Halo 5: Guardians to add Forge map editor sometime in December

Halo 5: Guardians is just a few weeks away from its release on October 27, but players of the upcoming Xbox One shooter will have to wait until sometime in December to get their hands on the game's Forge map editor.

Microsoft and developer 343 Industries will release Forge as a free update to Halo 5, and new features and content to the editor will be added in further updates. A new post on the Halo Waypoint website has a ton of information about how Forge will work in Halo 5. There are far too many details to go over here so here's a look at just the Options feature for the editor

  • 1600+ Objects – Take that in for a minute. Previous iterations of Forge had a couple hundred. Shaun, Randal, and Ryan on our art content team have been crazy busy building LOTS of pieces from primitive shapes, structure parts, accent pieces, detail props, and gameplay objects custom built for Forge. Mix them in with things like the weapons, turrets, and power-ups makes this Forge have pretty much the ultimate building block set you wished you had when you were eight years old. I've been working with our art lead Wade to try and squeeze in a few last assets before we're done; that said we're in pretty great shape.
  • New Object Types – We've added lots of new types of object types to Forge this time; FX emitters, decals, invisible blockers (big community request), chroma screens for machinima makers, objects for building map intros/outros, and yes, even a large adorable whale toy that we love dearly.
  • Projected Terrain Pieces – Our new terrain pieces sample textures from their position on one of our Forge maps which makes them blend in almost seamlessly with the prebuilt terrain of the level when you mix them together. Watching them move around the map for the first time generally breaks people's brains for a few minutes because it looks like voodoo. I don't think it's actually voodoo but instead it's a lot of complex graphics code which might as well be.
  • Unconstrained Objects – We've maintained keeping all of the objects in Forge "map autonomous" meaning any object can be placed on any map thanks to our engines new asset management systems. Now users can experiment and try pretty much any idea on any map. For example if you wanted to you could place a Scorpion tank in the middle of Truth. This doesn't mean you should, but you could.
  • Object Enhancements – Lots of the returning objects have new features and improvements: Dial in the amount of extra clips with weapons. Man-Cannons and Grav Lifts launch distances and heights can be tuned in their properties and show the path where the players will go when used. Teleporters output directions can now be changed it displays which way players come out facing. We have commitment to improving everything Forge, not just the new.

All of Halo 5's Arena/Breakout maps can be used in Forge, and there are three all-new maps (Alpine, Glacier and "Space") that have been made especially for the editor.

Source: Halo Waypoint

  • This should be amazing. Love Forge.
  • Still waiting for Halo on PC since Halo 2... And with all the amazing announcements yesterday, once again throwing money at a console just to play one exclusive when I have a perfectly capable PC is the last of my priorities. MS sadly doesnt understand this.
  • Yeah but at the same time Halo is the reason I went for an Xbox One along with Windows 10 coming to it (I'm looking to develop apps and hate testing in emulators). Plenty people buy the Xbox for Halo. More money for Microsoft. Perhaps Microsoft does understand your situation but believes it stands to make more money keeping it exclusive.
  • 1600+ objects?? Mental.
  • Interesting that it doesn't ship with forge though. I imagine less people use it so it's less of a priority, but still.
  • So you're saying they are deliberately releasing an unfinished game. That makes me worry that they're being rushed and that we will have quality control issues. Please don't be a networking nightmare.
  • How about fixing Halo MCC first. Still takes forever to find players for a match. Why can't they just do it like Call of Duty. It literally just takes like 20 seconds in that game to find a match. With Halo it takes much longer to find a match than the length of the actual match. I'll definitely will hold off on Halo 5 until I know the game actually works.
  • This sounds like it could be better than the campaign.  Wonder if there will be an option to just purchase Multiplayer + Forge.
  • This looks promising, after they had screw up the halo 4 forge with incomplete features, this better be worth the wait.