Hands on with the Radar 4g

Here's a hands-on video of the HTC Radar 4G that is headed to T-Mobile. Technobuffalo got their hands on one during a dinner party hosted by T-Mobile and was impressed with the phones' build quality and all the goodness of Windows Phone 7.5.

Technobuffalo wasn't a fan of the double-chin bottom that gives the phone an appearance of being thicker than it actually is. Still, the first impressions were good and unfortunately, T-Mobile wouldn't tip their hat on a release date beyond "in time for the holidays".

There's no word if one of these demo units were left at the bar of the restaurant but we'll keep an eye on Ebay just in case. Still not sure if the white body works or not.  What do you guys and gals think? Will T-Mobile customers be happy?

source: Technobuffalo via: wmpu

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Not happy Tmobile customer... Give us the Titan
  • I don't know why any company would be going out of their way to support T-Mobile at this point in time, for obvious reasons. Is the sad truth, much like how the Trophy was the only option on Vodafone in Australia.
  • I asked a phone rep when the new WP7 phones would be available and she stated TMO was getting the Titan. She had no info on dates but it was in her system.grain of salt and all.....
  • ok seriously if u don't like the phone then DON'T BUY IT!!! no need to comment the same nonsense on every single article.
  • Wow, I love it when the videos are hosted on YouTube. Just wound up a guy and got him banned!
  • I'm a pissed off tmobile customer to. All existing tmobile customers are probably upset. Tmobile only has 1 WP7 phone. So if you've been using a HD7 the radar is a downgrade anyway you slice it. Tmobile needs to give at least a 4.3 or larger screen.
  • Verizon and Sprint also only have one phone. They also don't have word on when another will arrive.
  • and I would dream of getting a HD7 on Verizon or Sprint, instead of a base models of the Arrive or trophy.
  • It is ridiculous that phones are only available on certain carriers : (. Can you imagine if you computer only worked on Time Warner cable? Phones should be available to anyone that wants to buy it.
  • hahahaha funny word arrive is what it is called in sprint.
  • No, I'd take the Radar over the HD7. FFC, better internals, better camera, better screen. Just because you prefer a larger screen does not mean this device is automatically inferior to the HD7.
  • Stop complaining has look at sprint also have 1 wp7 phone also. grow up troll
  • I really wish we knew what "In time for the holidays" meant. For T-Mobile and for AT&T.
  • Guys, just move to where the devices are. That will send the clearest message to carriers like T-Mobile.
  • Exactly. I moved off Vodafone (only had the Trophy) and Optus now has my business with the Omnia 7.
  • Telus Mobility in Canada, they have the HTC Surround (Which I purchased) as well as a LG device. Two is better than one. I even see them advertised more. Even Wal-Mart has one. I tis a prepaid LG on Bell Mobility. At least I see slight signs of improvement. Microsoft needs to get more of these devices in stores.
  • Nice looking device. Looked real solid. Not sure about the white, but then again, that seems to be a hot color with the iPhone/iPad. Didn't know it was unibody construction. I wish that Nokia would make a unibody metal WP phone.
  • @theman60099 you don't have to be upset about him saying that either! We are mad because we(T-Mobile customers) are currently being offered 1 WP7 device and that leaves you with no option whatsoever. Some like big screens some like it small but at least getting a choice is better than not having one. I'm a hd7 user and is surely not going to buy this device but was eagerly waiting to buy the next WP7 device on Tmo. So some of us needs to be upset.Did you hear or see the android devices they announced earlier this week? I guess not but I did and want the same options.
  • It's the same way on Verizon. All we have available is HTC Trophy and half the time it isn't even displayed in the stores. Then on top of that the sales clerks try to talk you out of even looking at anything but Android. I am currently a palm Pre plus user on Verizon so I am hoping something gets announced soon for Verizon since my contract is in up in October.
  • I agree with you having the HD7 that device is a downgrade I rather the big screen only one choice how many android choice do we have on T-MO? many...
  • well complaining on every single article isn't going to solve this. goto the tmobile forums and complain about it.
  • He asked us how we felt and we responded. You are the only one complaining for no reason. Go away
  • I am upset as well. AT&T gets all the best phones and they have the worst plans. I hope T-Mobile gets the Titan or the Samsung phone because i already know Nokias phone will have a similar screen to the Radar and that is not cutting it for me. People ask why do you want a big phone? Its because I watch Netflix, do all my browsing on my phone as well as YouTube. Now i will be video chatting as well so a big screen is necessary if you ask me.
  • There will be a 4 inch nokia wp7 i believe that isnt small by any means.
  • I like WP7 but i enjoy the large screen. and seeing how I'm locked into T-MO with device for wife and three kids android may be the option I will have to go. the problem isn't with WP7 the problem is getting devices out there. Nokia sounds like MS coming soon. and AT&T right now has all the best devices that WP7 has AT&T IS NOT AN OPTION FOR ME. EVER!
  • That video needs more pop up banners.
  • Even when he tried to show just a sliver of the bottom "chin" he was talking about, the stupid "pop up banners" would pop up at that exact moment.
  • Quit crying about t-mobile launching only 1 mango device out the gate.. Still have Nokia possibly getting something out possibly before year end. Nokia has good history with mobile,, hopefully a Samsung but more likely an LG. Got a feeling release will be early November, we have HTC training rep in stores late October to November 11th. Still don't see how people think radar is a downgrade from the hd7, since when does screen size make a phone better than the other.. All the hardware is a year newer and I'm pretty sure the processor will out clock the hd7. Quit whining already, if you don't want a radar then wait.. Nokia will be around the corner with some if the most amazing phones.
  • probably your right but i doubt that the people with a hd7 are gonna get a nokia with smaller screen i will no matter what but i people that i know still think that a 4.7 inch screen isnt big enough
  • I know, right? I'm just waiting for the phones with the 6" screens, why don't they have them yet?? Major fail!! /s
  • Be quiet apple troll go play with your crappy iphone
  • The issue IS the Titan is way better then the Radar. T-Mobile came out with the best Winmo phone(Until AT&T came out with HD7S) and then downgraded to this. The new specs for the Radar do not surpass the HD7 by that much so it will be useless upgrading. Its like having an Iphone 3g but then you go out and buy the iphone 3gs. It is a stupid upgrade if you look at specs. HD7 will still have more memory and the only thing Radar will have that is better than the HD7 is battery life, gyroscope and compass. Like I said it is like having an Iphone 3g with 16 gb and then going out and upgrading to an iphone 3gs with 8 gb with a 3.0 screen, catch my drift. So before you tell us to quit crying maybe you should check the facts. Nokia already said they are going the Tango route which means lower end phones so i would not get my hopes up to high just yet if you ask me. Only maker you should keep an eye out for at this moment is Samsung because they already have a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED+ phone coming. If T-Mobile does not announce the release date or have the Titan before Samsung releases theirs, I will be a proud Samsung user which sucks because i like HTC's apps.
  • Contracts usually last for two years. I believe the idea of an incremental hardware upgrade is providing early adopters continued support throughout the year, and we'll all be set for Apollo next.
  • 8gb and 2nd gen 1ghz. As a current hd7 user this is a downgrade. Would like t-mobile to have more options. 1 WP7 device is not much of a choice.
  • I'll agree that technically the Radar is the superior device. The only thing the HD7 has over it is the bigger screen and twice the storage memory. That said, all three of the phones that AT&T are getting are better then the Radar. ALL THREE!! Yes, 2 high end big screen devices and even the mid range device has a faster cpu and better(albeit slightly smaller)screen. The problem for me is 1) I'd, like most others here, would prefer to have the large screen of the HD7 and 2) Would like to have a choice. You know, like those guys over at AT&T.Perhaps Samsung will still annouce a version of the Focus S for T-Mobile. And there is the very good chance Nokia will come to to T-Mobile given thier history together. We shall see.
  • what a terrible provider to select tmobile. Should have selected Sprint instead. I hope sprint will get new wp7.5 mango phones soon!