A new Grounded patch includes fixes for the recent 'Into the Wood' update

Grounded Screenshot Roses
Grounded Screenshot Roses (Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment)

What you need to know

  • Grounded is an interesting survival game, currently in early access, from Obsidian Entertainment and Xbox Game Studios.
  • Obsidian recently released the sizeable Into the Wood content update, which included a plethora of content and features.
  • On Thursday, the team quickly followed up with the 0.12.1 patch update, which is now rolling out to all players.
  • The patch includes a decent number of fixes, including for several crashes, bug path-finding, and more.

Grounded has already evolved significantly since it was first released in early access, and the team at Obsidian Entertainment continues to add more to the game. On Tuesday, the Into the Wood content update was released with new areas to explore, new creatures to discover, and countless quality-of-life improvements. Now, the Grounded team is building upon their work further with the release of a decently sized patch update.

The 0.12.1 patch update features over a dozen fresh fixes for Grounded and its recent Into the Wood update. Issues resulting in crashes, bugs attempting to walk through walls, items not being affected by gravity, and more have all been resolved with this patch.

The update is rolling out to Grounded on all platforms, including Xbox, PC, and Xbox Game Pass. Even in its decidedly unfinished state, Grounded has already established itself as a fantastic entry in the survival genre, and one of the best Xbox games you can play right now.

The full changelog for Grounded 0.12.1 patch update includes:

Bug fixes

Major issues

  • Bugs no longer path through base walls when not looking at them


  • Fixed a crash related to turning off a waypoint marker in the Map
  • Fixed crashes related to large bases
  • Fixed a crash on boot related to having your OS culture set to any one of the new languages added with Into the Wood


  • Surveying resources as a client no longer causes performance issues
  • You can access the Pet rename screen using the gamepad again


  • Webbed doors in the Hedge properly update their visuals for clients after the webs are chopped away
  • SCAN.R radar dishes on Field Stations properly rotate for clients when active

Items, equipment, & resources

  • Gum nuggets obey the laws of gravity again
  • Dewdrops no longer need to be shot twice to knock them down with arrows
  • Termite armor better fits all of the teens
  • Twinkling shell use the generic bag model instead of the Firefly wings


  • Health bars show up on Grub after digging them up
  • Scarabs will no longer wander into the unfinished part of the yard


  • Players will no longer hear sizzle audio for other players that are sizzling far away

Xbox Series X|S

  • Resource survey overlay renders correctly
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