GTX 1080Ti and Club GeForce Elite subscription program outed in NVIDIA job posting

GTX 1080
GTX 1080

An NVIDIA job posting has outed the upcoming GeForce GTX 1080Ti, along with an upcoming premium subscription program called "Club GeForce Elite." As first reported by by PCWorld, the LinkedIn job posting (which has since been deleted) was for a "Senior Marketing Manager – GeForce, Gamer Loyalty & Advocacy." In the description, NVIDIA describes possible giveaways, including potentially rewarding 980Ti users with first shot at a 1080Ti.

From PCWorld:

The final part of the Targeted Spot Prizes section suggests that Nvidia's indeed planning to roll out a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics card, though it's unclear if this "prize" is being discussed in theory or as a definitive plan. "980 Ti users get first spot in line for 1080 Ti pre-orders, or 'Step Up' offer," it says.

Potentially just as interesting is the job description's mention of "Club GeForce Elite," a premium subscription program of sorts. For $10 per month, GeForce Elite subscribers would get access to a rotating selection of free games from something called the "GeForce Experience App Store" (which doesn't yet exist), along with in-game items and GeForce gear. A Club GeForce Elite subscription would also include a free "GeForce PC in the cloud" subscription (another program that doesn't yet exist).

As mentioned, the job listing is no longer accessible on LinkedIn, but what it has revealed is certainly interesting. As always with things like this, it's best to take all of this with a grain of salt until NVIDIA has something formal to unveil (things can always change). As for the 1080Ti, it's entirely possible we could see something official as soon as CES 2017 in January. For now, check out our picks for the best graphics cards that will turn your PC into a gaming monster.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Don't most people buy the highest-end graphics card so they don't have to do it again a year later? I get that some people have money to burn, but I doubt those folks are worried about trade-in values (another site referenced a trade-in $200 credit for a 980 Ti). I would think that the $250-$500 market would gain the most from a loyalty program, since that is where competition is at its greatest and you are most likely to lose a customer. 
  • Yeah some people buy the highest graphics card to last them for years to come. They aren't the ones this is being aimed at. There are those that upgrade with each new generation to be at the top of performance. However, despite popular belief, most of these people care about saving money as well. They will not be interested in this program either because most of them upgraded to a 1080 back at launch when you could still get $500-600 for a 980ti. They sold their 980ti and bought a 1080. Even if you sell a 980ti right now, you will get at least $350 for it so this program would be useless.
  • Anybody noticed that now "gForce Experience" requires to log in with Facebook/Twitter or gForce account? I don't see anywhere an explanation of why. With out it, you don't get reminded when new drives are available.Most of my games are from STEAM and a few MS Store, I don't see any benefit (as far as I can tell) for loggin in to the driver. Also, streaming to my Shield table stopped since I don't sign in. I've gotten to the point that when any service wants me to log in is so they can spam me more.
  • 'For $10 per month, GeForce Elite subscribers would get access to a rotating selection of free games...' Um, what? So, free, but only if you pay? That's not really free is it, that's $10 per month. Very different things. Might be worth giving your articles a bit of a read through before publishing? Or getting an editor to wake up?