Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary launches on PC

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (Image credit: 343 Industries)

What you need to know

  • Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary has officially released on Steam, the Windows 10 Store, and for Xbox Game Pass on PC.
  • The game costs $10 standalone, but is also included in every purchase of the full Master Chief Collection.
  • The game includes Campaign, Matchmaking, and Custom Games, just as the original game did.

Halo developer 343 Industries has released Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary on PC through Steam, the Windows 10 Store, and through Xbox Game Pass for PC. The game costs $10 by itself, although you'll get it automatically if you buy or have bought the full Master Chief Collection bundle.

The game includes the same content that the original game for the Xbox 360 did, including a remastered Campaign that overhauls and modernizes Halo: Combat Evolved's visuals as well as Matchmaking multiplayer and Custom Games. There's a new progression system as well which makes use of the Master Chief Collection's season system. You earn experience by playing the game, and each level up gives you a point you can use to unlock the next item in the season pass (which is free to access).

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is available for $10 on Steam and the Windows 10 Store. The full Master Chief Collection is available on the same platforms for $40.

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