Halo Recruit coming to Windows Mixed Reality Oct. 17

Games will form the biggest chunk of content on Windows Mixed Reality, at least in the near-term, and to supplement that, Microsoft has enlisted Valve's SteamVR platform to help bolster its Mixed Reality library. That doesn't mean Microsoft isn't working on its own titles for Mixed Reality, though.

Working with Halo stewards 343 Industries, Microsoft Studios Corporate Vice President Bonnie Ross announced Halo Recruit at an event in San Francisco.

Halo Recruit sounds more like a VR "experience" rather than a full game, but it should serve as an interesting introduction to Mixed Reality for Halo fans picking up headsets this holiday season.

In a blog post on Microsoft's website, HoloLens inventor and Operating Systems Group Technical Fellow Alex Kipman shared some brief details about Halo Recruit.

As we shared a few weeks back, we are working with an incredible set of partners to bring the most immersive experiences to the Windows Store. We also let everyone know that we were working with the team at 343 Industries to bring future Halo experiences into mixed reality. Starting on October 17th, Halo fans will be able to get their first glimpse for what mixed reality and Halo can feel like. Bonnie Ross, Head of 343 Industries, joined us as a holographic presenter to share details about Halo Recruit, a fun, brief introduction into the world of Halo – where you'll see several iconic characters in mixed reality for the very first time.

It sounds like it could be a while before we get anything approaching a "full" Halo VR game from Microsoft, but if the company is truly all-in, perhaps Halo 6 will have some form of VR play.

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Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • After recent developements with MS. I will purchase an Xbox One X when Halo VR is fully functional and not until then. My faith in anything MS says or demos is a bit shaky. Oculus and the Vive are pretty much the front runners here....and no Im not a troll. I am a MS fan tired of getting burned by investing in a company that lacks focus and vision when it comes to consumers. 
  • I'm with you 100%.
  • This is not the same as Groove to me, but I feel ya
  • I like anything Halo, I hope Xbox X somehow manages to incorporate VR or MR!
  • Will this work with the Hololens? It's supposedly the same Mixed Reality Platform and idk if I want to buy a mixed reality headset just yet.
  • >> and that means Xbox, too Are you sure? We have no solid info on MR for Xbox.
  • If MS really wants this to succeed, they have to do one simple thing: Make an AR visor that looks like the Master Chief helmet.  They. Will. Sell. Millions.
  • That would have fallen under merchandising under the now defunct Xbox entertainment studios via IP licensing from 343, in the legal sense.
  • If they wanted to, they could make it happen.  In a few years, I'm sure a finished prototype will make the rounds showing what could have been.  Just like all the other things they invested millions of R&D in, then decided to yank the plug...