Halo 2: Anniversary documentary now available for free on Xbox Video

Excited for Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One? Then you're going to want to watch Remaking the Legend - Halo 2: Anniversary. Remaking the Legend is a new documentary now available for free on Xbox Video. The documentary details how 343 Industries' re-imagined Halo 2 inside The Master Chief Collection. It truly is a must-watch for any Halo fan.

You can find the free documentary on Xbox Video using Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone or on the web through video.xbox.com. The full-length documentary clocks in at 1 hour and 2 minutes and features a behind-the-scenes look at the development of Halo 2: Anniversary. Look forward to exclusive interviews with key developers, former Halo employees, pro players, industry insiders and hard-core Halo fans.

Anyone planning on watching this?

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Sam Sabri
  • Grabbed it
  • Grabbing it.
  • Seriously? You need an Xbox account?
  • It was shown on twitch as well, so I'd imagine you can find it there. It's probably even on youtube too
  • Well it is on a service called Xbox Video.
  • Spanking it
  • ...
  • Feems saster.
  • seems old
  • Already watching it
  • Just watched it in bed on mu surface. it was very well done and can't wait to play in a week.
  • Apparently not. Because XBOX video is not supported in my country. Sometimes I want to punch someone on the face.. Anyway if I find it by other means I will watch it
  • Change your region to a supported country
  • It won't work
  • Im looking forward to get out work and watch this :)
  • Going to watch
  • Super excited for this!! Halo 2 is the only one my wife has never played. Graphics on it made her feel sick., me too.
  • I'll check it out. Halo 2 was my least favorite game of the series, but I still appreciate the work that goes into making a game like this.
  • I can't find it :( look for it in the video app of my Lumia and doesn't find result's... Could be the region? I'm from Mexico.
  • Watched it and its very good brought back some fond memories. Cant wait for it to be released
  • Number of times "DLC" mentioned: 0 Number of times "ease of friends list/invite system" mentioned: 0 Number of lbs. Phil Spencer has put on: A LOT
  • US only? Can't find it here in  Italy :(
  • You're not missing much. It's a proganda piece designed to stir up nostalgia. They break down and interview leads on Voiceover, Animation, Score, and Studio "leaders" with a seemingly censored amount of "positivity". The only passionate interviewees were 3rd parties or subcontractors... & original Bungie team members. The games will play fine but the nostalgia is mostly gone. Microsoft tried with "Cortana" to reignite a similar sentiment, but the Halo franchise is now being treated like something bigger than it is. Xbox is great. Halo is fun. But I see the future of the franchise, and to put it kindly, the future is dissappointing.  
  • Hmmm. Can't find it in Xbox Video... I'm located in Netherlands... This isn't another US only crap thing is it?
  • The single feature Microsoft excels in all its products: being US-only.
  • True. This is really beginning to piss me off.
  • Cheers for the heads up! Will watch it today
  • Not available in Germany? WTF?