GroupMe adds custom notification sounds for group chats, direct messages

GroupMe users can now customize the chat app just a bit more with new settings for notification sounds. With the settings, you can now tweak the sounds that you'll hear for different types of message alerts you can receive from the app.

GroupMe adds custom notification sounds for group chats, direct messages

The tweak comes with version 2.10.7 of the GroupMe app, which is now rolling out to everyone. As seen in the screenshots above, there are now dropdown boxes under the Notifications section of the app settings. You can use each dropdown to select from different sounds for group messages and direct messages.

Overall, this is definitely a small addition, but one that's likely to be welcome by some. Besides, more customization never hurts. If you want to try out the new settings, you can download the latest version of GroupMe from the Windows Store now.

Thanks to Justin F. for the tip!

Download GroupMe from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: GroupMe

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  • Yay, I love this! Good thing I recently updated too.
  • This has been the the case on fast ring for a week or so now. Good feature add. Now, if only they'd add a dark theme. ;)
  • Yeah, dark theme would be tight on this app, which is otherwise fantastic.
  • It is sad that not a lot of people know about how feature rich and useful GroupMe is compared to others like BBM, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.
  • and it's also available for all platforms (Apple, Windows, Android, Blackberry, Symbian) and also works with flip phones.
  • Yep, and Windows (as most know) includes desktop through UWP!
  • Yup... and, GroupMe, being fully cross platform is the type of app that should be featured across all the sites here. ;)
    Awesome on every platform including Windows desktop, iOS, and Android.
  • This app has become my go to for my friends and I
  • How I wish more of my friends used this.. The app is snappy, the UI is pleasing to the eye and the updates just keep coming.
  • I personally like this app more than whatsapp, but there are no users. :(
  • That's nothow it works. You have to invite people to a group message via the app. It'll go to their phone as a text even if they dont ahve the app. So potentially anybody cna be a user.   I've been using this app for as long as its been around. Have my entire tech-inept family using it in one big family chat. I mean extended family too! They never would have downloaded an app if I asked them to. But since I initiated the group and it went to their phones as a familiar text, they eventually all downloaded the app.
  • Never knew that. Thanks for the tip 
  • So ultimately they still have to d'load the app... Sure they get a txt/sms, but I don't see how that suddenly makes it much more likely that they'll install/use the app?
  • They still get the message even if they choose not to install the app. It's not ideal but not a deal breaker and AFAIK, not many apps can do this.
  • So, it doesn't just invite them to install/use GroupMe via txt/sms; You can also send messages to them (but they not to you) from GroupMe via txt/sms?
  • It goes either way. And they can Use text indefinitely
  • Join the club.
  • Woohoo I got tip recognition.   One more thing I also just noticed. It also now shows who's typing. (i.e. Justin F is typing a message...)   Pretty significant update if you ask me
  • Yess this is great because that has been on Android and iOS for a bit now.
  • Why not concentrate all efforts on skype to make it as quick-to-load as the messaging app?
  • The GroupMe team is separate from the Skype team.
    Yes GroupMe and Skype are owned by Microsoft but they are still separate entities and have their own teams of employees.
  • Maybe MS wanted to increase the apps number. You know that people complaint about lack of apps in Windows Store. Now MS making as many apps as possible.
  • Shouldn't this be called Teams now?