Some guy says Nokia will abandon smartphone biz. Media has nothing better to report on.

As we’re starting to return to full steam here at Windows Phone Central from the holiday season, we need to evidently begin reporting on the stupid again (thankfully it's not more Android-Nokia rumors). This time Forbes online contributor Tristan Louis is “predicting” that Nokia will exit the hardware business this year and sell off their assets to Microsoft and/or Huawei.

No evidence is provided, mind you. Not a single “unnamed source” or even the tried and tired “people familiar with the matter” go-to device for reporting on irresolute rumors.  And if you’re scratching your head at who Tristan Louis is or why you should care about what he writes, you’re not alone as we’ve never heard of him either (he’s evidently an “entrepreneur”, which we think means something along the lines as “guy with money”).

We have no idea why this story is getting any traction at all. Louis, as far as we know, has no solid track history in this area for prediction. In a quick poll of the editors of Mobile Nations (iMore, Android Central, CrackBerry), none of us have ever heard of him. That of course doesn’t mean he’s wrong, we’re just not sure why his opinion here has any more merit versus some guy on the street...

Then there is the Forbes Online thing. Forbes the magazine has a distinguished name and is the go-to source for a lot of business orientated news. Forbes Online, on the other hand, is kind of like a playground for random tech news, superficial enquiries and wannabe techies. Some of the straight reporting is okay but the predictions and analysis are often third-rate, at best. This is one of those instances. (For another example you can read their travesty of a “review” for the Lumia 920, an embarrassment of tech journalism).

Now before we run the bus over Tristan too much, we should note the he's just making a prediction here for 2013. It's a guess and it's not like he's even link-baiting with his article's title. In that sense, we'll cut the guy some slack.

The danger here is in the rest of the tech media taking this as something worth re-reporting on. It's not. And it's dangerous to treat it as legitimate news but we're already seeing this being passed around mostly because the name "Forbes" carries with it pre-ordained authority. It shouldn't. And sites who give air to this should be ashamed.

What are Nokia’s plans for 2013 and beyond?

A legitimate question is asking what shape Nokia will be in for 2013 and going forward. Towards the end of January, Nokia is expected to give their financial report where we can finally judge how well the company is doing with the Lumia 920 (and their other Lumia phones). The news could be really good, bad or somewhere in between. Our bet is on conservative and we believe Nokia will have done well but it is still too early to break open the Champagne.

Going forward, we see no reason why Nokia will retire from hardware and become a straight services company. That’s not to say this is not a viable option for them at some point in the future, as surely they are positioning themselves heavily in services—but everyone is trying to do that too. HTC, Samsung, Apple, Google are all cross-branching into new areas. Google bought Motorola for hardware, Apple is heavily going “cloud”, Samsung has Bada/Tizen…etc. It’s clear that in order to compete in 2013, you need to have your toe dipped in every aspect of the mobile world

We suppose if things become dire at Nokia, they will have various options for restricting the company. Heck, Palm did the whole “split” thing years ago breaking into separate hardware and software companies (it’s also considered to be one of their worst mistakes). But as of right now, there’s nothing signaling that Nokia planning on doing anything like that in the near future. Their hardware, especially the Lumia 920, is being praised by just about everyone in the business and even consumers are finally being wooed back to Nokia and to Windows Phone.

In conclusion, there is nothing to see here with this prediction. Our confidence level on this is practically zero as the source behind it is just not someone who is considered a talking-head in the Microsoft-Nokia world of tech journalism. So let’s just move on and see what happens later this month.

Source: Forbes Online; via BGR; Thanks for everyone who sent this is…we think

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Who is this Tristan lady?
  • Tristan is a boys name :P
  • No it's not. And if some use it that way, well it just sounds feminine.
  • Sorry but it is primarily a male name. Tristan was a knight of the round table and it's been a male name for decades. It's true that it is "occasionally female" but those people are weirdos :P
  • I've only knew of guys with the name.
  • Dude, I know boys with the name Tristan.
  • A lady boy?
  • Take your pick:
    - A "contributor" to "blogs"
    - A stock market trader who has too much time on her hands and an Internet access at home
    - Nobody
    Personally I think Forbe is killing their brand with these articles from clowns.
  • Another option: Someone that bet against Nokia on the stock market and has a lot to loose from rising Nokia stock prices.
  • What's up with the sexism, d00d?
    Surely, in the year 2013, big boys on the Internet can criticize someone without "insulting" him by inferring that he's female (and thus clearly inferior or something).
  • Wishful thinking on WP fan sides and some anal predictions from another
  • I'll bite, what's an "anal prediction"?
  • Maybe it's "talking out of their ass."
  • Are you sure you want to bite that?
  • They come from the ANALysts on Bloomber and other talking head sites / shows
  • "Wishful thinking on WP fan sides"
    oh look, another deragatory statement towards windows phone from hiiiiiiiii. not surprised, it's becoming like clockwork now.
  • I really hope not, I love there phones.
  • Why would they when their stock has doubled in the past 6 months...
  • Yup, specially people who said Nokia will be out of business by 2012 (goldman sachs) are now buying and trading stocks by the millions !  :)
    Nokia is here to stay, their sales are doing quite good. Slow, but good. And as soon as they release the Lumia 620, We all will see the emerging markets getting a piece of Lumia as well.
  • Poor Microsoft and Nokia.... the media wants all their products and devices doing bad..bad ...BADLY.
  • Badly? Idk what you mean by that all wp8 have been receiving pretty positive feedback.
  • He's sayin... the media WANTS their products to do bad
  • oh, my mistake i misread the comment.
  • I think he just wanted to create some bad news to bring down the stock price so he can get more.
  • Aquistiions usually increase stock prices for the acquired company, so dumb move.
  • Samsung canned BADA... they got Tizen with intel. Looks like 1/3 of their smartphones this year will be Tizen instead of WP. I wonder how Microsoft doesn't notice those koreans are sabotaging their OS releases... where are the Smart PCs, Sammy ?
  • And do what...they're so stupid
  • That is the longest non issue story ever. LOL
  • Hey Dan... What was Jean Baptiste Su (The Embrassement of Tech Journalism ) smoking when he wrote his review about Lumia 920... That's some serious shit that he was smoking... he really got delusional...
  • hahaha. I read that too this morning. I have never read such crap before. I have read many poor reviews but this one may be the worst. Funny thing is the comments from 3 people that trolled the section. Sad. I vow to not read crap like that anymore.
  • Forebes became itroll and bad one........
  • Forbes has a well established record of bashing Nokia. Look at any "articles" by Eric Savitz that mention Nokia and, line for line, he is negative. As well, over at Barron's Tech Trader Daily blog, where Savitz was before Forbes, his protégé, Tiernan Ray, is just as consistently negative...
  • What I think is more interesting, is watching BGR's Zach Epstein in the middle of a big flip-flop about the success of the Lumia, after his rather negative review:
    "Nokia (NOK) appears to have finally turned a corner with the Lumia 920, a smartphone that is seemingly selling quite well..."
  • Hmmm The SEC might want to follow Tristan' stock trades for a few weeks...
  • Seriously.
  • I'm going to make a prediction, please repost to all tech sites. Microsoft will release a "Smart-Hat". Its a hat that knows what you want and hands it to you from underneath. Thirsty? Smarthat has you covered. Itch on head? Smarthat will scratch it!
  • im on it!
  • The Forbes online site seems to attract quite a few people in a weird state of mind lately. Mushrooms being served in their virtual canteen?
  • Nokia is just getting started! I'll finally have my 920 Monday!!
  • Any play in their share price? This seems rigged.
  • I liked how Daniel closed with "Thanks for everyone who sent this is…we think"
  •   Are news trying to vilify the growth of Nokia with good sales of 920 Lumias. Are trying to overturn the actions of Nokia ...    
  • I hear Nokia are moving into double-glazing and conservatories by the end of the year. Yes, peeps... you heard it here first! ;)
  • Did anybody else read Forbes Nokia 920 review? I mean im still on Wp7, but I've tested Wp8 and its awesome. So Bias, only good thing to say was Facebook integration. So much was left out really sad. No love from Forbes
  • So is Microsoft giving up the software business and going all hardware... Just as insane a notion if you ask me.
  • as the article says, it's a PREDICTION. It does not need to be based on anything. Why? Because its a PREDICTION. Just because he doesn't agree with your obsession with Nokia/Microsoft doesn't mean you loose your shit over it. I bet all these tech writers have a ball seeing your reaction posts to their anti-WP articles.
  • Kinda like your obsession about coming around here and throwing in negative comments wherever you can.  Did someone hit you as a child?  Take a chill pill man.
  • The reason why my comments sound negative to you is because I don't make comments that make it sound like I'm having some sort of love affair with Microsoft or Nokia. Also I don't post comments about how much I love a certain company. If you think I'm just going to go with the flow and drink the Windows Phone koolaid then you're argueing with the wrong guy here. I've probably used and owned more Windows Phone than you which makes it just as much my right to be here than yours.
  • I have nothing against criticism, especially if it's constructive.  It seems like with the kinda outlook you have, it doesn't matter what Microsoft/Nokia does, it will never be good enough for you.  That is the kinda negativity that I don't understand.  It's like it's a personal thing to you, as if Microsoft wronged you in some horrible way.  I just see one common theme in all your posts and it's always negativity.  I'm not arguing, I'm just stating facts.  Oh and by the way, I have been watching Windows Phone since the beginning when Joe B. unveiled it to the public in 2010.  I bought the original Samsung Focus and owned 5 other Windows Phone devices including my current device the Lumia 920.  I also don't feel the need to constantly spout about how great or terrible it is in online forums.
  • Maybe I have a negative attitude because my expectations from Microsoft and Nokia are high?; unlike a lot of people here who're very quick to settle for mediocrity. That's not me.
  • I can understand having high expectations for something, but just because you see mediocrity in something doesn't mean other people are having that experience.  It also doesn't mean they're wrong or blind fanboys drinking Kool-Aid. 
  • I expect 200 million years battery life, a 1073741824 core processor clocked at 7 billion THz a core, 5 million TB RAM, a 9.8 billion billion megapixel camera with PureView and pictures 1 million times better than the best DSLR on the market 500 billion billion TB flash storage, as well as quad-booting between BB10, iOS, Android JB, and WP8, all for 25p, yet you don't see me complaining, because it's unrealistic to expect that. I'm actually thoroughly enjoying my single-boot HTC TITAN, looking forward to the Lumia 920. Let us know what your expectations were. If they're reasonable people will most likely understand, if you try and have expectations like I mentioned, you'll get flamed for it no matter where you go. And this is coming from someone who's mantra is "Think big, REALLY BIG"
  • Hey man do you ever have any business here other than taking a go against all of us...?
    Read the article properly..the ones losing their shit are the other tech sites reporting based on such 'predictions' as if they are genuinely gonna happen...
    Stop talking like you see both sides of the case never have on this site and you seemingly never will...
  • @ammarmalik2011 I think you need to re-read the article (or even the title) again. The missed it.
  • People make predictions all the time. The point you're missing is: who and why is this (out of millions) of extremely subjective opinions being reported?
  • Precisely.
  • Spot on.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this whole "Nokia - the WP messiah" is exaggerated.
  • only two pple...Nokia is the one who has put WP on the map.. or else bye bye...If not for Nokia.. you wouldnt see pple talking about it. You wont have HTC releasing copy cat designs, etc and fighiting with Nokia.. Well If not for Nokia, many apps wouldnt be here.. 
    You have to be blind and dump for not being able to see it.. .Nokia to WP is what Samsung is to Andriod.
  • I agree with some of the points in the review of the Nokia 920 by the same author...tried it out at the Microsoft store, found it heavier, bulkier, and just as slow camera as my Samsung focus. I think Nokia crippled this phone to bring something out better later (planned obsolescence), they better if they want my WP bucks!
  • Troll is an obvious troll
  • What's so obvious, I have a vocabulary more than 5 words?C'mon santa, think first, the words will come lol
  • I actually like the weight of the Lumia 920.
  • I think that these days its fashionable to write controversial tech blogs. With so many sites to choose from, this is one way to get the hits. I read both the articles on Forbes and the comments those articles attracted. I few days back, the same thing on Engadget. That had about 2k comments I think. I would be very surprised if these writers do not know at the time of writing that their blogs will trigger a debate on their website. While there are a lot of positives that today any of us can write anything on the web, unfortunately that also is a problem. Combine that with people's strong choice of phone operating systems, its an all out war in some of these comments.
  • Lmao I read that review and it was god awful at its best. This should be barred from ever reporting anything
  • Tristain Louis - "Microsoft and Nokia haven’t been able to make the needed connection with consumers." This guy has no idea what he is talking about. 
  • Yeah this is stupid.  Worse yet I see BGR posting all kinds of opinion and rumor pieces about stuff for click bait (IMO) and sadly I see their stupid articles ported up on the front page of in the Tech section all the time.  So the average joe reads this crap from there and gets the wrong impression.  Sickens me.
  • Daniel, I'm going to give you some honest feedback and say that while I generally enjoy your commentary, this is not one of your better pieces.  The impression it conveys is that you saw this guy's article, panicked, and rushed out a knee-jerk response trying to discredit him - with nothing subtle or professional in your approach.  This kind of writing does not reflect well upon you or WPCentral.
    Also, your conclusion doesn't make sense:  "Our confidence level on this is practically zero as the source behind it is just not someone who is considered a talking-head in the Microsoft-Nokia world of tech journalism."  So, you would be more confident if the source was a talking head?  You know "talking head" has a negative connotation, right?
  • I was skeptical of Daniel's professionalism the moment I saw a quote of his posted on the page! Who posts their own quotes? Even if it was extremely profound,(which it isn't ),it strikes me as unprofessional, to say the least.
  • What quote are you talking about? I didn't quote myself... Re: what is "professional", please. This term and its usage is about as empty as the people who throw it around like an actual critique. What is considered professional is merely one's own opinion of the author veiled as some as some imaginary established metric or consensus. It's lame and is a weak form of argumentation. Focus on the arguments being made (or lack thereof) not the people making them. This is basic logic. It's only when you have nothing substantial to say to you resort to sloganeering with "not professional".
  • ""The past is never quite how you remember, the future's promise may not be fulfilled. Live for the present. The ruins fall around us as we speak."
  • ? That's not my quote. Found it on the internet ages ago and have never found the source. Regardless, even if that was my quote that is the weakest critique I have ever read of my work here and has nothing to do with this article. Try harder?
  • So you're taking credit for a quote that's not yours? Your getting less professional with each response! LOL
    P.S. The professional thing to do would be to attribute the quote to "unknown" but I'll cut you some slack since you admit you don't know what unprofessional means.
  • This article, in relation to what it is about, is far from a knee jerk reaction based on its length and analysis. What does bring in some concern is that others will believe Forbes. There are negative things about WP that even wpcentral reports such as Xbox WP games, and this is just an article casting off credibility from Forbes when it comes to tech.
  • Didn't panic, just got tired of all the tips coming in about this "news" and seeing people take it seriously. When we see bullshit out there on the internet, we ignore it. When it gets traction, we comment on it and call it what it is--no different than all of that "Nokia is going Android" news a few weeks back. This wasn't news at all but when certain sites start re-reporting it, it gains traction and affects people's perception. We're the top Windows Phone site around, so it's our responsibility to weigh in on it. Regarding "talking head" it has two meanings, the one you reference and also anyone who appears in media regularly talking on a subject. It's not an absolute negative meaning, nor did I mean it here. And yes, I mean if this was a regular writer on Microsoft/Nokia, it would have had more merit.
  • Bravo. Good show.
  • I think Daniel handled this professionally. This site is about Windows Phone, and Nokia is a large part of that. When some crack job wannabe journalist like Tristan opines about the future of Nokia, it's Daniel's job to report that article isn't founded or supported by anything at all.
  • How or why did Forbes post this review from an unknown? My only guess is fear, fear for Apple's and Google's stock and oust WP for BB10. Shady people, shady reporting. Reminds me of the idiocy within people, no offense but how did pres Obama win the Pulitzer prize award? What did he do? The question has nothing to do with pres Obama but the organization. Shady tactics!
  • He won the Nobel prize for not being George W. Bush :P
  • Pocketnow is reporting on this like the guy is some credible source.....
  • Comment on the article and inform the readers!!
  • Jaime Riviera is such an isheep, he even baited his title as "predictions" when all it talks about is this one from Tristan.....
    I posted over there , alot of WP haters tho so its all a mute point. Jaime even comments that industry analysts pay attention to these types of predictions hahaha. And this guy is an editor?
  • Lol, come Nokia's sales reports (when is it anyway?) and those guys' a goner. I've a strong feeling iCrap's paying them. Apple's richer than MS? Heck, MS kills Mac on a worldwide scale and on mobile, Android (as of now) kills iOS worldwide.
  • From iJaime Rivera..don't even bother.
  • I want a smarthat.
  • Why don't reports like...
    "iPhone's 5S (or 6, whatever) future release features 5 colors, copying Nokia?" up? Guess these analysts are being paid to iMindf*ck us.
  • First MS abandons WP7.5 users, now Nokia may abandon all their customers... It's getting really interesting.
  • Could you all try a little harder to sound extremely bitter please? I didn't pick up enough angst, jealousy and anger in the first two paragraphs of this article. Thanks.
  • This guy is another dumb blogger needing attention.. !!!!!!
  • It all comes down to MS. If they continue with Win8RT->Blue and Win8(Intel)->9 they can get back into the game. If they drop Windows8(Intel) and go Windows Blue, they're toast, cause they loose 2M legacy software packages that count. The problem right now is touch screen availability and pricing. Lenovo, Fujitsu, others didn't expect the demand for non touch to implode. Pricing wise, you can buy a Acer Win8(Intel Atom) hybrid tablet today for less than a iPad4/64Gb. By mid 2013 i5 machines will also be there. This is a patience game, if MS sticks to its guns, they win. If they weaver, Android and iOS will kill them. MS could also add an Android emulator sand box app to Win8Pro, allow Amazon app store purchases. (Get near 700'000 aps for peanuts). No problem for i5 cpu. Dear Steve Ballmer, buy SHARP! Buy it with Apple! Alternative to LG and Samsung LCD for Nokia and HTC and other non Android manufacturers! Make WP8 work on the Nvidia Tegra! Always good to have alternative suppliers! AMD is also going ARM... Might be good for RT-Blue!
    Nokia depends on MS here, cause they need a OS/product range people will buy.
  • I really like my HTC Titan, and I really like my L920. Apparently, so do many others. No one has a crystal ball, and these "predictors," generally do worse than others, predicting eventual outcomes. We're feeding trolls, with every second we give them, instead of winning converts, to WP, by actually using, understanding, and thereby promoting, our favored platform. Its a losing game, trying to outtalk faddish, low-information people. They are highly imprinted, with loyalty to their chosen platforms. The only way they'll change, is if they find their personal reason, to desire WP. That means, they have to be reeled in, by what they see, and hear, from actual users, that they can relate to, and find a desire for. Yelling about a guy, who wrote what amounts to an op-ed piece, a Forbes blog, is pointless. Nokia knows what they're going to do. He doesn't, and neither do we. The only thing we know is that we enjoy WP. Let the sheeple see THAT, and we'll convert the masses. No by spuriously arguing, about stuff the masses don't care about, or refuting every crackpot, with a blog. I like that Daniel informed us of this incident, but you can file it with 10,000 others under "H," for Haters. I get a lot of compliments from non-WP users, about my phones. I also get questions, like "So, how do you like Windows Phone?,' and, 'is that a Windows Phone? May I see that?" This Tristan guy, may never see me out, but others do. Those are the ones we convince that WP is viable, by our very existence, as WP users, are out enthusiasm, about our really good OS, and hardware. That's how we ensure that NOK, HTC, and anybody else, making hardware for the platform stays in the game. Grousing about this wing it's off-the-wall predictions does nothing. You're preaching to the choir. Go show your phone to a stranger. That's how you make a lie, of his "prediction."
  • They're getting out and just making a Lumia phone category ;) its like the genius phone, not smart.
  • Yeah, after the Hit Piece on the 920 (unusable in low light was a MAJOR BS red flag) Forbes has 0% credibility with me on tech matters and anything WP or Nokia.
  • Good imagination over the holidays seasons!
  • Pocketnow (or Jaime rather) seem to think that this will happen. The "reporters" there are the biggest fAndroids and iFans. Seems like some of the popular tech sites have something against MS and Nokia.
  • The lumia 620, IMHO, has the potential to change the face of the industry in a similar way to the iPhone back in 2007... Suddenly, the mass public will have an affordable, high end smartphone available to them, with an OS every bit as good, if not better, as iOS. If Nokia time, price and market the 620 right, and have enough units being produced, the phone could become the biggest selling smartphone over night, literally.
  • Its more interesting to read why he wrote this story, my guess is he has a load of Nokia shares and was looking for a good price to sell them off at, news of Nokia being sold would definitely push share prices higher for a short time.
    So the interesting story could be why he's that desperate, perhaps he has news that Nokia isn't doing badly, and if its not going up fast or going down fast then he's definitely going to be desperate to sell since his shares won't be moving.
    I'm surprised that Microsoft have not slowly made a move on Nokia though, at least buying a sizeable chunk would give them a good head start if another competitor suddenly tried to make a move.  Until Nokia have a high enough share price I am a little concerned that Google or Apple could make a predatory move here.
  • Well duh... Nokia is going into the smart dildo business at the end of the year. Dildos with smart apps, cameras, GPS. Ladies.. imagine listening to music coming from your crotch and talking to your crotch to make phone calls. Simply brilliant!