Sony VAIO Flip 11

Sony makes some killer hardware, which is why we’d love to see them making a Windows Phone. The new Sony Xperia devices running Android are pretty incredible. They’re waterproof and can event take images underwater, which would take your Instagram game to a whole new level. While we’re dream of a Sony Windows Phone, we at least have tablets, ultrabooks, and all-in-ones running Windows 8 from them. We’ve seen Sony’s VAIO Flip line before, but there’s a new 11-inch variant in the mix. Let’s check it out.

Sony’s VAIO flip now comes in a whole range of sizes. You’ve got 11, 13.3, 14, and 15-inch variants. We played with all them at the Sony booth during CES. We walked away pretty impressed with these machines. The 11-inch version especially combines great build quality with some respectable specs. The included Active Pen is great and should make this a nice machine for diving into Adobe software on the run. You can get the device in either black, silver or pink aluminum. All powered by Intel’s Pentium quad-core processors. Pricing starts at $799.