Hands on with the HTC Omega

The HTC London event is moments from starting where we expect to be introduced to the HTC Omega and Eternity. We are now seeing hands on videos surface of the HTC Omega and it looks nice. Still not sure about the white/silver color pattern or the chin, but it does catch your attention.

One thing we can put to rest is the lack of a bottom keyboard. That is unless the demonstrator was told not to reveal it. We've got Jay Bennett, our app developer, and Rich Edmonds, our foreign correspondent, on site at the London event and will have more to share on these two new Windows Phones shortly.

source: techblog

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  • Is the black/dark grey accent color a Mango thing? I kinda dig it..
  • nope, unless you have a phone like the Optimus where you can change the registry, nothing changed with the colors (Only some slight changes and changed names)Wonder if the didn't get the memo about the logo change...
  • Carriers and OEMs can add color options.
  • the video still shows the round logo.
  • More importantly, 'Internet Sharing' was clearly visible in the settings.
  • Very sharp. I like that!
  • So anyone want a Trophy in white?
  • Also, notice the Tango app when he scrolls thru the app list? It's nice to see we're getting other options besides Skype for our video calling needs. :-)
  • what is the time of this in EST?can we hang out here to get the 'latest'?
  • Are there a few of LED notification lights at the earpiece grill? Yellow and green? Otherwise, Mango is crazy fast.
  • WTF HTC??? I hope this **** isn't coming to tmobile USA. I want a newer phone bad but there's no way I'm going with a smaller screen. I was dreaming of a 5" screen and it looks like you're going smaller. What a joke. God I hope Nokia or Samsung picks up HTC 's slack.
  • Well myself and most others would find that size screen too big but there is the HTC titan with a 4.7inch screen.http://windowsteamblog.com/windows_phone/b/windowsphone/archive/2011/09/...
  • its anything but shít. you don't have to get it if you don't like it. no need to comment this article with that nonsense.
  • Am I the only one that noticed the T-mobile branded google search from the address bar? Could that be a carrier locked customization or perhaps a changable default search for IE9?
  • I'd like to see the return of the resistive touchscreen. Watching you people use your fingers for the totally unnatural motions on these capacitive screens makes my fingers hurt. Maybe WP8 will not demand capacitive. Probably not. Sigh...
  • You are insane sir. The only possible use I could make of a stylus is when I'm doing work on set theory, math and logic, and I guess people who do graphical design may want the option too, but I highly doubt you do any of those. I highly doubt most people do any of those. And I highly doubt most people who actually do any of those would trade their capacitive screen for a resistive one.
  • I just love pushing my screen as hard as I can when I only need to make a call!
  • Well that would be a very bad move indeed. With WP7 interface it would be a waste of time IMHO. Also there would be no more glass screens, have to be some soft plastic and most likely would not sell.
  • first time I seen an absurdity like this. there's a reason why OEMS are using capacitive screens now
  • Why did they not show the camera, i dont care about the browser! I think the camera(s) are what everyone wants to know about.
  • I guess when it comes to phones I'm a size queen. The Titan is for AT&T. It's a terrible mistake for tmobile to go from a 4.3 to a 3.8 screen. Sounds like tmobile is trying to kill the windows phone in America.
  • don't be ridiculous,T-Mobile will be getting the HTC Bresson, this was announced awhile ago (like around may I believe). I'm sure sprint will pick up a CDMA version of one of these phones,if not then there's the mazaa.
  • Actually I assumed T-Mobile was going to go Nokia given they are the only US carrier to have any Nokia phones for the past several years. They were even the carrier for the Nokia N900. So T-Mobile might go low end HTC WP7 and Nokia high end.