Govee's Flow Pro light bars and Aura lamp offer dynamic lighting for soothing calm or cinematic thrills

Govee Flow Pro Hero B
Govee Flow Pro Hero B (Image credit: Govee)

Smart lights are a compelling way to turn your living space into something a bit more exciting than the norm. On top of their convenient features, like the ability to turn on when you come home or turn off when you leave, many offer a wide variety of colors you can use to set a mood. Govee has a number of products that fit within this smart home niche, and its latest pair of smart lighting gadgets have some interesting features for jazzing up a space.

Govee is introducing the Flow Pro Wi-Fi TV Light Bars and the Aura Smart Table Lamp. While the two products fit different parts of your home, they have some similarities when it comes to making your home a little more colorful.

Both the Flow Pro light bars and the Aura lamp have color in mind, offering over 16 millions colors from multiple LEDs contained within the devices' housing. This allows for solid and blended colors, so you can get some unique color effects. Whether you want calming shades or something more high-energy, you've got the option to set that up.

Most smart lights with color LEDs will let you choose your own colors, though. And, while it's cool to be able to set your scene just how you want it, sometimes you'll want a smart gadget to do things on its own. Both of these Govee products can do just that. One of those effects that both products share is the Music mode. This mode will see the lights change along with the sound of music, so you'll get a colorful light show that syncs to your audio.

The Aura lamp has a variety of other lighting effects baked right in, including some with thematic color selections. You can go for a full rainbow, or you can heat things up with a Fire theme or cool down with the Ocean theme. As a bedside lamp, you can also use the Aura lamp to ease you into sleep by slowly dimming and calmly wake you by gradually brightening in the morning.

Meanwhile, the Flow Pro light bars are more media focused. The kit includes two light bars and, importantly, a special sensor meant to sit atop your TV. With this sensor aimed at the display, the Flow Pro system can pick out colors from what's on screen and use them to set the colors of the light bars. This can not only set some ambiance but also provide handy bias lighting behind your display for viewing that's easier on the eyes.

And, for even more convenience, both devices support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control. So, if you're looking for some lights that can smarten up your space while adding a serious splash of color, check out the Govee's Flor Pro light bars and Aura lamp.

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