Groupy update adds saved tab groups, improved Office integration

Groupy Saved Tabs

Following its launch in December, Stardock is rolling out the first big update for its latest Windows utility, Groupy. Among the new features in Groupy version 1.1 is the ability to save groups of tabs, along with better integration with Microsoft Office apps.

Groupy can already be used to bring a tabbed browsing experience, akin to that of your browser, to any app. However, if you have a set of apps that you open up every day, whether for work or play, the new saved groups feature will come in handy. Now you can save any existing group of tabs that you'd like to come back to later. Once the group is saved, you can open it back up at any time via a drop-down menu accessed by ellipses on an active group.

Complementing the new saved groups feature, Groupy now sports deeper integration with Microsoft Office applications. Now, you can save groups of Office applications with their associated active files.

Microsoft may be working on its own tabbed "Sets" feature, but Groupy currently fills that niche. If you want to give it a shot, Groupy is available at Stardock for $9.99 (opens in new tab). The app is also included as part of Stardock's Object Desktop suite for $29.99 (opens in new tab).

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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