Halo Insider Program announced for Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC

Halo 2: Anniversary multiplayer.
Halo 2: Anniversary multiplayer. (Image credit: Microsoft)

Today during a competitive Halo stream, 343 Industries members Brian Jarrard and Bonnie Ross announced that the Halo Insider Program, which was instrumental to fixing the Xbox One version of the Master Chief Collection (MCC), is being extended to the PC platform.

The Halo Insider Program will allow people to play early builds of each Halo game on PC, helping ensure each game in the MCC will release stable. Members of the program will be asked to report on any bugs or glitches they encounter, as well as offer forms of feedback such as suggesting new types of features or changes to the game's interface.

There's no information right now about when tests will begin happening, as 343 Industries is taking the "we'll have answers when we have answers" approach to PC development. However, you can sign up for the Halo Insider Program right now by visiting the Halo site. For more information about Halo: MCC coming to PC, make sure to check out our details round-up. Of course, you can play the MCC right now on Xbox One if you simply can't wait for it to come to the PC, too.

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  • Signed up and ready to go, Now I'm curious since they're doing this through "HALO Insider Program" If it will be handled by the Xbox Insider Hub.
  • I believe it will be handled through that on Xbox, while through Steam you’ll get special beta codes and what not.
  • Someone please tell me why did they not announce halo 5 for pc ? I mean halo 1-4, reach (& most probably infinite) will launch on pc... .
    So, why leave one halo game on pc ??
  • I have a feeling this will be added to tmcc close to release. I could be wrong but I see that as a surprise
  • Might get a proper remaster next gen. Or they don't want to destroy the Halo fanbase on PC as well because 5 was so bad. :)
  • Given my PC isn't that great (running an i5 2500K and a GTX 680) I probably won't be able to play the games on PC anyway.
  • I reckon you might actually be ok, they wouldn't run perfect, but you could get them playable with tweaking, they aren't super intensive graphically.