Satisfy your sweet tooth with Green Jelly for Windows Phone

Green Jelly is a casual arcade game available in the Windows Phone Store that involves a small blob of green jelly that has a craving for candy. To satisfy his sweet tooth, you will have to stretch and shoot him through an obstacle course and collect candy along the way.

The physics-based Windows Phone game has sixty levels of gameplay with ten physics-based interactions. The game has its fair share of challenges and while Green Jelly is listed as an Early Childhood game, I can see it appealing to the more seasoned gamers as well.

Green Jelly's main menu is not very complicated, containing options to play the game, access the settings and view additional gaming titles from the developer, Settings are likewise minimal, offering tools to mute the sound and music, as well as resetting your gaming progress.

Green Jelly

The sixty levels of play are scattered about three chapters represented by some tasty deserts. Levels are progressively unlocked and replayable.

The goal with each level is consistent throughout the game: collect as much candy as possible and send the jelly blob through the exit portal (resembles a birdhouse). How you accomplish this will vary from level-to-level and may require multiple physics-based techniques. Prior to the first level of play, an animated tutorial will appear to illustrate the gameplay methods available. As new techniques become available, additional tutorials will appear.

The layout of each puzzle level consists of a series of pegs and pieces of candy placed around the screen along with the exit portal. You will have to use the pegs as anchor points to send Green Jelly around the screen to collect the candy. You can do this by stretching him between pegs, shooting him from peg to peg and even cutting him off a peg to drop freely between points.

Green Jelly

Controlling movement is done by tapping and holding Green Jelly to stretch him between points or pulling back to shoot him across the screen. When you do shoot the jelly blob, a trajectory guide will appear to help with your aim. As long as Green Jelly comes into contract with a peg, he'll grab hold of it.

In moving Green Jelly around the screen you miss latching onto a peg, he will fall to his demise and you will have to start the level from the beginning. Your score is based on how many pieces of candy collect and how quickly you complete the level. There is no time limit on each level and while you can play the Green Jelly at a casual pace, you will not earn any time bonus points.

You do need to be careful as you tap on Green Jelly. Swiping the screen will cut his hold from a peg to let him drop freely to another peg. If you go to tap/stretch or tap/shoot too quickly, the game registers this as a swipe and you may send Green Jelly to his fate.

Fun Game for Gamers of All Ages

Green Jelly is listed as an Early Childhood game and I can see it being a fun game for kids to pass the time with. I also can see where the game might appeal to the older gamers.

Graphics and animations are nicely drawn up and gameplay is challenging but not overly frustrating. There will be levels that are cake walks and many will make you stop and strategize your movements. Overall, it is a nice blend that keeps the game interesting.

All in all, Green Jelly is a Windows Phone game worth looking into. There is a trial version available to let you try things out before you invest the $1.99 for the full version of the game.

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