Google's Street View vs. MS' Bird's-Eye View

Maps and navigation undoubtedly are a couple of the coolest things to hit the mobile tech world in the past few years. On Windows Mobile, the two major (free) players are Microsoft's Live Search Mobile and Google Maps.

We've been fans of Live Search for a long while now, with its turn-by-turn directions and better search results. But there's not denying that Google Maps got a few points back in its collumn with a recent update that brought Street View to the small screen. But with little fanfare, Microsoft brought its "Bird's-eye view" setting down to phone level. With Google, you've got a car's-eye view of the streets. With the unheralded BEV, a zoomable over-the-shoulder look into your neighbors backyards. (And Microsoft doesn't make a big deal about it. In the map view, go to Menu>View>Bird's Eye).

So which do you prefer? Google Maps and Street View getting it done for your daily navigation? Or is Live Search and Bird's-Eye View your peeper of choice? Let us know in the comments.

Phil Nickinson

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