny, deny deny.
  • Google and Windows Phone is akin to a bored psychopath, kitten and pillow and cyanide in the same room.
  • Bwahahahah this is the best comment I have seen on the subject :D
  • Microsoft should have thought that before. Now I don't know what's next. Fuck.
  • problem is Microsoft doesn't have the install base in mobile to just buy shit. it worked for sunrise and accompli because they rebranded them as cross platform services. one would assume they would want soft card as more of an exclusivity thing, which would do them no good currently. I do think the payment systems will eventually become ubiquitous over time but for now Apple will take the lead
  • The only reason install base matters in this case is because carriers are involved. In any other circumstance people don't care about what happens with the product as long as the price is right and Microsoft has plenty of money to throw around.
  • Could have integrated it into their Surfaces as a mobile Point of Sale. Talk about killing iPads.
  • Probably they will drop the support, unfortunately.
  • Lol at google and Microsoft trading places
  • Everything google is bad news
  • Paypal?
  • An app from them would be nice, but it wouldn't be as good as a native service like apple pay or google wallet.
  • Say goodbye.
  • Microsoft needs to make its own wallet app better now. As long as it has support for any debit/credit card, I will already be better than softcard. Please get working on this microsoft
  • Maybe Microsoft should just kill & block all its app's on Google Android with a link to an explanation why they have done it & make Google take notice of being unfair on Windows phone users.
  • Android was doing just fine before Microsoft made apps available on the platform. Microsoft put their apps there not to help Google, but in order to prevent their apps from becomming irrelevant. Pulling apps from Android (or iOS) only hurts MIcrosoft.
  • If you think of it this way SocalBrian, then there's no need for Microsoft to update their Android apps to be very polished, they can just leave them at their initial versions to shame Google and even shame them more by pulling them out of the Google Play Store. Microsoft had already helped Google way too much by releasing important and pre-installed apps on WP in the Google Play Store for Android so that Google can tell their OEMs to put in their ads "You can also use important Microsoft apps and even Microsoft Office on your Android phone" helping Google take away a lot of potential WP buyers to buy Android phones while Microsoft gets nothing big in the end, not even allowance from Google for a natively-coded YouTube app and Microsoft giving minor updates to the important and pre-installed apps for our Windows Phones. About iOS, it's a different story because there were earlier articles on the internet that Microsoft and Apple are working together through agreements so most of us would have no beef about the Apple App Store getting Microsoft apps since Microsoft reap the rewards from Apple of having iTunes, Safari Browser which Windows no longer support and QuickTime Player for Windows but we don't need Microsoft to put their apps on the Google Play Store because they got nothing from Google other than Google Chrome for Windows and small patent royalties.
  • Ultra agree with you, Lee Power. Google was too much on not supporting Windows Phone, using marketshare as a excuse and being evil to Microsoft while they put a "Don't be Evil" slogan. Even though the YouTube app on Android sucks, the third-party YouTube apps on WP including Tubecast sucked more because I can view my entire Watch History on the actual YouTube for Android app while how long I have to wait before Google updates the YouTube in-app APIs for third-party WP YouTube apps to allow the full Watch History view. Heck, even Microsoft's natively-coded YouTube for Windows Phone app was better than the previous versions for Android and Google killed it with excuse after excuse and evil lies that caused Steve Ballmer and Microsoft to give Google a taste of their own medcine with the "Scroogled" ad campaign which is why I ultra agree that Microsoft should pull all their apps from the Google Play Store, stop updating them to be very polished and give those updates to the Windows Phone versions of those same apps instead.
  • Guaranteed to be canned!
  • Any app google buys proves to be the death knell of that app from wp store.
  • Cash is king. I always prefer feeling the cash leave my hands so I can experience the full pain of each purchase. Not to mention the anonymity is priceless.
  • You better be careful with that Cash. I got 2 fake 20s from Walmart and buying stuff with fake money is not pretty.
  • Good point. Sorry...that must have sucked. Don't accept change in any bills larger than a fiver ;)
  • Microsoft need to buy google.they have money.
  • LOL
  • No they don't.
  •     I sure hope Microsoft at least attempted to buy this or be in the conversation! No one will ever take WP seriously unless it can start to differentiate itself from the competition.  WP had NFC for a few years now, and MS should have tried to move heaven and earth to create an Apple Pay like service on their devices.  Once people start seeing WP do something their devices cannot it generates interest in the platform.  
        At least if MS bought this they could have made it cross-platform as offering support for WP devices.  Now with Google owning it, WP support will be dropped in a few weeks for... "Lack of interest and/or low market share" and we will again be shut out of another crutial app, and how many "tap to pay" systems will the market bear?  Looks like another 2 horse race between Apple Pay and Google Wallet!
  • Google is the Microsoft of the 1990's and early 2000s.
  • Microsoft was never as evil and hypocritical as Google is now.
  • Uhm yes, yes they were. It ultimately costed them a trial whose marks are still quite visible, but they were the bad guys. Ask that to Netscape. Still. That was 20 years ago. And at least Microsoft never waived a 'don't be evil' banner while doing so
  • No, no they weren't. Microsoft never stole data from civilians, unbeknownst to them, all while hypocritically propagating a "Do No Evil" mantra to the public. Worst tech company ever.
  • Check this out Cast your vote for W/WP mobile paytmen sytem Ask the guys at MS for it. @GabeAul @joebelfiore Apple & Google have it. I would like to know if MS working in a mobile payment system?  
  • I think Google and Apple are deliberately trying to cripple the Microsoft platform. Advancement won't really happen unless these companies cooperate. It is sad why this is happening to such amazing company. I will continue on the Windows Phone platform.
  • Running a business is not a charity, its for profit and not to be nice to your competitors. Sometimes you do work with them but ultimately you are out for yourself. Apple and google owe Microsoft nothing and if they try and cripple MS using legal business means then thats what they'll do, and have every right to. Its up to Microsoft to stop sitting on their hands and compete, but the chances of that happening are slim to none.
  • Apple hates Google too. Honestly, every company hates google.
  • I hope google gets raped by a zombie with severe genital infection so its ass starts to decompose and grows mushrooms, and every time it shits a building on its campus collapses.
  • Duplicat, Sorry.
  • What kind of cat is that?
  • Dupli, the friendly cat with two tails and a half!
  • Mine stopped working last week anyway. I love it, but if it isn't east to just use, then I dont care.   Right now I type my pin and it just sits there trying to load.
  • Dang, that's a blow!!!
  • Oh shit , the app is dead
  • We really need a universal mobile payment standard to emerge so that any device can adopt it.  Something like the group that formed the online authenitcation standard FIDO (Which could tie into said payment system).  Better for the consumer all around IMO than a bunch of proprietary systems.
  • And that's what Softcard was supposed to be, but not anymore
  • And softcard still isn't available to AT&T prepaid users, yet another way AT&T ruins any credibly.
  • Hell, I've been trying to get a secured from from all the ATT stores in New Orleans since November. They have none and do receive any shipments of them. So I never got a chance to even try it as well
  • Looking at the reviews, I couldn't tell if that were the case or the other way around. All I gathered from the app store is my phone (Lumia 1020 in a shared data plan) isn't compatible for some reason and many people reviewing that it doesn't work for them either. Maybe I'm saying this as a lowly WP user, but Apple Pay drove me nuts and this will too. I don't get how such a simple innovation in payment processing has moved in a direction of being tethered to who makes your phone. Have a global standard and let the different OSes adapt to it. NFC payments existed before and didn't take off for some reason. Now all people will know of is Apple Pay and Google Wallet. I guess I don't understand how we got to this point.
  • The back end for both Apple Pay and Google Wallet is standards based, Apple Pay and Google Wallet are just the manufacturers branded front ends. If one of those platforms is supported at a retail location then both are - because they are standards based. It doesn't look like there are going to be many, if any, multi-platform front ends, so if Microsoft wants to play they are going to need to get busy and do some heavy lifting.
  • Kinda lame it got bought, but I hated that I couldn't use my discover or mastercard with softcard...wasn't going to open another card just to use tap to pay
  • Microsoft should had bought them ugh
  • Maybe Google will get more than 3 banks to sign on with soft card. I have the app and none of my cards work with it. It's lame.
  • Tried using Softcard on my m8 but didn't fit my needs. Only good if you are a Wells Fargo customer or else get an Amex. Not very flexible at all if they want to compete. In short, this community won't be missing it much.
  • Well, I was always puzzled why only the US needed additional software as you just need a secure sim for outside the US. MS will need to start working on this asap to remove the dependency on Softcard.
  • Key point, outside the US.
  • For how much $$?
  • With Google in control, it will be dropped yesterday.
  • Google's "Don't be evil", my ass. Instead of play nice with Microsoft and serves a better purpose for all the users. They are just acting like douche bags.
  • Slightly off topic, but when did nfc on wp change to allow sim payments. Is this a step forward.
  • Ah man. I've been using softcard on a daily basis since its release, since the vending machines at work all support it!
  • Me too
  • It's a real shame that Apple, Google and Microsoft can't all play nice. But I guess in the past when Microsoft were dominant they didn't care for Google or apple, now the boot is on the other foot, Microsoft will take their turn in getting shafted! Now Microsoft are extending the olive branch by making all of their apps available for everyone else, again only time will tell if this is a good move or counter productive and Microsoft slit their own throat. Either way Microsoft are last in the current race, so they'll just have to suck it up. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • actually when MS was dominant, they released IE and office for mac when it had less marketshare than that of WP now !!!.
  • Lol, support is as good as gone
  • Unbelievable..I just switched credit cards to one that was supported by them so I could use NFC by one. I really think anticompetitive inquiries need to be made on these types of acquisitions because more and more they seem to be ways of cutting off competition app by app rather than acquisition for the sake of enhancing their own products. You can't tell me this does not factor in prominently in these decisions.
  • If Google can make money from and/or gather business intelligence from a SoftCard transaction originated from a Windows Phone - and I believe they can - it is in their interests to keep support from the platform. I don't buy that they bought this to take more oxygen out of the WP room.
  • They bought this to get the carriers to stop screwing with their attempts to pre-install Google Wallet on Android.
  • Damn, this cant be a good thing... Not that Softcard is all that great anyway considering that they only offer a few card choices.   Microsoft needs to get on the ball ASAP! I really hope that they have been developing their own solution, or make the actual Wallet app on the pone work with mobile payments!
  • Sorry to be irrelevant to the discussion here but it seems Lumia Denim is available for update in India now. Just installed the update on my 1020.
  • Get outta here
  • Your name suggests you're in the womb of some mother Lumia. Try coming out of there first or just keep sucking.
  • No one cares about your irrelevant denim in this article. And yea you should be sorry
  • No one cares right? Yet here you are, blabbering about how it is irrelevant. Btw I knew it was irrelevant and that's why I said it in the first place.
  • f google, if they pull it they pull it. no skin off windows phone balls lol really hope new Lumia has SnapDragon 810
  • I could never get the thing to work, never could even create an account.
  • Lumia 1020 is receiving the denim update in India officially ProductLumia 1020 DescriptionCountry variant ReleaseDenim OS version8.10.14234.375 Firmware version3051.50009.1451.1002
  • That has exactly zero relevance to this discussion.
  • Only worked on 'branded' phones anyway. Personally, I don't care what google does with this app at this point - unless they by some miracle open it up to all devices ..   
  • This is such BS everything's become so involved with beating the other company and making sure they fail. What happened to making the customers happy and their lives easier for them
  • Customers became the unwitting product and therefore lost a meaningful voice. Just look at carrier stores. So often it isn't about the actual needs of the customer, it's about winning the sales competition, or getting the bonus for the specific handset. It's never about customer care anymore.
  • This is one of the few times that it would be beneficial to have this on as many platforms and devices out there. Apples problem is its only an Apple solution.
  • It's everywhere in Utah. I would be severely disappointed if we lost this app!!
  • And all the Mormons
  • Never had a use for the app anyway, but now I have reason to uninstall it.
  • Google Wallet, coming soon to Windows Phone.
  • Google needs to make this App universal (all platforms) and use it's power like Apple did and convince all of these banks to be added. Or, Microsoft should update "Wallet" and use their power and have the Banks added. Let's have something for EVERYONE across ALL Platforms!  
  • I smell a lawsuit coming. The carriers forced Microsoft to use softcard instead of their own system and didn't even release it for two years. Now they're selling it to a competitor who will almost certainly shut it down. If that doesn't screm anticompetitive, I don't know what does.
  • Right there with you. A lawsuit seems like the only reasonable option for Microsoft. Hopefully Microsoft's wallet solution is no longer blocked.
  • While there at it they might as well acquire the tech from enstream to kill off any chance wp to flourish in Canada
  • Google will be evil and drop support.
  • How is the acquisition of companies, with the underlying purpose of the acquisition to stifle and kill competition, not against the law? I mean, buying everything I land on is a great monopoly strategy, but, it isn't supposed to be allowed in a real world scenario.
  • More crying everyday on this site.
  • Is this another American thing?.... I've never heard of it before..... If so no big deal as it only affects a minority
  • The best chance of Softcard surviving on Windows Phone is if people use it. I had to get a secure sim from AT&T for it to work (it was free), but I have used Softcard a few times, and it's pretty cool. I have a 1520.  
  • Could this be true?
  • Uninstalling Softcard...want nothing to do with Google or Android crap.
  • Once apple announced apple pay, Microsoft should have jumped on acquiring softcard. Slow to react....... Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • With the exception of YouTube., well that is the only company that remain relevant since been taking by google, everything else is forgotten and so will be sort are. MS better come with good shit, better than what we have now in the windows world when it comes to ewallet, not that I personally care about ewallet, but we need something of such that is functional...PS....And that Nest thermostat that google also acquired, it was really good then, now it looks like the almighty Motorola and we all know what happened to it..... F Google.
  • Collaboration opportunity for Microsoft/Samsung or Apple/Microsoft or Apple/Microsoft/Samsung on this front.
  • Lol unknown... Let me clarify for you: "dead"
  • "Google acquires Softcard tech, fate of Windows Phone apps unknown" Is it? Is it really unknown?  Lets just call it dead.  Google has not supported anything that is on Windows Phone and this is as dead as anything else Google supported. Apple will have its payment system and Google will have its own and everyone else is screwed.
  • What Microsoft needs to do is just start to try supporting themselves more, pay for the APIs from the devs that don't want anything to do from windows phone and make the apps themselves (though they already do) instead of relying on other developers and companies to do it for them, seeing as that nobody wants to. Problem is, if they were to just pay for the APIs from other devs and make the apps themselves to make them available for their platform, then everybody would start to cry "monopoly" all over again seeing as that everything would be done by Microsoft.
  • lol Fate unknown.  It's Google, the biggest Asshats in Tech. It's like someone from Microsoft ran over their Grandmothers or something. I think we can all predict the outcome of this.
  • Kiss it goodbye
  • Microsoft's mobile pay option better show up during //build/ and be ready to use at W10 launch and it better be bad ass
  • I could care less. For the user of the app, it may be a big issue, but for us conventional users, this is nothing more than a circus show to stir up a ruckus. Carry on.
  • Don't you mean that you couldn't care less?
  • How did you install SoftCard on an ATIV S?
  • Fuck I was really hoping it wouldn't happen
  • Damnit, I hate Google.
  • Maybe Microsoft should start buying up companies instead.
  • Pot is opened. Taking all bets on how long SoftCard stays available.
  • They just announced they are terminating support.
  • The discussions here about MS marketing is interesting. MS business model as well as a number of other tech companies has not focused on marketing for their success. Their focus has been to target corporate and business users. This it's different from the mobile market. Their surface had done will because it targeted it's roots the corporate and business markets. While I agree they could def use some help in the marketing area I also think they have made great strides in keeping their name in peoples mouths. I just went to a networking event where approx 40% of the users recently moved to an Office 365 platform or plan to. The real marketing of the mobile market is how does this product (windows phone/band) help me stay connected to my business.
  • As I said in the forums by Google not Developing and updating apps for Windowsphone they are being anti competitive. The FCC or DOJ need to be notified that Google should Make apps for Windowsphone or not get Softcard at all.
  • In your area marketing could possibly be sufficient.. That's not something that we don't see people say from time to time....
    The problem is that your situation is relatively rare... Just listen to what members say.
    Also, you say you see plenty, but do you see as much as for Android, and IOS?... What you may think is plenty may still not be enough to distract the average consumer from iDroid.
    Marketing.... Availability on store shelves... Carrier Availability..... That's a huge part of marketing... Everything that has to do with getting that device into customers hands is marketing...
    We could be on to something.
  • Fate is unknown? You mean like whether the sun will come up tomorrow morning? (No artic circle, anartic circle or Copernicus comebacks, please)
  • Mobile payment is just catching on and is being pushed on TV and the rest of the media and Microsofts future if they want one in mobile will depend on having a app for this. Everybody is all Doom and Gloom about this saying Google will kill this for WP and my opinion is entirely different. Google will keep this app updated so they can have your banking business and make money off of it. Rodney is right... This is all Microsofts fault because they have never been good at marketing, because they have never had to to survive. They own the desktop and have for just about forever. That's their bread and butter, as well as the patents they own. As long as those who are actually in control of Microsoft feel that the desktop is the only thing that really matters the mobile devices are left scrambling for scraps. It's frigging amazing that those nerds who are act running the company don't understand that people are fully abandoning the desktop computers and going mobile. Ohhh they try to pacify it by adding a few things here and there but their disdain for the mobile division shows every time they release software for the other platforms. Their strategy to remain in control has been to cripple and delay WP..... And make no mistake about this that is exactly what they are doing. Enterprise is king there and every other department plays second fiddle to them for any resources available. Why... to date there is no credible threat because it would take Trillions of dollars to change this world wide. The really sad part is that they are cutting off their own noses to spite their face. More and more people are turning to the mobile industry for their daily lives and having the best mobile phone is a intergal part of the needs of the people who want it and need it. Right now there are more cell phones in the world than there are people. Google is capitalizing on this which is why they own the mobile phone market and why the old school nerds running Microsoft are bowing down to them. They refuse to be second fiddle and will do everything possible to kill WP and it is their blind greed will allow Google to take over. Can it change... nope .. Not unless the way business is done at the highest level at Microsoft. It is going to take a bigger set of balls than anyone who is at the helm now has. Someone who can convince the stock holders that to be dominate on all fronts the phones have to take a leading role not a backseat in this. Flooding the market with low-end phones by itself without constantly updating the software to go with it is throwing money away and the software old school boys at Microsoft know this...... Does anyone here actually believe that Microsoft couldn't produce top software if they really wanted to??? Marketing works best when you have a complete package to sell... Right now they don't because Microsoft won't spend the money to build it or pay the royalties to allow it on the phone. They sure as hell aren't paying the carriers to have the phones available for sale here in the USA nor mandating the needed updates. Microsofts philosophy is flawed because the people are moving away from the desktop and going mobile. Most people don't want their work on their phones... Sure some do but the biggest majority of people don't. The vast majority of people in the world don't own a game console or even a desktop computer at home... and if they do they aren't the ones buying a entry level phone... Microsoft is a dinosaur that refuses to evolve.... So whose fault is this... There is only one correct answer and it is Microsofts fault. Do I want it to change... You bet I do because the world needs more than 2 viable choices and for Microsoft to partner with either Apple or Google is the death nell for WP....I have my doubts it will change though Cry me a river if you want but then build me bridge to get over it... Posted from my HTC M8
  • If Google shuts it down, I'm guessing that they will be sued for anti-competitive and illegal practices.
  • They wont and they just did....
  • And just like that WIndows phone support will be terminated. It's on their page.