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Halo 5: Guardians hotfix brings improvements to Warzone Firefight

Halo 5 developer 343 Industries has released a hotfix for the recently released Warzone Firefight content, implementing a number of changes based on player feedback in the weeks since its launch. In addition to these changes, the developers note that the hotfix includes a number of other under the hood adjustments, along with a specific fix for the Tidal Forge canvas.

Here's the full rundown of what's included in the hotfix:


  • Moved "Defend the Garage" objective from Round 1 to Round 2
  • Moved "Defend the Forerunner Powercore" (Hill) objective to Round 3
  • Moved "Eliminate Knight Sublimis and the Phaeton Helmsmen" objective to Round 4
  • Moved "Eliminate the Banshee Raiders" objective to Round 4
  • Moved "Kill 35 Prometheans" objective to Round 3


  • Reduced target number for "Kill Soldiers" objective in Round 2 from 50 to 35
  • Reduced target number for "Kill Knights" objective in Round 4 from 25 to 20


  • Moved "Kill 60 Grunts" objective to Round 3
  • Moved Solder Bandit boss objective to Round 3
  • Moved "Eliminate the Hunter Particulars" objective to round 4
  • Moved "Eliminate the Hunter Premiers" objective to round 3
  • Moved "Eliminate the Warden Eternal" objective to Round 4
  • Moved "Kill 25 Knights" objective to Round 4
  • Reduced number of knight waves that come in with Grunt Boss in Round 5


  • Moved "Defend the Armory" (Promethean) to Round 2
  • Moved "Defend the Armory" (Covenant) to Round 1
  • Moved "Eliminate the Soldier Commandos" objective to Round 4
  • Moved "Eliminate the Phaeton Helmsmen" objective to Round 4
  • Moved "Eliminate the Warden Eternal" objective to Round 3


  • Moved "Defend the Garage" objective to round 4
  • Moved "Eliminate the Recon Pilots" objective to Round 3


  • Fixed issues with "generating lighting" on Tidal.

It's good to see the developers are continuing to listen closely to player feedback and adjusting things accordingly. You should be able to see the effects of the hotfix now if you fire up the Warzone Firefight content for Halo 5.

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  • Continued support from 343 is excellent!
  • Thank God! Eliminate Warden Eternal round 3 on Raid on Apex 7 was impossible.
  • Yes it was I complained so hard about it
  • Halo 5 has already become my most played halo game ever. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And my least, how different we all are :)
  • Awesome. Now we can all fail in Round 5 instead of Round 3. Joking aside, although Warzone Firefight is pretty tough, it's a nice addition to what's already the best multiplayer FPS out there.
  • You clearly have some sketchy taste. I hear your uncle is a better player than you, and he's dead!
  • Wish req. refreshed faster.
  • Those are very good news but still some more improvements are needed besides moving bosses from one round to another. They need to somehow balance the re-spawn time increase at least in rounds 4 and 5. 5 seconds less on each of those rounds sounds fair to me. And I hope those " under the hood" fixes include the spawn of a mob of crawlers or jackals around a req station when you're  actually in the middle of a requisition.
  • LOL. Req Mob spawn happened to me too.
  • This is good news
  • Got Halo 5 in the Ultimate Game Sale - hooked! I love warzone. bit old and dim, so the req cards have been a bit confusing.
    I guess teamwork is the key in the hardest rounds. 2 fully manned scorpions did the trick last time I tried. only works outside I guess though!
  • Thank goodness. They've hit pretty much on everything that I noticed.
  • No omfg 343 fixed nothing. Yes they "moved" certain objectives which is great and all (oh btw round 1 had to defend armory across map with knight marshalls attacking) thye haven't fixed the incredibly attrocious spawm timers. They havent fixed the glitch where reqs "retrieve data" They haven't fixed the random banhammers u get when u dont leave a match. They haven't fixed the ****** warzone firefight spawns either. They need to step the **** up