Hacking group leaks Xbox One SDK online in attempt to motivate console modders

The Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Xbox One has reportedly been leaked. A group called H4LT has apparently leaked the SDK, announcing the leak on their Twitter account. The group says that this leak is aimed at getting the console modding community to build momentum for potential homebrew apps on the Xbox One. H4LT also appears to have leaked the documentation for the SDK.

Xbox One SDK documentation

H4LT has said that they plan to leak more software in the future, but are not announcing what that software is at this time.

Source: The Tech Game

  • Console is always online. I wouldn't use Homebrew if it risks a console ban from Live (which it will).   That said, still waiting on "every console a dev kit"
  • It isn't always online, bit the risk is still there.
  • Unless you put the console in offline mode, yeah it is. 
  • Get a SteamBox instead. I am keen on MS products, but mainly because they let me do things my way. The Xbox is a bit of a problem in this area (much like Sony's mess). Sbox > Xbox until MS take the wheel clamps off.
  • Or just get a PC and hook it up to your tv. I'm still not sure of the point of Steambox outside of trying to get Linux into more peoples hands versus a Windows PC.
  • Thats what im going to do lol
  • Exactly.
  • Steambox? Just get a real PC.
  • Steambox? I just live the fantasy!
  • Steam was full of malware yesterday
  • What's the point of a offline console...
  • As me, I even don't play online. I prefer offline.
  • The purpose of an offline console is offline gaming. As anything prior to internet enabled consoles, they were fun too, as it is for anyone who is not interested in online gaming. Unfortunately, not as functional nowadays considering many games are now released requiring day-one patches.
  • True but i would think most of those patches are for the online multiplayer part of the games to try and keep people from having...lol
  • :-)
  • Offline gaming?
  • Perhaps making sure the console is still useful every time XboxLive/PSN servers go down, your ISP has a problem or some simple DDoS attack brings Microsoft/Sony servers down? Yeah. That ought to be enough reason in my book...
  • simple DDoS? This is one of the more powerfull attacks if it is done correct Btw sony still out.
  • http://kotaku.com/how-ddos-attacks-work-and-why-theyre-so-hard-to-stop-1...
  • What's the point of a land line vs a smart phone? Because that's what an offline console is, a landline in a world of smart phones.
  • This^
  • Not a good analogy. Are you going to tuck your Xbox up your ass everytime you go out? No, but you stick your cellphone in your pocket.
  • You don't have to bring your Xbox with you. You can sign in on any Xbox and automatically access your entire digital gaming library.
  • ^ clearly doesn't understand analogies
  • Yep.
  • I don't see the appeal of gaming with random people on a console. If I ever do online gaming on the Xbox, which is almost never, it's with friends.
  • Did you play online?
  • Brace yourselves. LT+ 3.0 and RGH incoming
  • Every console can be dev unlocked from the settings screen, the real privileges come from your developer account.
  • Interesting....one would think if you put applocations on your Xbox one for deveopment it your account would not be one that got baned. On the other side, this is just a door for the hackers, Many people (hackers) are going to put their own code on the Xbox one and find a secutiry hole (it's not if, it's when). Once the top tier hackers start playing, the odds are very high that they will find a explot in the Xbox one...
  • Why is SDK leaked?
    Is not the point of SDK to be available to anyone interested in developing.
  • WTF. There is something called "hacking group"? Those are criminals whatever they are doing? You are writing it seems like some legitimate organization are doing something charity work. "motivate", really?
  • I prefer hackers and pirates as VIP class people, those I appreciate.
  • In my opinion, Joseph is just informing what the group claiming responsibility for the leak is reportedly after by leaking it. The article seems proper to me.
  • Yeah, the article does come off like approval. Its terrible. Nothing ethical or legal about it. If we ever get hackers ablet to gimp games by giving themselves in game currency, or PC controls like mouse + keyboard flooding it will ruin things like online FPS. Not sure why anyone dedicates time to pursuits like this. Sounds like manchild in bedroom trying to be a hero as this is the only way to get attention. Sad boys.
  • Agreed, it's a crime and they (the hackers) need to be punished!
  • We're not responsible for condemning things that happen, at least not in news stories, which this is.
  • What's wrong with keyboard and mouse controls on a console? All consoles should have that already. Until they do, my Xbox will collect dust, because playing FPS with a controller is horrible. Of course, the match makers should allow you to chose to play only against people with controllers if you don't have a keyboard and mouse. That way the people with controllers would not be owned again and again by the KB and mouse master race.
  • Not all hackers are bad. I believe Microsoft has an annual event where the pay hackers if they can hack their stuff. This way they can improve them and make them safer. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Cod kids are mad
  • I really hope they ban all users than try to use this.
  • Why?
  • Is it a good thing, for Xbox One?
  • Good for certain users (ones who would like to play "backup" copies in the future) but definitely not for Microsoft.
  • If you enjoy playing against cheaters...
  • It's definitely bad for regular users, as it opens the door for privacy and game mods and cheats that can affect online games.
  • The Xbox One SDK has been available on the web for quite some time. You just had to know where to look. Check before reporting others "news."
  • The dark net...Ohhhh
  • This is the year of global leaks
  • I have only 3 words to say: FUCK YOU, HACKERS!
  • Nice... Lets have some ported emulators (SNES, NEOGEO) :)
  • Well Microsoft should bring back their plans to turn our Xbox Ones into development kits. That was the feature I was looking forward to the most. People want that as you can tell..
  • If they find a way to mod Xbone I may consider buying an additional console for this. Even if it means playing offline. I'd buy all the games I need to play online and download the ones I just want to play single player ;)
  • Would you also sign a petition to boycott companies that add extra DRM measures in the future because they don't make money on their games?
  • Don't make money? LOL. Modern Warfare 2 is one of the most pirated games of all time and Infinity Ward still made a buttload of money of it.
  • Sure, why not.
  • I bought xb1 day1 edition to be ready to develop apps for it.
    Still waiting....
  • Offline Gaming? People need to realize we are in 2014, not 1994. It's part of the evolution of gaming. It's got nothing to do with Multiplayer, but the benefits of the cloud in gaming opens up a huge world of posibilites for developers which benefits gaming and gamers.
  • Sure man
  • Lol leaked. Its been around for while now and legit for those on the dev program. And I love every groups claims to be a "Hacker" team when stuff is already floating on the web. Its so 2014 (in a few hours)
  • If they Homebrew 360 support I'm down. Someone did it with the WiiU to support the Gamecube. So I bought a WiiU. Posted via Windows Phone Central App