Google offers incentives to bring XP business users to Chromebooks

With the recent demise of official support for Microsoft's Windows XP, Google is looking to attract business users of the 12-year-old OS with a handful of promotions for enterprises considering the switch to Chromebooks.

Organizations buying through Chromebooks for Business will get $100 off each managed device they purchase. And if Windows desktop app support is needed, Google is offering $200 off Chromebooks for Business with VMWare's DaaS virtualization suite, and 25% off Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition — both of which are designed to ease the transition from Windows to Chrome OS.

Between Google's efforts to steal away Windows users and Microsoft's campaign to push folks onto Windows 8 (or at least Windows 7), it's clear both companies see XP's end-of-life as an important juncture, particularly in the enterprise space where the ageing OS is so well-entrenched.

Source: Google Enterprise Blog

Alex Dobie