Halo: The Master Chief Collection gets yet another matchmaking update

Microsoft's 343 Industries team continues to offer updates to the recent Xbox One game Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Late on Sunday, the team released its latest patch that contains, among other things, more improvements to help fix the online matchmaking issues that have plagued the game since it launched nearly a month ago.

The issues with matchmaking have already caused 343 Industries to delay the release of the Windows Phone-Windows 8 game Halo Spartan Strike from this week to sometime in early 2015. In the meantime, here's the change log for what is contained in this new Halo: The Master Chief Collection patch:

Matchmaking & Parties

  • Made improvements to matchmaking team balance
  • Made an update to improve matchmaking search times and success rates, specifically expediting the "Players Found" and "Connecting Session" search phases
  • Made improvements to prevent a player's rank from resetting unexpectedly
  • Made an update to resolve an issue that allowed players to be placed into an incorrect lobby after a matchmaking game
  • Made improvements to prevent the party from being disbanded upon returning to lobby
  • Made an update to ensure that players are sorted by team in the "Match Found" screen
  • Resolved an issue where Team Slayer matches in Halo 3 could separate players onto individual teams
  • Resolved an issue where players could be placed into a group of 7 players and unable to find more
  • Made improvements to ensure that the party-leader is prompted to "Bring Party" when leaving a lobby
  • Made an update to ensure that split-screen players cannot be divided onto different teams
  • Made improvements to ensure that clients are not kicked from parties at the end of matchmaking games with a "failed to connect" error
  • Made an update to ensure that Halo 2: Anniversary matches do not continue indefinitely after entire opposing team quits
  • Made an update to ensure that parties are not separated when the party leader navigates through multiple titles

Custom Games

  • Made improvements to prevent manual team selection from getting reset after a Custom Game match
  • Made an update to ensure that the "Make Party Leader" command functions correctly


  • Made an update to ensure that the "Too Close to the Sun" achievement unlocks when prerequisites are met
  • Made an update to ensure that the "Monopolized" achievement unlocks when prerequisites are met
  • Made an update to ensure that the "Devastating" achievement unlocks when prerequisites are met
  • Made an update to ensure that the "You're Joking" achievement unlocks when prerequisites are met


  • Made improvements to Halo 2: Anniversary objective pickup, specifically in regards to objective "juggling"
  • Made an update to Halo 3's movement input, specifically to resolve a deadzone issue which affected moving in a straight line
  • Made additional improvements to Halo: CE fall damage scenarios
  • Made an update to resolve a Halo 2 Classic campaign issue where a black screen could overlay the gameplay screen


  • Made a variety of stability improvements across the following areas: Matchmaking, Custom Games, Halo 4 Campaign


  • Made an update to ensure that clan tags appear in the post-game carnage report for all players
  • Made an update to ensure that players are sorted by team in the post-game carnage report
  • Made an update to ensure that emblems are displayed correctly in the post-game carnage report

Source: Halo Waypoint

  • Any consensus on if it helped anyone? Hadn't had time to test it.
  • Had difficulties even getting the patch to begin downloading. Finally got it, though, and even after a hard reset I still can't play BTB. I'm seeing slightly improved MM times in other playlists, but now in HCE games I'm seeing a flashing ethernet port signal in the bottom right of the screen and player movement stops when it pops up.
    So, yeah, I guess it's helping?
  • Mine worked fine after the last update, only problem was party members keeping connected and being booted from lobbies after finishing a match.
  • If you read the patch notes that is the new flow for matchmaking - similar to the old Halo titles.
  • Did anyone else get reset to the start of a level after applying the update? Happened after the first update but I thought I was a glitch but with this update again I lost all my progress and got reset back to the start of the level. Very annoying.
  • Ouch, think I'm going to wait longer before buying this game.
  • Wait til like January I'd say, mine works fine though if that helps
  • If you buy it in December, though, you can get $15 back in Xbox Live Rewards. I'd probably take advantage of that, as the game will be completely fixed eventually and is already much better than it was last month.
  • Yes, just happened to me too. I was right at the end of the Two Betrayals level on Heroic difficulty. I couldn't play last night because the game would not download the update at all. I can't play the section I want to play because the game's lost my progress. Seriously, fuck this shit. Fuck this. Microsoft and 343 can fuck right off, and stick Halo 5 up their fucking arses for this shit.
  • Biggest fail of a launch this year. Fail, fail, fail.
  • Not worse than AC unity
  • At least Ubisoft is making up for it by giving all the AC Unity owners the first DLC for free. 343 promised to recompense its fans, but they'll probably do something stupid like an extra piece of armor, or avatar clothing, or a dashboard background, or something else unsubstantial. Fingers crossed they do better, but I'm not holding my breath.
  • They better do something huge, like give a choice of a AAA Microsoft Studios game like Ubisoft offered for those who bought AC Unity with a Season Pass, especially now that Xbox LIve Rewards is offereing $15 back on the game if you buy it this month, something that should be automatically given to Day One buyers of the game since it's December anyway and the game still doesn't work yet.
  • Or DriveClub. It's been more than 2 months and that game still doesn't work. It was supposed to be a launch title, originally...
  • Please explain.
  • I'd say that Assassins creed has that distinction.
  • Every game had problems, battlefield, although last year, had tons of matchmaking problems. Sunset overdrive didn't though.
  • Halo is it me you're looking for, I can see it in your eyes I can see it in your smile..
  • Haha
  • I just got into a match pretty fast for the first time ever so that's nice. Want Halo 4 stuff back in now
  • Patch works, the patch download itself has a one way ticket on the struggle bus, but it finally downloaded and I'm actually finding matches.
  • That is how every patch has been. Works great the day it comes out then quickly goes bad. If it still works tomorrow, I'll be impressed.
  • It's too late. Now give us Halo 5 Guardians for free
  • Keep dreaming
  • Good luck with that.
  • The beta is free for MCC buyers! Please try it before judging
  • Halo 1 fall damage was ridiculous. Glad they may have fixed it.
  • "Offer updates"? Singel player is full of bugs and matchmaking still does not work. A more accurate description would be that they are still working on completing the game.
  • Halo MCC was a gnawing disappointment. After one month, the language coming out of the studio instills perceptions of doubt, incompetence, and general aloofness. Lots of "made improvements" and "made updates", with no definitive "fixed" or "eliminated" statements. That entire branch of Microsoft saw more in Halo than what it will be remembered for, great multiplayer gaming. What good is comissioning books, action figures, and TV shows if the franchise amalgamator, the games' multiplayer, is botched?    So much aggravation. So much aggravtion so, that after 10+ years on 3 iterations of Xbox, I traded in my Xbox One over the weekend at a $280 loss from it's $535 purchase price. Understandably for them, it's just business. But as a fan, it is emotional. Alas for me, it's not the money, it's the principle of enjoyment.   I find some console in being able to recoup minimal costs whilst enjoying some GTA V on my PS4.
  • Hmmm I understand as a customer. I've had the Nintendo 64 to PS One/2/3 Xbox 360 then I purchased a PS4 day one had problems with it and got a refund. Idk what to get now a Xbox One or a PS4 again?
    Good you're enjoying your PS4.
  • Thanks for empathizing. If my weighing choices could be helpful to you at all:   Exclusives Xbox's working FPSs vs. PS's action and adventure games   Free games... PSNs offering are robust. Live Gold's are paultry.   Hardware PS4 is more powerful with GDDR5 memory XB1 uses DDR3.   Controllers...  Xbox One wins by a long shot. Removable and rechargable batteries that last up to 40 hours in use. PS4 controller has to be recharged like a mobile phone, every five hours or so.   Timing is important too. Some years, the holiday bundles are better than others. Good luck making your choice.
  • You traded in your Xbox One because MCC has had a rough start? I call BS. So you traded the console with more and better games to play a last gen port? And if we want to put up rough starts, How about GTAV last generation, it took over a month to be worth getting on. And what about the biggest dissapointing launch of the decade? Drive Club? Have they got your free copy yet?
  • I bought an Xbox One for the eventuality of Halo, the game. Halo, the game, is broken. Studio language denotes a general handicap when it comes to game-making. Studio language further dissuades me in direction they're taking the Halo franchise. Ergo, for me, the question became, "Why should I continue to be frustrated?". The answer I deduced after weighing several options is to absolve myself from the source of frustration. Trust me, it was a tough decision that cost me some few hundred dollars. But I'm appalled at how they've let Bonnie Ross run amuck. What's even more disturbing is Satya Nadella promoted her to a VP position back in August. When that nonsensical occured, my faith in future propects of the series was zapped.  Halo 5 might be good, but I'm done :(  
  • I'm frustrated as well, as my brother and I were super pumped about playing the entire Halo: Master Chief story for the first time, together. But I wouldn't have traded in my Xbox One, especially at a loss, and then switched to a console that doesn't and will never have that game, especially when 343 has steadily been putting out updates that are fixing the game (gradually). Instead, I would've (actually, I am) played any of the other great games that came out this holiday season and put off Halo: MCC till it was fixed. There were a ton of other great games to play instead: Sunset Overdrive, Fantasia: Music Evovled, Project Spark, Forza Horizon 2, D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die, Minecraft, Dance Central Spotlight, Super Time Force, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, etc.
  • Can you not play GTAV on Xbox One?
  • Also the fact that GTA5 for last gen had nothing special at all except large map and large multiplayer
  • So problems with one game and you throw away $280? That totally makes sense.
  • Hypothetical... You've bought a $500 McDonalds gift card. They've run out of meat, potatoes, and vegatables. They've only had bread for one month and they don't know when or if their menu will be fixed. You have no money to eat.   Do you.... a. starve b. scream and curse c. trade in your worthless $535 gift card for a $250 gift card to BK, where the menu is proper and they hook you up with two free meals per month d. drop your pants and take it like a man  
  • I'd keep the 500$ gift card and wait because I'm not a fat ass. This guy is an idiot but to each their own.
  • The homophobic rape option you listed at the end was completley unnecessary and totally offensive. The rest of your analogy doesn't quite work because McDonald's hasn't been without meat, potatoes, vegetables for a month. They've slowly gotten shipments in, if you'd been paying attention. The wise answer would've been: e. go across the street to another restaurant for this meal, and then head back to McDonald's for the next one once they're restocked, instead of flushing that gift card down the drain like a toddler in a temper tantrum.
  • Actually, I'd further my own analogy by compelling the CEO to fire Bonnie Ross. Clear enough for you? Although it's painfully obvious you would like to stimy the discussion with talk of homophobia, rape, and more Mcdonalds, this is a post about Halo's matchmaking problems. Please stay on topic.
  • (In reverse order)
    1. Do not lecture me to stay on topic when you were the one who derailed the conversation with false analolgies and offensive comments. 2. Again, you were the one who brought forth those topics. Heed your own advice, lest you be a hypocrite. That said, I will always call out bigotry and ignorance when I see it and your comments in d. above were both, a statement which reeks of homophobia while simultaneously trivializing rape and unconscionably conflating the the two. Grow up. 3. Your analogy didn't work the first time and is now more confused then ever. Let it go.
  • The only point I need to make is that I took a near $300 loss to prove a point.  
  • The only point you proved was about your own rash decision-making capabilities.
  • Fire Bonnie Ross ffs wise up. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/community/blog-posts/a-status-update-...
    That's good enough for me. Downloaded patch and it has definitely made things alot better. Some people need to take a step back and try and imagine the amount of code in these games and with two game engines running together on halo 1 and halo 2 I am actually impressed with the amount of content on one disc and the excellent job on halo2. Best £34.99 I've spent yet on my xbox one. Some of the rubbish I have been reading on websites is stupid at times very offensive and laughable. Mcc multiplayer not working that's fine. It will get fixed they always do. But talking about firing somebody is another one to add to the plight of the modern "whiny"gamer.
  • I'm still waiting for SWAT! :)
  • Same
  • Probably doesn't help this Squad of Lizards is hacking Xbox and PSN.. I hope Microsoft can counter them. Dont take away what little Halo I have!
  • DDoS is not hacking.
  • Thanks for the clarification. I'll pass that along to all the websites saying it is.
  • You should, actually. Journalists need to be held accountable for the things they write, especially when they're wrong.
  • Why dont you consider DDOS attacks hacking? To me it seems like an attack that results in a loss of control and renders the service unusable a hack and crime.
  • It's a cyber attack, but it's not hacking. Hacking requires gaining access to a system (picking a lock and entering a house and then trashing things). DDoS attacks are an external attack (like throwing snowballs at the house until the windows are covered up and can't be seen throught anymore). It takes a skilled thief to pick a lock, but anyone can throw a snowball.
  • Nice analogy, thanks!
  • Still the motives for harming other's fun is really sketchy. I don't understand why this brings joy to idiots like Lizard Squad.
  • I suspect that 343i will be giving out the new overhead shooter, Spartan Strike (I think) for free after they get it out.
  • I supect you're telling the truth.
  • Unlikely, since that game is on Windows 8/RT and Windows Phone, not Xbox One (at least not announced yet).
  • I do not want it as compensation. One get the game 100% fixed, two foe anyone who plays the beta they get $25 discount for halo 5 as goodwill or sub contract that company who did the halo2 remaster maps to do between 6-12 remaster maps across the series
  • I still can't play online coop. The delay in everything the guest does is horrible.
  • I can. What's not working for you? Maybe you're doing it wrong?
  • Say you're the host and I join you. If I press the jump button, it takes 0.5-1 second to happen in game. Same with shooting. And if I'm the host, the same happens to you. And there's nothing wrong with my internet, I got 100/100 :P
  • I've been trying to play it all day. Unfortunately, its still hopeless...
  • Damn what an update!
    Didn't they test the game before release???
  • If Microsoft wants to continue to release games in the Halo franchise, then they really need to seriously consider if 343 is the right developer. But then, this could be Microsoft's fault for pushing to release a game that clearly wasn't ready. I don't even care for FPS or Halo. But as a gamer in general, I feel insulted developers feel they can release broken games like this and worry about fixes later. But on the flipside, consumers need to expect better and not condone this practice
  • At least their trying to fix it. But I agree 343 was not the right choice probably. They ruined Halo multiplayer with the introduction of classes(CoD).
  • Uhh 343i is mainly Bungie employees named after 343 Guilty Spark. 343i is basically an offshoot of MSFT thou.
  • I have honestly moved on from Halo MCC. I'm actually finding myself playing Skyrim on my 360 again. Still wouldn't give up on Xbox unless a new Sega Dreamcast gets released.
  • Ah the Dreamcast, so far ahead of its time... Long live its memory.
  • Been working great for me for about two weeks now. The update last night made it even better. Finding games in 1-2 minutes. Now they just need to fix the stupid 5v5 starts and everything would be perfect.
  • Moat people complaining don't even have the game, or some not even an Xbox. Oh well, Microsoft has the worst "fans" ever, on the other hand Playstation has the most mental, they're like a cult, they throw themselves of a building for the brand.
  • Not good enough
  • MS should of never let Bungie walk.  They should of resign them, because one thing bungie would of done.  They would of release a beta probably over the summer to test servers.  They released betas for halo 3 and reach.  They would of not let MCC come out this broken.  And all these patch would of been released Day 1.  Those idiots at 343bola underestimated the servers can handle 4 different game engine well 5 since h2a is a modified h4 engine.   I was hoping to enjoy this game before finals week.  Just to relieve the stress of college and play some halo with friends.  They fucked up so bad
  • This was a really nice update.  Everything is a lot more stable, in-game as well.
  • Gonna wait a bit longer. Finish Sunset Overdrive and get this.
  • I just installed this Offline then played some Halo:CE :) Then I went Online, it asked me to update to up to 15GB. Is this updtate included in that? I left it updating at home lol. Instant On mode...
  • This Halo game is fucked..
    You're better off playing the original games on the 360.
    I hope 343 loses this franchise.