Google acquires Softcard tech, fate of Windows Phone apps unknown

Google announced earlier today that it has acquired "technology and intellectual property" from the online payments company Softcard. Rumors about the acquisition were first reported in January. The news puts the fate of the recently launched Softcard Windows Phone apps for Verizon and AT&T customers up in the air.

Google stated that the technology they are acquiring from Softcard will be used to improve their own Google Wallet app, but didn't offer any details. A separate announcement from Softcard stated, "For now, Softcard customers can continue to tap and pay with the app. We will share more information with customers and partners in the coming weeks." It added, "Today's announcement is a positive step forward for the mobile payments industry and wireless consumers."

Windows Central contacted Softcard to ask what today's acquisition by Google means for users of its Windows Phone apps. Unfortunately, a spokesperson for the company replied, "What is included in Softcard's blog post is all we are sharing at this time." Softcard launched a Windows Phone app for AT&T users in early November, followed a couple of weeks later by the Verizon version. A Softcard Windows Phone app for T-Mobile customers has been promised but so far it has yet to be released.

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Source: Google, Softcard

John Callaham