Google Voice app, others continue to show up in WP7 Marketplace


In a nice little screen shot posted by @arnehess (from, we can see more apps populating the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace as expected.

While the ubiquitous "tip calculator" is there, the biggy appears to be a Google Voice app called 'GoVoice'. We're not sure if this a call-back method or one that auto-dials/logs in your Google account, but either way it's a good sign some of us will be able to continue using our Google Voice number when we get our new phone.

Daniel Rubino

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  • Mal, what are you using for Google Voice access on your 6.5 / 6.5.x device now?
  • I've always dug iDial by Supware, which I reviewed awhile back here: (note: GV Dial is now dead)
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  • Microsoft should disapprove any apps with god awful app icon designs like these. It will be such an eyesore to use. Sigh.
  • They were a step ahead of you anyway since, in WP7, we won't have to always face a grid of static icons anyway. :-P