Halo Infinite to reward exploration and prominently feature 'natural landscapes'

Halo: Infinite is an upcoming first-person shooter from 343 Industries. In its teaser trailer, the developer promised open environments and a renewed focus on the Master Chief. However, as the months go by, new details emerge. Lately, the studio has been discussing the world you'll get to explore in the game. During a recent live stream, the team stated it wanted to revive that sense of wonder that became a defining factor of Halo: Combat Evolved. The hosts went on to state that exploration played an important part in the game. 

Frank O'Connor, Halo's franchise director, has offered further teasers on Twitter in exchange for virtual corn dogs it seems. When asked to provide some information about the upcoming title, he further expanded its promise for exploration, stating "natural landscapes will feature prominently." However, given the whimsical nature of the comments, we should probably focus on the information presented during the livestream.

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Current teasers suggest Halo Infinite will explore the Zeta Halo ring, from its mountainous regions to the ocean depths. It'll be interesting to see how this fits into the narrative, following the events of 2015's Halo 5: Guardians.

Now that the technology exists — especially with the Xbox One X — 343 Industries can make it happen. However, only time will tell if these ambitions are realized. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more about the game. Maybe E3 2019 will bring us a release date. Many expect this game to be a launch title for the next-generation Xbox console.

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  • Asher, not it isn't. This tweet is about a stupid xmas card which the changed the background from the E3 trailer to snow. Stop reading into it. From Frank O'Connor on ResetERA:
    LOL. If anything it says the opposite. I'm saying the snow on our Xmas card was added on purpose to make an Xmas card as opposed to hinting at a specific feature or behavior. Just didn't want people reading too much into it so I swooped in and REMOVED information from the universe. Because that's what the people want!
  • Always excited for new halo games
  • As long as it's not open world.
  • Are you kidding? You don't want the freedom of choice? That's the best. "Hmmmdo I shortcut to the main story line? Or help a group who are locked down by covenant first?" "Should I hit the optional objectives at the southern and northern regions? Or just get a couple of them and carry on with the story?" "Damn... Walking 3000 meters to get there will take forever, maybe I should look for a ride...maybe hijack that Banshee" I love having those options. Not just your typical "follow the path" bull***. Shoot...even when I set off to work I have at least 3-4 different ways I can get there by car. If I bike I have more options, including public trails.
  • Halo 3 or MCC for PC? Still no? Ok.
  • Just make it better than the campaign of the last two. Go back to the original trilogy and pull form that for a compelling narrative and stellar gameplay. That is all.
  • I never finished Halo 5. Something about it was just off putting. But I guess since its own game pass, I have no excuse to go ahead and force my way through to the end.
    (It's amazing how many times he died in the first game only to resurface later on in the game levels)