GVoice (Google Voice) app with push notifications now live

Update: v1.1 should be hitting the Marketplace soon; here's a list of fixes & features

For those who like to use Google Voice, there's a new app in town that may be the one everyone has been waiting for: GVoice.

The app will push messages to you, transcribe voicemail, allow you to enable/disable devices and even pull down contact photos. It fetches for $3.99, which is a bit pricey, but we imagine that's to cover the costs of running a push server. There's a free trial too but it has no push notifications.

Is it better than GoVoice ($2.99)? Hard to say but we'll put the through their paces and compare/contrast the two. Stay tuned.

Grab it here (opens Zune Desktop)

Daniel Rubino

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  • Gotta laugh at the preview pics saying the iphone is better...what was this guy thinking? Anyway push notifications is pretty nice, I wish there was a gtalk app out there though the lack of any IM apps for WP7 is pretty annoying right now.
  • yeah, to be honest i'm surprised there is seriously not a single chat app other than the facebook instant messenger app. I would have thought meebo, or palringo would have jumped on by now
  • So far between the two apps, i can say they're very similar. From what i've been able to see, they're almost identical. So far i've come across this:
    - ability to mark read/unread, archive, delete texts from the phone
    - ability to change google voice account settings from phone
    - can email conversations right from the phone
    - can directly dial out to contacts in the same way that the native android google voice app does (using a direct number). This way your outgoing call history shoes up in your GV history as well as in the phones native phone log as well (this is a BIGGIE). Also this allows you to quickly connect to outgoing calls as compared to GVoice, don't have to wait for an incoming callback number, and it doesn't use the cheap "dialer" method that some other applications have used in the past.
    - Ability to load contact pictures
    - put notifications (also a BIGGIE, but taotaotech said they will be adding this to the GoVoice app as well very soon, as they already have a live tile that updates every 60 minutes) IMO, comparing all the features, i would have to say GoVoice is the much better app, even without the notifications yet. A lot of extra features, a much better dialing system, and its all $1 cheaper
  • Nice summary. I have to agree. The ability to dial contacts in GoVoice is a huge difference IMO. OTOH, GVoice loads a bit faster. Wish we could combine the two, lol.
  • Let me preface this by saying I do not as of yet own a new WP (I'm on VZW and am considering making the switch from Android when a Powerhouse WP is released on VZW). So I do not have any experience with either of these applications, that being said speaking of GVoice I am very familiar with the developer and he is very highly respected in the Android community. So if there are features you would like to see in future updates contact him and I'm sure Koush will be happy for the feedback. Knowing he is working on this platform gives me great hope for it and is making my decision to switch that much easier.