Halo Infinite isn't fully open world, but you can explore previous areas

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

What you need to know

  • Halo Infinite Associate Creative Director Paul Crocker recently shed some light on Halo Infinite's world design.
  • His comments indicate that Halo Infinite isn't a full open world, but rather a world that is slowly unlocked as players progresses through the story.
  • Players will be able to explore previous areas freely to search for upgrades and other secrets.

In a recent interview with Destructoid, Associate Creative Director on Halo Infinite Paul Crocker revealed some new information about the game's world structure. Specifically, he noted that Halo Infinite isn't a full open world game, but rather a game where the world is slowly unlocked as players progress through the story. Then, players will have the freedom to go back to previous areas and explore them thoroughly. Based on previous comments made by 343 Industries developers, players will be able to find upgrades for the pieces of equipment they can use in combat along with other secrets.

"The simple answer is that it takes place in a huge world that is open and expansive," Crocker said in response to an inquiry about Halo Infinite's world structure. "We have a storyline that pulls you through it, which is effectively unlocking certain areas. But, as you progress through it, you have the ability to backtrack and explore to your heart's content. There is a lot to find out in the world."

Halo Infinite

Source: 343 Industries (Image credit: Source: 343 Industries)

This news comes following speculation from fans that Halo Infinite was an open world game due to what was seen in the official Halo Infinite gameplay reveal. It's great to get some more information on what Halo Infinite's structuring will be like — and even though it's not a full open world, this new direction is nevertheless one of the boldest and most exciting that Halo has ever gone in.

Halo Infinite is expected to launch on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PCs during the Holiday 2020 season. For more on the game, make sure you catch our article on five things you may have missed from the gameplay reveal. If you're itching to play some Halo right now, though, we recommend Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Halo 3: ODST is set to begin testing on PC soon, so the future is bright.

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What did you think of the Halo Infinite gameplay reveal? Let us know. Halo Infinite is expected to launch during Holiday 2020 for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PCs.

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  • What I exoected based on the map, but seemingly not what the Halo community wanted. Hopefully people understand that to have a cohesive story that follows a linear path, that consessions have to be made.
  • I'm honestly 100% okay with this direction, and even in favor of it. I think it will help make the transition from the traditional "video game level" design Halo has always had to something so new for the series (open world-style exploration) less jarring. Plus, as you said, it will be good for the narrative as well.
  • The first thing that came to mind when rumors of a open world or more open spaces within this Halo game was Gears 5. The open sections in that game are likely to be quite similar to this, I just hope there is more to do in them than in Gears 5.
  • They were non combat areas though. From the Gameplay demo of Halo Infinite that's clearly not the case. Infinite has much more going on in those big expansive areas based on that demo gameplay. Gears 5 is literally down time between missions. And just allows you some choice.
  • BR or bust.
  • "Players will be able to explore previous areas freely to search for upgrades and other secrets." This sounds awful. The more they reveal about Infinite the more convinced I am it will be the worst Halo game ever made. Pretty disappointing that, instead of building on the superb campaign of Halo 4 and the phenomenal gameplay of Halo 5, they're turning Infinite into this garbage. The campaign should be tight, focused, and linear; instead, they're trying to force feed in pseudo-open world / RPG garbage like 'exploration and upgrades', and they're dragging the gameplay back two generations back by removing everything that Halo 5 did right only to give us precisely what Halo 3 did wrong: equipment. Toss in F2P, the embarrassing graphics for the "world's most powerful console", the insulting time jump of the story, and this is starting to look like a disaster, especially considering it's been a half a decade since Halo 5 came out. Yikes.
  • [language removed] This is exactly the right direction towards accepting whatever the Halo community ever wanted after the disastrous Halo 5 campaign. It’s cringeworthy how the fake haters are now spinning the 120fps F2P multiplayer thing into something bad granted the demo doesn’t have show any signs of ray tracing (though it will be decade long platform so there’s still lot of time) but the game mechanics and AI looks very promising. I’m really looking forward to one of the only next gen 120fps multiplayer console shooter. https://youtu.be/MXLcaGNp8GY
  • Unfortunately your in the minority of Halo fans. Halo community consider 3 the best game on the Series. And they actually asked for equip drops to return.
  • Sounds like Halo meets Metroid? If they fix the graphical issues I am totally happy with this.
  • Sounds exactly what was expected. Campaign pulls you through. And the game opens up more. This sounds perfect. You keep the narrative storytelling Halo is known for and give the player more freedom as the gane progresses. Can't wait for this.
  • Sort of like the newest Tomb Raider series. I was a big fan of those. Open enough to explore, but enough of a story and direction to keep you moving.
  • Let's hope it's more Tomb Raider and less Crackdown though.
  • If this is something in the idea of how Borderlands 3 has their worlds separated and revealed as you go through the game.....I'm VERY good with that. A completely open world for Halo would seem to pull away from the story. Keeping it more linear, yet open feels like the perfect balance.