Gun Bros Review: Battling bad guys and a buggy port

Seeing as how we haven’t had a new Xbox Windows Phone game to review in a while, it’s time to set our critical eyes on older releases that haven’t been reviewed yet. Sometimes we miss a game because it’s too terrible to endure (Babel Rising 3D), but on other occasions your favorite game reviewer has just been too tied up to review every single release.

With Gun Bros 2 due to hit iOS sometime soon, I’ve been inspired to put the original Gun Bros for Windows Phone through its paces. Is Gun Bros really one of the worst Xbox games on Windows Phone or just woefully misunderstood? Read on for our final verdict!


Mid-game loading screens use art of varying quality.

Each time players boot up Gun Bros, they will endure an amazingly long load time. The wait varies; I saw the game boot up in about 30 seconds once, but it usually takes about three minutes. It even took seven minutes once, causing my Lumia 920’s screen to time out before the game even started.

Sometimes the game crashes during the loading process too… It’s a real crapshoot. The protracted startup time seems to be due to Gun Bros’ online connectivity. It will load much faster if you turn off your phone’s internet connections. But that also disables some important features, so I tend to just leave the internet on, launch the game, and read a book until it starts. Seriously.

Build a bro

Some waves end with bosses.

At the outset players will choose between one of the two titular brothers. Both are big ugly muscle dudes, presumably based on a young boy’s fantasy rather than what most would consider the idealized male form. The choice doesn’t matter anyway since the two bros play identically.

Your character can be customized with a variety of weapons and power-ups. He can only carry two weapons at a time, switching back and forth at will. Guns come in a variety of categories such as rifles, shotguns, flamethrowers, and spread shots. Since enemies come in huge swarms, the spread shots and weapons with splash damage are the only truly useful guns. Each weapon has its own stats and can level up three times through extended use.

The game offers a nice assortment of armor broken down into head, chest, and legs categories. Each one affects the bro’s attack, defense, and speed categories – sometimes decreasing a stat instead of enhancing it. Unfortunately there is no way to view your overall stats; you have to just pick the best stuff you can afford and hope for the best.

Also, the armor stat system severely undermines the potential for visual customization. Players will want to equip the pieces that provide the greatest stat bonuses, so the vast majority of items go unworn and everyone ends up looking the same by the end. Too bad you can’t mix one item’s stat bonuses with another’s appearance.

Daddy Warbucks

Like most freemium games, Gun Bros has two forms of currency. Coins are the standard form, easily earnable in-game after refining minerals gathered from missions or by completing daily challenges. You can buy fairly good stuff with coins, but many weapons, armor, and even power-ups cost Warbucks.

Warbucks cost Microsoft Points, but players can also earn a few of them by playing the game consecutively for several days in a row. Unfortunately, the MS Point prices of Warbucks can hardly be considered fair or even sane. To get a decent weapon you’ll easily have to spend twenty real dollars, with prices soaring all the way up to into the hundreds of dollars! I know Glu hopes a few unhealthy individuals will blow their life savings on rare weapons, but I’m sure they’d get way more sales if a good gun cost about $5 and the best topped out at $20.

Twin sticks of death

Gun Bros is an overhead-view twin-stick shooter, much like Zombies on the Phone. The protagonists run around a handful of contained sci-fi environments, shooting everything in sight. Each kill gets them XP, leading to level ups and increased health.

While the core gameplay is actually quite fun and addicting, the controls often hamper the enjoyment. The virtual sticks are tiny and not adjustable. On a 4.5 inch screen they end up being a reasonable size, but on 4 inch and below screens they become uncomfortable to use. Regardless of screen size, the sticks occasionally become unresponsive, causing the player not to fire. Would love to see that fixed.

Buddy system

Whereas the iOS version supports both 2-player cooperative and competitive multiplayer via Wi-Fi and the internet, the Windows Phone version lacks true multiplayer. It does have a pretty decent buddy system that allows you to play along with an AI representation of someone from your Xbox Live friends list though. The AI companion actually uses whatever equipment its owner has equipped and shares the same experience level, giving players a way to show off their builds to friends.

The actual AI is rudimentary at best and terrible at worst though. It follows the player along, never moving of its own volition. It often refuses to shoot unless enemies come within point blank range and always switches between its owners’ two weapons at random intervals instead of just using the strongest weapon, which can be irritating. That said, better a stupid companion than no partner at all!


The Windows Phone version game has only four unique planets to visit, as it lacks the iOS game’s fifth planet. More planets are teased on the map screen but will likely never materialize.

Each planet contains 10 revolutions. Within a revolution are 50 waves of enemies to decimate. Knock out all of the waves in a revolution and you move on to the next one, facing tougher enemies for greater XP rewards. Complete a wave without taking damage and you’ll receive a 10 percent mineral bonus. The game tracks which waves you’ve perfected, and you can always resume any previously completed wave.


The Bokor grinding spot

While much of the game is a technical mess, Gun Bros’ Achievements seem to be in full working order (unlike Bug Village and Contract Killer). The three most time consuming Achievements require players to “service” (kill) 50,000 targets, reach level 100, and complete Revolution 10 on any planet. The first two actually aren’t too bad, as you can easily grind for kills will virtually no effort on planet Bokor.

Completing Revolution 10 tasks the gamer with finishing all 500 waves of a planet. It’s a laborious and time consuming process that you’ll want to spread across a few days. Later Revolutions become quite challenging because enemies start taking more hits to kill. Still, when equipped with the best coin purchasable weapon (the Coronal Ejector) and lots of health kits, you’ll do alright.

Overall Impression

Gun Bros is a tough game to pronounce judgment on. On the one hand, its technical shortcomings are completely reprehensible. The eternal start-up load times, crashes, occasional losses of inventory, broken daily challenges ('Taze Me Bro' never works), and Options screen references to nonexistent social network and Game Center features (come on!) all should have been ironed out during the development and certification processes. Once the game somehow slipped out with such gaping flaws, the developer and publisher should have worked quickly to update it and improve the experience. They have not done so.

Still, despite the crappiness of the port, a lot of Gun Bros’ charm remains unabated. People who enjoy grinding will love working to level up, earn more money, buy new equipment, and enhance their weapons. Gun Bros may lack an appealing art style, but the core game is hard to put down. It’s probably too late to wish for a performance enhancing update at this point. Let’s just hope that Glu Mobile brings Gun Bros 2 to Windows Phone and that the porting team shows it far more care than the first game.

Gun Bros is a free game that runs on both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. Grab it here at the Windows Phone Store.

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • I've gotten to the point with these had port jobs, that if they can't try, I can't try.
  • Why is the link an iTunes link?
  • It's not...
  • Shows iTunes link for me too
  • Are you guys using the app? Maybe it was picking up the iTunes link earlier in the article by mistake. I've removed that link, so please let me know if that fixes it.
  • Yea I'm using the app. The iTunes link have been removed. No WP link?
  • Will talk to our developer about it. I inserted the link correctly... In the meantime, just search for it on your phone or use the link on our actual website.
  • The load time is so long I just deleted it.
  • Wow. I have played this game alot and never experienced the load time issues (Nokia 920) so I guess I should consider myself lucky.
  • Never? What level is your character? I've been playing every day for a week (level 76 now) and run into it most times I start the game.
  • I think it has a lot to do with how many friends you have on Xbox. Because it has to select the top...i donno 30 for the game. I reached level 178 or so with maximum armor. Then I bought the L 920. When I installed the game, my armor and all guns were gone (including what my Bro was wearing). So... I stopped playing. Oh...and my start times by level 178 were around 7-10 minutes.
  • Add me: IllbleedVicious. Still playing.
  • Load times were never that bad for my 920 either...usually about 30 seconds. The controls, on the other hand. It sucks to be killed during an intense moment just because the sticks stopped responding.
  • I stopped playing just because I got to about level 50 on my character on my Radar and when I got my L920 it was all gone. It sucks there's no way of saving your progress. I invested a lot of time into that game. I hope they do a better job at porting GunBrothers2.
  • That's weird. The game does support cloud saving by default. When I switched to the 920, all of my progress from my old Focus carried over.
  • I think its hit or miss....cause there's others who posted reviews on that same issue in the app review. I wish they would at least iron out the bugs.
  • I also have the 920, and I had to start over in every game I've played.
  • I don;t why people hatin so much on this game.
    The controls work fine, unlike Galaga for example. I grinded Gun Bros on my Lumia 800 months ago and enjoyed it. Shooting and killing is always fun. And the game isn't that hard if you have XBL friends leveled up.
    As for the loading and connecting times - I got used to those quircks and learned how to workaround them, so It really wasn't that bad. At least the game didn't crash after connecting to XBL like Contract Killer did.
  • I played a bunch on this on my Omnia 7 but just haven't even bothered with it on my 920. Starting from scratch with all of the issues that exist and will never be fixed is too much of a headache to endure all over again.
  • I'm just annoyed that my OCD nature for achievements insists that I keep it around and go for the achievements
  • I had surprisingly few issues with this game and got all the achievements with no problems. Only later did I encounter server issues so stopped playing it on my Lumia 900 but it was a blast and was fun to play with all the various Bros! If there's a Gun Bros 2 I'll definitely check it out.
  • This game was no where near as glitchy as contract killer, but it still had its fair share. The game play is horrendously repetitive and boring though.
  • Add me: olcay86 playin daily, but need more buddies!
  • When I read review I realised I can use health packs...!!!
    Lol, was stuck on wave 50 of revolution2
  • I need friends who play this and contact killer, so add me please: LuWiiGi333
  • Installed the game yesterday. As soon as i started it, i was stuck at the first screen where i have to select my player. Nothing happened after that. Will reinstalling the game solve this issue. I am having Lumia 920
  • Reinstalling certainly couldn't hurt... The game stopped working for me not long after my review, and I'm too attached to my progress to try reinstalling.
  • When the game stops, just restart your Phone. It happens a lot.
  • There seems to be serious problems with this title nowadays. There's numerous reports that ppl are unable to connect with LIVE so all the coop stuff and daily bonuses and whatnot doesn't work anymore. GLU hasn't responded to this matter other than the usual "we are looking into it" and that is early 2013 talk. Ppl are still waiting for a patch but nothing is happening...
  • Yeah, it's a shame that Glu managed this game so poorly. The core gameplay is great, but they didn't give it the support it needed to thrive on Windows Phone.