Hands on with the Radar 4g

Here's a hands-on video of the HTC Radar 4G that is headed to T-Mobile. Technobuffalo got their hands on one during a dinner party hosted by T-Mobile and was impressed with the phones' build quality and all the goodness of Windows Phone 7.5.

Technobuffalo wasn't a fan of the double-chin bottom that gives the phone an appearance of being thicker than it actually is. Still, the first impressions were good and unfortunately, T-Mobile wouldn't tip their hat on a release date beyond "in time for the holidays".

There's no word if one of these demo units were left at the bar of the restaurant but we'll keep an eye on Ebay just in case. Still not sure if the white body works or not.  What do you guys and gals think? Will T-Mobile customers be happy?

source: Technobuffalo via: wmpu

George Ponder

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