Google Search Today Screen Plug in Now Available

W00t! Over at the Google Blog, the fine folks at Microsoft's latest arch-enemy have created a simple today screen plug in (should work fine on both Standard and Pro) to initiate a Google Search. Palm's WM Treos have had this for a long time and folks lucky enough to get the real Windows Live have has the Live search box available to them, but this seem to be the first time (from a major company) that you can just simply download a plug-in for free and get that necessary search field on your Today screen.

...In other words, you'll be faster than anybody else at the bar to figure out just what the “B” in “B.A. Baracus” stands for. Go ahead, folks, Pity the Fool. Download the plug in by pointing your Windows Mobile device's browser to!/recommended

WC Staff
  • This program totally messed up my Tilt's start menu for some reason. Even after I uninstalled it, it persisted. I wonder why a google search bar made my start menu all weird? I hope this can be fixed, otherwise I'll have to hard reset the phone.
  • I read the above review of Google Search- but it is listed as a today plug-in. If you follow the link, it gives you google search from a web browser. Am I doing sonething wrong.
  • I know this is an old topic, but if someone comes across this post in a search as I did, they might be interested in this information (for Windows Mobile Pro 6.1; might be the same for other versions of Windows Mobile as well):
    I didn't like the look of the Google Today Screen Search Plugin, the white border really stuck out and didn't look good with the HTC Black Theme I was using. And although I didn't like using Windows Live Search, I liked the look of the Windows Live Today Screen Search Plugin better, so I went into the registry to see if I could make the Windows Live Today Screen Search Plugin open Google when a search term was entered. Whatever your reason for not wanting the Google Today Screen Search Plugin; the look of it, or it doesn't work for you, this is a workaround that allows you to get/use Google via the Windows Live Today Screen Search Plugin instead.
    1. Obviously you need a registry editor. I use the free PHM Registry Editor []
    2. Open the registry editor and browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Services > Windows Live > HSAppPlugins.
    3. I would copy the 'SearchURL' value, then rename it by adding "Backup" after 'SearchURL', then paste, thereby creating an original and a backup just in case. Alternatively you could export 'SearchURL' to back it up.
    4. Modify the 'SearchURL' data to:
    5. Press Ok and exit the registry editor. A reset of any kind is not necessary, the modified Windows Live Today Screen Search Plugin will work with Google Mobile Search instantly.