Hands on look at the new Nokia Storyteller application for Windows Phone

Nokia World 2013 has been a whirlwind of announcements, one of which was Nokia's new Storyteller app. Available in both Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 form on the newly announced Lumia devices, Storyteller takes all your photos and organises them for you automatically, using HERE maps data to categorise them. It'll even try to select the best photographs for you, trying to eliminate those blurry shots no-one wants to see.

One of the coolest features of Storyteller is how you can pinch and zoom out from the photos, and see a representation of them laid on top of HERE maps. From here you can scroll around the map, see your photos, then drop into the galleries and enjoy the moments.

It's pretty impressive, so take a look at our hands on video below! 

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • Man im so excited I wanna yell but I can't cuz im at work and they would fire me.
  • LOL.
  • Does nothing that the photos app and iphoto does
  • Hope it becomes available NOW
  • Man. That guy carrying out the demonstration sounded so weak and boring or is it just me.
  • He didn't do the app any justice.
  • Well he didn't sound excited about it.lol Probably because he told 1320 people before him.:)
  • That's pretty impressive
  • I closed the vid because of the guy
  • Me too...with deep and heavy sarcasm. Joe Belfiore should be the spokesman for all things Windows Phone.
  • Let's just say that guy ain't a storyteller ;) 
  • Ha. Seriously. I stopped 30 seconds in.
  • That is a damn fine app ...
  • Sickness
  • Is the 920 getting this to?
  • This is freakin' awesome!  Congrats Nokia on kicking some smart phone ass today.  Poor Android users.
  • There are plenty of third party apps that do this on android. But its third party
  • So kick ass!!
  • Just think about the stuff Microsoft can do with this since they are taking over Nokia. Integrate such thing in the photos hub, and you have a winner.  And that's what I like about Windows Phone, so much is integrated in the OS itself, so it feels like a part of it. Opening different apps with different colors and such is fun to, but the WOW factor is in the integration :)  Hopefully Microsoft will take good care of Nokia and it's employees. They deserve that, and they deserve to keep on doing what they do best. Pushing boundries, innovating and beeing awesome. :) 
  • True!
  • Android was going to partner with Nokia, but Microsoft bought them to prevent this. Samsaung just took a deep breath. Many android users said they would rather have a Nokia phone
  • I hope they add something like a motion gallery or a video-slideshow feature [like the one on HTC Zoe] to the Storyteller. 
  • Worst sales pitch I ever heard...
  • Great looking app. This will make some great presentations to people. I hope there is a way to export to a shareable format. Really impressed by Nokia D&S and the apps they put out to support their hardware. And that 1520's screen is gorgeous.
  • It's a little frustrating this app isn't out and available in the Nokia WP store today. Nokia made some significant announcements today but not a single thing they mentioned is available- now. 
  • Is it coming for Nokia's other Windows Phone 8 devices also or just exclusively for these 1320 and 1520?
  • I've updated my nokia phone to Lumia black update. But still Im unable to find nokia storyteller app in the store
  • I cant find it either? L928
  • do i have to keep GPS/location on while clicking the photos so the storyteller can show where these pictures have been taken