Hands on with Nokia Transport and Reading [Video]

Besides all of the new phone goodness today, Nokia also showed off a few new apps heading down the pike for their Windows Phone users. One of those is Nokia Transport, an app dedicated to public transportation including bus and train schedules for more than 500 cities--something us urban folk desperately need. The app nails down your position and shows you the nearest stops and schedules around you, allowing you to save and even pin to your Start screen a route of you choices. That Live Tile can then flip around showing you the next train or bus always keeping you in the loop.

Nokia Reading is an eBook app that also supports audio books. It turns out it runs through Nokia's store where you can browse for new books, including a lot of free ones, save and basically use it as solid eReader. The selection of books looks decent enough but we'll have to see more when it is closer to launch.

Daniel Rubino

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  • at last, decent audiobook support!
  • But she never really answered him on the "loading on" question. Can you add your own audiobooks? Like audiobooks that are already on your computer?
  • Am so proud of what Nokias doing with windows phone sometimes I just wish Microsoft just make wp OS only for nokia HTC Samsung all shit... My next phone definitely a Nokia ... I even feel like ditching this HD7 for the 710
  • My brother got the 710, he loves it.
    I'm waiting for the 900 (maybe global would also get 3G on tmobile), I like the screen size (got used to it on my Evo and HD7) 
  • I've got a Nokia Lumia 800 and I was very impressed with it. But the battery life is poor and there are a few glitches that I was upset with. I never had a problem with my HTC Mozart. However I think my handset might be dodgy as it isn't updating to the latest firmware so will be sending it back next week.
  • I dunno...i kinda like my Sammy
  • The transport app will be incredibly useful for me if it supports my city. (Newcastle Upon Tyne)
  • This is something really useful to a lot of people... I am happy that Nokia didn't come up with "Nokia 900 S", a new phone, "reinventing" how people read and use transportation. This is awesome!! bringing new features to their existing devices... 
  • The Nokia Transport layout looks so much better on WP than it does on my N8! 
    And I am really happy that Nokia implemented Nokia Reading - it seems to be a great alternative for Kindle (not sure if the Kindle app is available in all markets where Nokia has a presence) and it looks like a great news reader as well.
    Nokia really has brought us 'The Real Windows Phones'.
    I am really looking forward to purchasing a Nokia WP (Apollo edition with Pure View)!
  • If you can load your own audiobooks and e-books then it wins.  If it is just another buy my stuff app, then meh. 
  • Never a truer word!