Microsoft outlines its plans for Windows Mixed Reality

HoloLens inventor and Operating Systems Group Technical Fellow Alex Kipman took to the Microsoft blog to discuss today's announcements and make clear signals that Microsoft is all-in on Mixed Reality.

Kipman detailed a new headset from Samsung, dubbed the HMD Odyssey, the coming of SteamVR to Windows Mixed Reality this holiday season, the acquisition of leading VR social platform AltspaceVR, and the arrival of Halo: Recruit, a VR experience for Halo fans coming on October 17, the same day the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is expected to arrive.

Microsoft also announced that all coming Windows Mixed Reality headsets, from Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and now Samsung are all available for preorder.

Windows Mixed Reality headsets combine holographic windows in a virtual space.

Windows Mixed Reality headsets combine holographic windows in a virtual space.

In his blog post, Kipman stated that Mixed Reality is the "next revolution in computing," with the aim of eroding the barrier between the physical and digital worlds:

We are standing at the threshold of the next revolution in computing. A revolution where computers empower us to expand our capabilities and transcend time, space and devices. A revolution where we immerse ourselves in virtual worlds of our choosing and we accomplish seemingly impossible things, while making lasting memories with the people we love.Our sense of what is possible is set to be transformed as we enter a new era of computing, the era of mixed reality. We have started to see this transformation take place in the modern workplace and soon we'll see it in every facet of life. With mixed reality, our ideas move beyond the boundaries of paper, beyond the boundaries of screens, and beyond the boundaries of description. This is the fundamental promise of mixed reality. The barrier that exists between our physical and digital worlds will disappear.

Kipman didn't say today's headsets would lead to this revolution, instead noting that the company intends to "evolve" today's devices and that Redmond will approach Mixed Reality in a holistic way:

We believe we will have to evolve today's devices and experiences to deliver on the promise of mixed reality. Since we introduced the world to mixed reality we have been committed to approaching this revolution in a patient, meaningful and holistic way. To achieve that we continue to:

  • Embrace the entire continuum from augmented reality to virtual reality and everywhere in between.
  • Build cutting edge devices and the technologies that power them, such as HoloLens.
  • Create a unified platform for applications and the services to target.

With Windows we are delivering the only OS designed for the broadest range of inputs from traditional inputs like keyboards and mice, touch and ink, gamepads and our new industry defining motion controllers to now more natural human inputs such as gaze, voice and gestures.

It certainly seems like Microsoft is giving Windows Mixed Reality its full backing rather than the half-hearted approach we've seen the company undertake with other products. The technology that powers these experiences is truly incredible, but Microsoft is already facing an uphill climb against Apple's ARKit, which is already seeing widespread developer adoption in the AR space, and existing VR ecosystems in the gaming space.

For more information on today's announcements, see the links below.

Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • Sorry, I think they lie. By 2020 all of these will become abandonware, both hardware and software. Just see how energetic WP, hardware and other services releases were, and their state today. I hope I'm wrong, but facts speak.
  • Agreed.  I want VR, but only a fool would trust Microsoft.  The Vive or Oculus are the only reliable investments right now.  No reason to gamble more dollars on a Nadella offering.
  • First two comments are troll comments. You know a site has finally hit the big time when there are more trolls than fans.
  • The "trolls" are old Microsoft enthusiats with old phones, bands, and Groove subscriptions that are tired of backing a company with one hand on the kill switch.  Keeping looking, there will be way more than two.  
  • @infosage, some people are Microsoft enthusiasts. But many are not. I also recall many of these "Microsoft enthusiasts" complaining when Microsoft would get into services such as music streaming, claiming that Microsoft had lost their way, straying from their core products, putting resources into features and products that do not support their primary goals. How many times do we read comments where people are complaining about Windows not having feature X that is in the competition's OS, and Microsoft should not be wasting resources on some other product? And now when Microsoft takes down a distraction, a product that did not have a large marketshare, some Microsoft faithful are questioning, but many trolls are out in force - ignoring how their favorite companies do the same exact thing, but claiming that Microsoft is failing. iPhone sales look like they are down, for the first time Apple is refusing to comment on iPhone sales. Apple is not failing, but it does look like they are not doing as well as they have in the past. How many of these comments are trying to distract from that, and make it look like Microsoft is "failing" for shutting down a service that relatively few used. Edit: Look back a month or two ago. Microsoft created Paint 3D and then announced they were removing MSPaint from default installs, moving it to the store. That was enough reason for to declare Microsoft a failure. People like you are just looking for, creating reasons to declare Microsoft a failure. And the only thing that is failing is these old attacks.
  • The new iPhone hasn't been released yet. If they don't give numbers then, you would have a point. It is too early right now to make that claim.
  • @bleached - the new iPhone hasn't been released yet? The guy sitting in the office next to mine has an iPhone 8. I got email from AT&T telling me that they are now in stock and ready to buy. There were articles last week ago about how only 2 people were waiting in line at some Apple stores. There was an article on a prominent Apple fansite telling us how the first week with the iPhone 8 went. There were articles and comments from people who are having battery drain issues. There was a point release of iOS11 to fix bugs with the iPhone 8.   But they haven't released the new phone yet?
  • Nope. That is the old style iPhone. The new iPhone comes out in November or something. If current sales are low it is possibly due to people waiting for it.
  • So Apple is decieving customers by releasing a new phone, calling it a new phone, raising the price over the old phone, but it isn't a new phone because you don't want to accept criticisms over it? And if the design is what decides if a phone is new or not, then this is the 4th year that Apple has not had a new phone to sell. Shame on you Apple for deceiving your customers this way. Now new phone in that long of time, I am starting to doubt Apple's ability to ship something, to support their customers. Be afraid, be very afraid. It just means they are about to collapse. YOU CAN'T TRUST APPLE!!!  AHHHHH!! RUN AWAY! RUN FAR AWAY FROM THEM!!!! (and a bunch of other, fake, generated FUD). You are speaking like the true Apple fanboy, where even releasing a new product is not a new product, just to defend the collective.
  • They didn't deceive anyone. They announced both phones at the same time and put out firm dates for release. I just pointed out that your argument is flawed since only the old school phone has been available. I am no Apple fan, but I bet you will eat your words when they immediately sell 20+ million $1000 phones.
  • Dude you should check on sources... The iPhone 8 is available already. The iPhone X is coming in November.
  • Dude, that is A NEW IPhone, lol. But Ik what you're saying... the new, all screen X is coming in a few weeks or so.
  • iPhone 8 is the same old school design they have had for years. It isn't the new iPhone. If sales are slow now, that is probably an indication that people are waiting for the new one. Weirdly, Apple is probably excited if sales are currently slow.
  • You're not supposed to "back" a company, you're supposed to use from whatever company whatever you like most from them. Of course Groove's discontinuation is disappointing to subscribers but it could have been much worse, you are getting ample notice and a direct and easy path forward with the industry leading competition. There is no point in going "all-in" with a single company in my opinion. I assure you if you decide to go all in on Apple or Google expecting not to ever get burnt you will be in for a disappointment.
  • Have you USED the Spotify app? An awful desktop conversion or on mobile a pretty much broken mobile app. A direct and easy path it is most certainly not.
  • Spotify on desktop isn't the best, prettiest or fastest program out there, I'll give you that, but it works well enough and is reasonably performant. I've never had any major issues with it. As far as the mobile application on Windows Phone is concerned, I will give you that, no "but's" this time, though if you are still using Windows Phone I'd say it's high time to move on. Still, dicounting the quality of the WP application, the path forward is easy and direct as it can get. You definitely have all the right to feel frustrated and disappointed, even angry, at Microsoft, I'm not disputing that. What I don't get is the lack of ability to move on that some people feel the need to express everywhere and distract from actual discussion. Without directing this at you specifically, just move on, that's the best for everyone. And if you feel you don't want to trust Microsoft anymore, then fine, by all means act in consequence but still do move on.
  • Nowhere comparable to move on to. With phone, band, Zune/groove, media centre etc. The alternatives are a pale shadow. So, hang on and gripe is all there is to do now. Consider this place to be increasingly an expats club and you'll get the idea.
  • Well, my opinion is that times change and if you don't adapt to the times at least a bit, then you get left behind. I was a happy Windows Phone user for three years, I really enjoyed it, but then I recognized it was time to move on and I never regretted it. I'm young and still flexible, I'm not going to self-impose suffering by refusing to move on when I no longer consider it viable to keep hanging on. But to each their own, I guess. Best of luck to you and I hope you will find alternatives that you consider good enough.
  • Personally, my back up plan is to grab a (full, not RT) Windows tablet either with 4G or a dumb phone to tether. I've dropped the idea of a media centre using a PC tuner for now, and am using a dumb PVR for that. Music I'm struggling with right now, but will likely just move back to CDs and an MP3 player if I can't find an equivalent alternate service with an equivalent quality of app. Band? No option at all. My wrist is going commando. These are all plan Bs though. I'll stick with what works and works well until MS pulls the rug from under me. They do love doing that though. And increasingly.
  • You're not suggesting the criticism isn't justified, are you?
  • Not sure if you're addressing me (unfortunately this site's layout doesn't make that very clear) but in case you are: Well, it depends, I think the discontinuation of Groove is probably entirely logical from Microsoft's perspective, even if bad news for subscribers, and there is certainly nothing to criticize about their assistance in allowing people to move on to the industry-leading competitor and in letting them get a refund. However, if we're talking about Microsoft's mobile strategy in general, then of course there is plenty to criticize, Microsoft did many, many things wrong - and probably still does, if only their lack of direct communication (now, between the lines, they've been making it clear that it has no future for quite some time now).
  • So they are just butthurt fanboys who own a Windows Phone and subsription to Groove? I don't know why you expect a company to continually be in the red just so you can enjoy niche products and services.
  • In the UK (and I'm told in many other countries) MS phones were not niche until MS actively made them that way.
  • indeed. Microsoft has to appear to be involved in modern computing because it has share holders. I'm sure they would actually be better of if it just focused on patent receipts and got out of software and  devices altogether. 
  • I am a fan that is my problem, HTC7,Lumia 920, Lumia 950, all versions of  Xbox, various PC's and versions of Surface, Band, Zune etc. MS has literally been on a soul crushing bender lately destroying the consumer products and services I enjoy and have built my didigtal life around. I 100% do not trust MS in any way shape or form to produce and market and support ANY consumer related product anymore.
  • That's right we don't need a third eco system. When i'm outside I'm going to reach out for my PC and say " hey cortana, where's the closest starbucks?" there goes the usage share of cortana down some drain.  It's only after he kills office that they'll realize, he was in deep cover for the competition.
  • I'm a fan but almost 2 years ago I went to iPhone and I like it, a lot. I miss some things from my wp but I had to move on! I'm a long time Groove Pass subscriber and I'm thankful they're giving us a heads up about the change. I still use outlook, onedrive, office, windows 10, and of course my XBOX!
  • Why would you trust Vive or Occulus? I don't see them fairing any better, probably worse actually. Maybe Occulus since it has Facebook behind it.
  • Why would you trust in the Vive but not Mixed Reality headsets? These headsets will be able to run anything the Vive can.
  • The Vive is more expensive than everything else out there and it's basicaly a dead-end product.  Oculus hasn't sold hardly anything and isn't really doing all that well.  Both of these devices are not selling at all, difficult to set-up for most people and failing to take on Sony's VR, which is basically mid-end VR at best.  The VR devices from Microsoft are compatible with steam and wireless comes out next year for Xbox.   So, yeah you are a moron and YES I really believe that to be true.  That's not just an emotional response. 
  • It's clear you don't own a VR headset, so I could easily jump to the same moronic conclusion about your comment!
  • Whilst I don't own a VR headset, you are correct in that, the rest of your post makes no sense. I've not tried to sell you anything, so how could you jump to the conclusion that I'm not really backing my non-existent product? Makes no sense.
  • I absolutely agree. I really want to buy into MS MR but we've been here before and had similar promises made about just how committed MS are. Though we want to believe them, in our heart of hearts we kinda know they're not really committed don't we? I think we do. That message has been rammed home pretty hard time and again. I think if we were to fall for this (and being a pathetic fan I may still...) when it all goes to hell further down the track MS can reasonably just say 'Well, you know how we do things by now, we did make it very clear, you knew what you were getting in to when you handed over the cash yet again'. It's sad because it's not how I want things to be, but to say otherwise would just sound incredibly stupid at this point.
  • yep.   
  • Especially when you consider the impracticalities of these headsets, bulky and always tethered to a PC. With so many people doing their primary computing on a smartphone thats a huge market that wont be buying into this and we all know what happens to Microsoft products with small markets.... And ultimately yes, you cant trust Microsoft.
  • @theefman, it is obvious you haven't tried a Hololens or Mixed reality device. I have tried ARKit apps on my work provided iPhone, and develop apps for Hololens/Mixed Reality devices. The difference between the two is night and day. There are no similarities between them at all. ARKit is like the Yugo to a race car. Microsoft had ARKit quality years ago, and they have moved past that. And, of course, you convieniently forget all those criticisms of Microsoft that you are now claiming will be a success for phone based devices. How about that gorilla arm that everyone would be suffering from after the occasional reach and touch of a Windows laptop screen. But holding a phone at arms length for hours on end will be completely comfortable, no strain on your arms, and have no problem at all. All of this is just opportunistic attacks. Using something small and blowing it up to make your usual attacks, while ignoring when other companies do the same. Otherwise, you wouldn't trust Google/Apple with all the products that they have cancelled. Instead, you are promoting those companies, and this is nothing different than what you have done for years.
  • You know, you might actually have valid points but are unable to articulate them because all your responses are clouded by the view that Microsoft is infallilbe and all their products are perfect. First, i never claimed ArKit was better. I said smartphone users are a market MR headsets are not appealing to and is going to be a factor in adoption. Yes, smartphone based AR/MR may/will lead to hand/arm fatigue but so will wearing a headset that obscures your vision and isolates you completely for hours. Yes headsets have the advantage of immersion, but smartphones have the advantage of mobility. Rather than blindly promote the Microsoft solution maybe you should see the pros and cons in both. Second, I never claimed ARKit will be a success, again i mentioned thats a market that headsets dont address. Third, I never promoted anyone, just used a comparison with smartphone AR which WILL be a competitor no matter how hard fanboys protest otherwise. And no, I havent tried a VR/AR?Mr headset and you know why? Because its uninteresting to me in its current iteration, unweildy, tethered and requiring a decent PC. And those are some of the obstacles that need to be overcome before this becomes the miracle you seem to believe it to be. Seriously, take a break. Go outside, smell the flowers, relax. The best you will get from all this Microsoft evangelising is a free headset but that doesnt mean you have to go around trying to shut down other people's opinions. And face it, you're not going to be able to force the world to love Microsoft from the pages of WinCentral no matter how hard you try.
  • Windows phone 7.5 was much better than ios, much more efficient. windows rt was better than ios , much more efficient. And nowi feel burnt. Ouch! Can't put my hand back in the Microsoft fire. 
  • ARKit is quite likely to become a success, however it covers different uses cases than those these headsets are for, which of course gets conveniently overlooked when pushing the narrative that "Windows is dead because WP was unsuccesful and I STILL could not get over that and absolutely all future tech innovation will come from phones or run on phones and thus MS is doomed / I want it to be doomed because they hurt me". (Not saying the arguments on their own are invalid, or that anyone presenting them is a hurt WP fan, but I've seen them carried primarily by frustration very often.) Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the future of Windows is safe for all times, and that Microsoft isn't at a significant disadvantage for losing mobile. But the narrative pushed around here is often largely based on frustration and hard feelings rather than appropriate extrapolation. Back to AR: There is a place for both Apple's/Google's solution and Microsoft's MR headsets, even if the former is likely to see more widespread adoption, that does not negate the potential market for this, just as smartphones and the fact that there are more of them than laptops does not mean there is not a market and use cases for laptops. They are different experiences of different quality with different use cases. Though of course, we will see if Apple or Google release dedicated AR/VR headsets in the future, how the market is then and what will happen. Nothing is certain - including Microsoft's future success and its Mixed Reality efforts, of course.
  • I hat to say that but it's true
  • As always, everything they say sounds pretty, but they always leave us with a lot to be desired. No reason to gamble on Microsoft anymore.
  • We've seen Microsoft give a new product full backing before and we all know how that turned out. Not buying it.
  • Oops. Just posted a similar thing after missing yours. Nutella may think killing off Windows Phone, Groove, etc means nothing beyond those who used them, but almost every person I talk to that is heavy into iOS and Android makes reference to buying anything under modern Microsoft is more like Do a ting your money and most likely will just by a loss. Kudos.
  • Yeah like Office, Xbox, Outlook, Surface, Windows... I get they canceled your phone & zune & band & groove & whatever else but they have plenty of other products that have stood the test of time thusfar. That being said, I think AR/VR is a giant flop of a product that can't die quick enough, but I know I'm in the minority on that one.
  • what are  you talking about. lol they have shut down the app  store now too.  giving up on books and movies  tv  shows.  ok now have go start my software company and hardwell   now. 
  • What are you talking about?!?!? LMAO. For everything you name, you can name something he has killed off that people have invested in. And all the things you mentioned use to be sure things as Microsoft staples. Under this clown, no one would be overly shocked if he canned any of them now. You are in denial.
  • I actually don't care enough to be in denial, just saying that cancelling Groove music isn't in the same universe as cancelling Office or something like that. The user base of Groove or windows phones were infinitesimal to begin with. Maybe they'll cancel this mixed reality crap too, but it won't really affect me since I don't plan on investing in it.
  • Just skip to the part where Nutella kills it off after you invest $850.
  • I am a huge backer of all things MS....I just cancelled my XboxOneX preorder.  I am on a 950xl....still love windows mobile, but unless they announce something in the next 6 months, I'll have to cringe and get an iphone. all who read this....DONT TRUST MICROSOFT!
  • I went just iPhone for a few reasons; Nadella, I don't trust Google with my data, Apple doesn't just quit (I know things like iTunes won't disappear from under me), and they have a real PC alternative in the MacBook. 
  • Nope they won't quit as long as people keep buying their insanely overpriced and aged products. Enjoy your purchase though!
  • Stupid is as stupid does I guess.
  • "all coming Windows Mixed Reality headsets... ...are all available for preorder"   Not around here they aren't! Yet another US-only offering from MS, sigh!
  • I'm not really seeing any new or compelling information here. This is basically a rehash of what they've already said at two or more events earlier this year. Maybe they're just trying to keep the drumbeat going in hopes of raising awareness. But they need some kind of call to action, (e.g. "Go out to any Best Buy or Microsoft store starting tomorrow and try this out for yourself").  
  • You can find out more about how to pre-order your Mixed Reality headsets here:
  • WOW! These comments pretty much speaks to how MS is viewed by its own fans. I am a MS fan, but here lately not so much. I will have a wait and see approach and will not get burned again. I invested in the MS ecosystem and am now feeling the pain from that investment. So I really dont care how prettied up MS makes their demo' moto is proceed with caution...invest in supported (long term) technologies. The ARKit and what Apple is doing seems to be exploding. I cant believe I just typed that. Never thought I would see the day when I would promote Apple tech on my Windows Central site, but this is where we are today... :(  
  • ARKit and these headsets are going to have quite different use cases. Nothing is stopping you from using both if that makes sense for you personally. No point in sticking to one single company for products and services either - not to mention it's not possible with MS anyway - so if you think Apple has a compelling product, by all means go for it. Some people seem to have a problem with that and think that because one ecosystem provider cancels a product they need to stomp on the ground and angrily switch everything to another (from following one herd to another, I guess) but I don't get it. I prefer to get from each company what I think they do best, and I think that's the wisest way to act. I use and enjoy Windows 10, Office (though I do get it for free from my university), OneDrive, and my Surface Pro 3, but also Google, Android, LineageOS, my OnePlus phone, Spotify, Netflix and others (I used to buy music from iTunes before subscribing to Spotify). I do find all the hysteria around Groove Music funny. I mean, subscribers aren't even losing any money from that and people have plenty of time to migrate their music collection. This said, it's good and wise that you proceed with caution of course.
  • Microsoft 'knows' it doesn't need fans. And in my opinion the world doesn't need these Microsoft orientated websites. They just Echo Chamber the ex fans keeping the distaste alive.  I have a friend who hates / distrusts Microsoft from the earlier Windows Mobile disaster c2010. Now I know what he meant!   
  • Did they highlight any low cost PCs or tablets that work with Windows Mixed Reality? Seems like they forgot half of the equation of what is needed to sell these things. I checked the MS Store website and all I see are a bunch of giant ugly expensive old PCs that are "VR Compatible." How could they forget to talk about the new modern PCs that could power Windows Mixed Reality? Would something like the Acer Switch 7 Black Edition work with Windows Mixed Reality or is the GPU too low end? Also their product vision video for this leaves a lot to be desired. Beyond playing ugly Minecraft on a giant display and watching people dance in 360 videos what exactly can you do with Windows Mixed Reality? Pathetic sizzle video. Microsoft needs to get it's act together fast.   The VR push for Windows 10 and Xbox One X should've been unified. Imagine if all the VR games and hardware you bought for Xbox One X or PC were all Xbox Play Anywhere and shared everything between Xbox One and Windows app store. How about a subscription VR plan so that you could try out all the VR demos and experiences on Xbox or PC without having to take a risk? If they had actually built the Mixed Reality spec and Xbox One X around Thunderbolt 3 they could've made all of these headsets a 1 wire connection to PC/Xbox instead of two connections. I don't understand either the point of announcing a $50-more higher end product for November ahead of the release of all the other devices in October. They're undermining the launch of all of their partners products. 
  • windows_mixed_reality_minimum_pc_hardware_compatibility_guidelines It takes some decent hardware to be compatible. A laptop will be to be fairly new or beefy to work.
  • The specs needed to run Mixed reality are listed here: Here is a list of the current VR-ready PCs:  
  • Xbox should have been the key. I bet almost all Xbox usage is seated in a comfy sofa/chair and donning a VR headset would make sense in that scenario and make for more immersion in games. Would have more impact than promoting Word and Excel as use cases.
  • VR is coming to Xbox, however they said they want to wait for a wireless headset.
  • Ah, MS with their always impecible timing... kill off one product, undermining trust and angering fans, and then announce their next big bet a day later right when trust is at an all time low.  Brilliant.  Could they not have waited to kill off Groove some time next year after the One X and VR headsets arrived?  
  • More big words and dreamy statements for products that Shatya Nutella will likely order to be killed off before they ever hit their stride.  
  • 1 year from now: Microsoft kills the Mixed Reality thing to focus on Full Reality stuff
  • Sorry - not buying the MS BS anymore!
  • So many butthurt fanboys in this thread all because of Groove Music? Get over it already. No wonder nobody takes you guys seriously.
  • Nope, it's about Groove, W10M, WP, Band, Zune, OneDrive storage, Kinect, Xbox DVR.... All broken promises, so people are wary when the latest flashy event comes along promising the earth.
  • Good list.  Don't forget the Cortana speakers... oh wait that died before it ever got a start.  :(   And spot on, it's not just about Groove, that was just kinda the perverbial straw that broke the camels back.  
  • they burned us in so many ways, it's hard to be excited by any product they come out with.
  • Don't forget WinRT! Let's put out a device where you only use the app store and then not put anyting in the app store!
  • Nope it's about Groove. All that other stuff was already gone so don't believe you or anyone else whining on here anymore.
  • ...
  • Oh look another cool consumer product that MS will not support after release and cancel way before I've got my money's worth. Sorry MS no more new consumers products purchased by me until you show me long term support, proper marketing and fleshed out idea's  
  • Amen
  • I have lost all faith in MS. I used to be a fan, but I can't follow them down this path of abandoned ventures anymore.
  • Obviously others as I do no longer trust Microsoft to deliver anything but core products without folding 3 or 4+ years down the line. The list speaks for itself and its damning... however I do not necessarily see this as the case for Mixed reality after all within the same timeline I think they hit paydirt on both the Surface and Cloud products and no reason to believe this will not also be a success mainly as its heart is within the core i.e. Windows. So lets ride the roller coaster but this time get off before Microsoft throws you off.
  • Ya'll are really down right now.. I get it... but really these VR headsets are pretty cool.  Go check out Zac's hands-on posted earlier today.   The truth will be in the puddin now. Does MS release these, and then just sit on their butts like they've been doing with so many other things, or do they smash the pedal to the floor and push their advantage?  Need to see these released, and then aggresively updated non-stop with new content and features.  And they need to release a wireless version for the XBOX next year.  If that happens, then maybe this has a chance to be something big. 
  • People are forgetting this will come with Steam VR support either way. It doesn't matter if Windows Holographic is killed off down the line, though I highly doubt it. As a back up you will be able to just move over to steams platform with ease. It's sad to say it but in the VR/MR market the better tech will win and as long as MS make it easy to use that tech, like with Grove to Spotify then I will happily buy a headset.
  • Your comment feels like IBM in OS/2 days. They put 'Win16' (or whatever it was called then) compatibility as the feature No.1. I am sorry, but who buys platform if its main feature is compatibility with another platform? Why not go for the real thing in that case?
  • Don't forget when Blackberry decided to make BB10 capable of "running" Android apps
  • I've been a big MS fan for a long time. But I trust MS about as far as I can throw them. With that said, what difference does it make anyway? I've had PC upon PC that became useless as it became outdated and would no longer run the software I wanted. So I just got a new one. I had a zune and used it after it was no longer supported until I replaced it with a smartphone. My L950xl is on its last legs. It served me well since launch day but I just bought a Samsung s8 to replace it. So what? Things change and you need to change with the times. VR headsets are the cutting edge. I'm gonna wait until one rises above the rest in quality. Then, maybe I'll buy it. If I do I'd expect something better to be out in a year or so, so I don't consider this or any other electronic purchase any type of investment. It's just a tool. Use it until it no longer serves it's purpose then just get something else. If MS makes a killer VR headset then I'll buy it. But it's gonna have to be the best in my price range or some other lucky company will get my hard earned $$.
  • still very disappointed in Microsoft's abandonment of a smartphone OS. I have a feeling that today's smartphone form factor will be around for a long, long time. Wasn't mobile and the Cloud the end goal? I'm not going to iOS or Droid.....hello-flip phone. I like the easy sync of Windows 10 M with Office apps, One Note, etc on my Lumia 735, my Alcatel One Touch and my PC. Very simply, It Works. It's a doggone shame that those at the decision making level ignore the people who like their products. They didn't have to "compete" with Droid & iOS. I believe that a decent Windows Phone would gain more market share that they need to justify the trouble. And just think about all of the happy customers. And by the way, if you don't like Windows 10 M OS....or some similiar version, don't buy it. But at least give those of us who like the platform what we want.
  • All those things would sync fine with Android and iPhone as well and probably much better in future as Windows Mobile dies.
  • Hey Microsoft--go jump in a lake.
  • We already have Oculus and PSVR. ¿Why a third option?
  • Fourth option, actually. You forgot Vive. 
  • Vive and Oculus are going to eventually merge into the WMR platform. They are already Windows based, and WMR unifies it all. Along with Steam VR being folded in it's all done. Vive and Oculus were prototypes, next versions need IsO tracking