Softcard for Windows Phone only works with AT&T right now, Verizon and T-Mobile coming soon

Paying for your pretzel with your Windows Phone is a pretty futurist scenario. One that for a few of you is now possible thanks to the new Softcard app in the Windows Phone Store. Softcard is the joint-venture between AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon that allows you to pay for purchases with your smartphone and NFC. The app is new to Windows Phone, but only AT&T customers can enjoy Softcard right now.

Here's a statement from Softcard and their Windows Phone plans:

"Softcard will be available by more than one carrier in the coming weeks, but at the moment, it's only AT&T."

You'll notice that the publisher is AT&T for the Softcard app in the Windows Phone Store. But hopefully we'll be seeing Verizon and T-Mobile support sooner than later.

On AT&T and want to download Softcard? You won't be able to unless you pick up a secured SIM card for your Windows Phone. Do that and you should be good to go.

We'll be grabbing a SIM for ourselves soon, in the meantime have you used it yet?

QR: Softcard

Sam Sabri