Halo Infinite's campaign will have 14 missions

Halo Infinite Preview 2021
Halo Infinite Preview 2021 (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Halo Infinite's achievements have been released online, revealing that the game's campaign will have 14 missions.
  • This puts it on par with Halo 2, which also had 14 playable levels.
  • Halo Infinite's campaign releases on Dec. 8, 2021 for Xbox and PC.

The Halo Infinite campaign is only about a week away from launching on Dec. 8, 2021, and ahead of the game's release, its achievements have been spotted on the TrueAchievements website. Among many other things (including story spoilers, so view at your own risk), the achievements have revealed that the Halo Infinite campaign will feature 14 missions.

This puts it on par with Halo 2, which also has 14 playable missions to complete. However, we anticipate that each individual level will be longer than traditional Halo missions due to Halo Infinite's semi open-world structuring. We'll know whether or not this is the case once the game launches.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Overall, it's great to hear that Halo Infinite's campaign will be relatively long. If the full game is as fun as our Halo Infinite campaign preview was, there's no doubt in our minds that Halo Infinite will end up being one of the best Xbox shooters available.

The Halo Infinite campaign is available for $60 on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Windows PCs. The Halo Infinite multiplayer experience is completely free-to-play and supports up to 120 FPS on Xbox Series X and S consoles (framerate is uncapped on PC).

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  • Mission count is pretty insignificant. We had 13 in Halo 5, if I remember correctly. 2 of them ended up being brief walking simulators with no actual gameplay. They said Halo 5's campaign was going to be twice the length of Halo 4's, but that ended up only counting if you fumbled around aimlessly for all of the needless collectibles. The core content itself was on par, if not shorter, than its predecessor. As stated, the open-world nature of this game SHOULD lead to a lengthier experience, but hopefully it's not primarily based on participating in uninspiring filler.
  • Halo 5 had 3 of those types of missions, actually lol.
  • That explains why the file size is so small compared to other games, open world or not.