Groupy update lets you add up to 50 tabs to any window, adds Curtains style support

Groupy 14 Screenshot
Groupy 14 Screenshot (Image credit: StarDock)

What you need to know

  • StarDock released Groupy version 1.4 today.
  • The update adds support for up to 50 tabs in a window, along with Curtains style support.
  • Groupy is available for $5 at both Steam and directly from StarDock.

StarDock launched a fresh update for Groupy today, making it quite a bit more convenient. The latest update brings the app to version 1.4, bringing support for opening up to 50 tabs in a single window. There's also support for adding styles from another StarDock app, Curtains, to your tabbed windows.

Other tweaks include a new "close all" button for your tabs, along with new shortcuts and functions for the middle mouse button and tab switching. Here's a full look at what's new in Groupy 1.4:

  • Curtains style support
  • Automatically selects suitable colors when using a Curtains style without custom Groupy parts
  • Expands max tabs in a group from 25 to 50
  • Tab bar remains dark in all apps for foreground state when in dark mode
  • New "close all" button added on the far right of the tab (must be in tabs above mode and tab bar set to fill full width)
  • Enables additional functionality for middle mouse-button in >- Explorer (open folders as new tabs like in a web browser)
  • New option for using ctrl+tab for tab switching (access on advanced options page)

Groupy is a useful tool that lets you group apps together as tabs in the same window. It's a similar idea to what Microsoft experimented with when it was testing "Sets," which ultimately never launched.

Groupy is available now for $5 at both StarDock and Steam.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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