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Hands-on with the Windows 10 Mobile powered Xiaomi Mi4

This is a Xiaomi Mi4 that began its life as a regular, Android running, MIUI phone. After some not too difficult steps to flash Windows 10 to it and replace the Android based OS, we now have a fully functioning Mi4 with Windows 10 Mobile.

And all told, it's really nice.

The ROM has been in testing for a while now but initially it was limited to the Chinese market only. This changed recently with the public release of a global ROM available to anyone who owns a Mi4. Or rather, almost anyone who owns a Mi4. The big caveat here is that the Windows 10 ROM is only available to the LTE version of the Mi4, which means the HSPA only model solid in places like India (referred to as the Mi4w by many) is not currently supported.

But if you have one of the correct models, flashing it to Windows 10 is actually a very simple process. Xiaomi has a flashing tool for Windows that you can download from its forums, the ROM comes directly from Microsoft and with some light command line work and pointing the tool at the ROM everything else is done for you.

The Xiaomi Forums has a superb step-by-step guide which you'll find at the link below.

How to flash the Xiaomi Mi4 with Windows 10 Mobile

Perhaps the biggest surprise I found during the process was how little time it actually takes to do. In a matter of minutes the software does its thing and you're firing back up a Windows 10 Phone when you turned off an Android one. But after the standard Windows 10 Mobile set up process what you're left looking at is what you see in the images here.

The Mi4 is getting a little long in the tooth in respect to Xiaomi, having been released some time ago and surpassed on a hardware level by several phones since. But that doesn't change that what we're looking at here is every bit a high-end experience. The Windows 10 Mobile user interface looks just awesome on the 5-inch, 1080p display and you lose none of it with on-screen navigation buttons. The hardware keys on the Mi4 have been remapped to the Windows equivalents, albeit in a different order.

The menu button on the left is now for Cortana/Search, the middle button remains as home and the right hand back button is still back, though in this incarnation it also doubles up as the task switcher with a long press. For Windows veterans, a small learning curve. For Android/MIUI users dipping their toe for the first time it could take a little getting used to.

From a software perspective there's little to tell to folks already familiar with the Windows Insider builds that have been pushing out to other phones. The Mi4 is on build 10586 currently when you flash it and it comes with most everything you'd expect to see. The pre-loaded Microsoft apps are present and correct, Cortana is fully functional and the only real change is a couple of Chinese specific apps. Nearby Numbers is entirely in Chinese and there's a QQ app preloaded that hopefully someone out there will recognise. I certainly do not.

Cortana works as well as it does on any other Windows 10 device that supports it, though here in the UK I have had a couple of issues getting set up, mainly around languages. UK English wasn't an option at set up of the phone so I've had to resort to setting everything to U.S. English, but otherwise, all working well.

Xiaomi Mi4

Sadly, the camera isn't quite such a happy story. It works and to my eye takes pictures of comparable quality to when it ran Android, but there's still some work to do I think. The autofocus is a little erratic, often bouncing around a couple of times before finally settling. You can touch the screen to tell it where to focus, but even then it's not quite as speedy as I'd have hoped. I fear this is a result of slapping Windows Camera onto a phone that hasn't had any optimisation work done.

General performance seems good, too. Whether Android fans love or hate MIUI, one thing that is absolutely certain is that it's slick. The Mi4 with Windows loses a little of that in places, but for the most part it's a smooth, pleasing user experience. Apps are quick to load and scrolling is mostly smooth across the board with just the occasional hiccup.

While it's far too early to talk about long term performance, or how battery life may or may not have been affected, the first impressions here are very good. Personally, I've long been a fan of Xiaomi phones, in part due to their combination of high end hardware and affordable price. Xiaomi is also extremely friendly to the tinkerers out there, the folks who like to mess around with ROMs and tweaks and what not.

So what we have here thanks to Microsoft and Xiaomi getting together is something pretty special. Never before have we been able to download some software, apply a couple of bits of command line and come out with a Windows phone where once we had Android. So now we have the Mi4, a well put together, decently performing phone that can be picked up for not a lot more than the price of a Lumia 640XL right now. Your support path will be better on a Lumia, no doubt, and we're still not 100% sure where the Mi4 goes from here.

It also leaves us wondering what's next. The partnership has proved successful and the results have been pretty spectacular to be fair. The process is simple to carry out and I'm sure I'm not the only one hoping that the two companies start to offer this to more phones in the line up in the future. And with Xiaomi now releasing it's very first Windows 10 tablet, the Mi Pad 2, who knows what the future truly holds.

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • i hate the Windows Camera UI. only thing that i like is the manual controls
  • I hate u :)
  • Well most of us Love it... It is one of the easiest when you want to take over the settings 
  • They should have made the alyout something like windows photo viewer like on the desktop. A minimalistic version.
  • I love windows phone for it's UI which is why I'm not gonna switch
  • Too bad Windows 10 mobile doesn't have the windows phone ui, huh? Posted via Android because Windows 10 Mobile is trash.
  • No, it is better in most ways.
  • Except its autofocus and tap-to-focus is still very "Eeehhhhhhh" in auto-mode. Manual focus is fine and all, but then you lose Rich Capture. Still really finicky, on my 950 XL anyway.
  • Fixed in latest version.
  • Same. Just reinstalled the old version of the lumia camera ^^ its good to have my baby back. Screw you Microsoft for forcing me to use apps i dont wanna use !
  • Why would Microsoft support two different camera applications?
  • I have to disagree. Windows Camera has one of the most beautiful and intuitive interfaces of any camera application I've ever seen. It's powerful yet simple, and it's miles ahead of Apple or Google's stock camera applications in design and power.
  • You take that comon sense right back with you to whereever it is you came from.
  • Yipppeeee
  • Hippie
  • So does it work on the mi4i ? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nope
  • It works on the LTE Mi4 as stated in the post.
  • Thanks for this Richard, it's very interesting for sure! I doubt that I will get one to try out, but I like the idea. It's interesting how disappointing the camera is though.
  • All variants?(fdd global or just tdd)
  • Plse please ... Compare 950 vs win10 Mi4i. ... Please... All benchmark tests.. Html tests.. Etc etc.. .. M sure everybody is waiting to see ..
  • I'm not waiting
  • I am not waiting either.
  • Neiter am I.
  • Nope, not waiting here either!
  • I'm still waiting ... expecting results
    It's about due time?!
  • The Mi4i doesn't have Windows 10 so it'd be a waste of time... I also don't have a 950. So there's that.
  • No, it absolutely wouldn't be a waste of time. With all due respect, we've been asking you guys to do comparisons between Win/Droid devices for the longest.
    Please take that into consideration. Thanks.
  • The Mi4i does not have Windows 10. As the original commenter asked. The Mi4i is a completely different phone. So I stand by it being a waste of time ;-) And I don't have one anyway!
  • I know it doesn't have Windows 10.. That's the point!!
    We've always asked you guys to do comparisons between Lumia devices, and Android devices... Like the 950 against the GS7... And, don't give us that "I don't have one" jargon... You're "Richard Devine The Great Devine";; you make things happen!!!.. Lol.
  • For that to happen maybe they need someone from AC to collaborate
  • GS7???
  • Here's your comparison: Google is evil. Microsoft is not. No more information needed, bra.
  • woah where did the bra come from?
  • From 'his', of course.
  • The 950 is a newer device with better specs, I'm sure we all know how it will do against the Mi4.
  • Yes, yes.. But, they should give more comparisons between devices in the future..
  • That's like assuming the GS3 is snappier than the Samsung Focus.....
  • I don't know about the benchmarks, but doing app speed comprision is not good.
    Several apps outdated .(for droid win comparison. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 950XL can run Just Cause 3 :P
  • The 950 will blow the m4 out of the water.
  • Not in looks, that's for sure.
  • Are we sure about that??
  • html 5 test are going to be the same score
  • It is a very nice and decent strategy from Microsoft and Xiaomi. None of the parts, neither the consumer are affected in a negative way. Xiaomi continues selling its Phones as always and the consumer may choose which system fits him or her better. Microsoft continues spreading its software without causing any loss to the manufacturer.
  • Mi5 will be the next?  The SD820 based phone will be out in February.  It has a USB-C port, so Continuum should probably be supported.  If that is the case, people don't have to wait for L960.  It could a hot seller.
  • I share your observation about a customer's freedom to choose the OS they desire.
  • I will try this in a old Glaxy phone :)
  • All the best with bricking the device. :p
  • Lol.... You should be wishing him luck.
  • LOL! I never thought that Samsung will return with Windows 10 Mobile1
  • I dare you
  • make sure you won't regret should it bricks
  • Go for it
  • MS! You should first bring the new windows to your own devices!
    Long wait for windows 10 on so called ' w10 ready' Lumia 640 !
  • Your Lumia had windows 10 for a long time with insider preview... The build for Mi4 isn't any newer.. 
  • He meant official release. Well, I'm eagerly waiting for that too. But, I doubt if they're interested to update my Lumia 730. It's not listed in the devices that'll get Windows 10 Mobile. And Microsoft is actually telling us, "buy a new device to get windows 10" and even when they'll finally release it, many of its features will not come to old devices..not just because of old hardware, but they'll bring up various reasons..
  • What's the point of waiting for an official release? Like its desktop counter part it won't ever be completed. Just pick a build and become an insider.
  • Official release is always optimized for the specific device. That's the point.
    Also, it is sometimes troublesome to move from preview to the official OS, and this has happened at the time when 8.1 was released as a developer preview and developer preview users were unable to install official cyan update.
  • yeah it would best works with firmware update for phones
  • It was possible. Had to unenroll, update to denim, then reenroll in the dev preview
  • Maybe you read wrong.735 will so will 730
  • ​It's been rumoured, through a leaked timescale, that older Lumia devices not in that initial list will be getting W10 from February, like your 730 and my 1020. Personally, I don't think WP has the marketshare to afford to only offer upgrades to a narrow selection of phones, especially when the Insider program has shown that it can run well (can, not everyone will have had that experience - before the outcry begins) on almost every Lumia model out there. The main obstacle I can see happening for older Lumias is if they're locked to a carrier/network - then it's down to that provider and if they can be bothered to test and push updates for old models. W10 fixes that, but only if the carriers allow the device to actually get onto W10.   And I personally get really irritated when people tell me just to use the Insider program. It's primary function is to be a beta tester of unfinished software. It should not be what at least half of consumers using WP have to turn to - because out of everyone in my family that uses WP, I am the only one that has ever heard of the program, and that's because I follow this site. General consumers will have no clue.  
  • Lol at least you don't have to wait long for them to ruin your experience. Me on the other hand since I chose an ativ s(aws lte variant) & have a l929(not enough areas in Canada support 2600 & that ain't gonna change) the os will be much better by the time it makes it on that hardware
  • Does the rich capture work in the camera? btw, Thanks for the details.    
  • It should but like Samsung's required a special camera app
  • I don't think xiaomi will build any special app right now. Besides, I can see the rich capture options in the in built camera app in the video in this article. but no one has checked and confirmed if it works or not.
  • Does it support double tap to wake or glance
  • No. Unless I missed something in the settings at least.
  • Did u try to download it from store? What does it say when you open it on store?
  • Any news?
  • This is what they need to do for most android phones. MS started as an OS for all PCs so if they use the same strategy for W10m I bet there would be a wider adoption. You don't have to change your phone just your OS. I think it would rope a lot more people into OS.
  • But. They should even make installing w10 on android devices a lot simple.. Just like we can get w10 by an app called windows insider.. ;)
    A lot of people dont know to install roms and they have 0% knowledge about this.. i dont think its possible to install w10 with the help of an app on android
  • It is possible, Cyangoen had an app on the play store to help supported devices install the ROM, it was removed though due to breaching store rules. If it didn't brick my device I'd totally be up for trying it as long as I could switch back to android if I was unsatisfied.
  • It could be worse. Just wait till they start removing troublemaking users who wish to ditch their OS in favor of Windows. As Joseph Stalin would say, "No man, no problem"
  • the same goes for pc, most users don't know how to install another os.
  • changing OS on PC is hard for an average Joe, let alone flashing a phone
  • The way to install it on the device mentioned in the article is very simple
  • I agree.. Though I doubt that'll happen... For that to happen, they'll have to make ROMs for every different device.. I wonder if it'd affect the upgrade process for Windows 10 Mobile.. Also, I doubt Google would allow this on handsets that they have control over.. Personally I'd love it if OnePlus could join in on this.. They're quite popular and they do look really amazing..
  • There are thousands of different Android devices out there and they'd have to work with the OEMs to make sure everything works (just like they had to do with PCs to get the correct drivers). They could at least do it for the more popular devices
  • look at "sailfish". They just open sourced it, and let the community do it. Not officially supported of course. There's a whole host of phones the community has written drivers for that you can put sailfish on. You flash ROMs via adb on android. Thats how the OS gets on there in the first place. Same thing is what puts windows 10 on there (aka "flashing a rom"). If microsoft open sourced the driver writing like sailfish, there would be nothing google could do about it really.
  • Yes, but who would write Win drivers for all those Android phones?
  • Open source it, like sailfish.
  • Hope they soon expand it to other phones.
  • 1.oneplus
    2. Moto,sony,lg ;)
  • I'm interested in LG, Meizu, Xiaomi, Sony. There are lot of nice mid range devices which are just clogged with lagging Android.
  • Indeed. Or expand on iPhones too (impossible)
  • Though its imposible Iphone would be a worthless device to install windows10.. There is only 1 button.. No back or cortana button
  • Unless those two were software buttons
  • Well, some Windows phones use software buttons, so the iPhone could use the same.
  • Nothing interesting in hardware on it.
  • Right. Xiaomi and Meizu have more interesting hardware than Apple. /s
  • I'd like to see Huawei P8/Mate S/6p run Windows, but given the things they said previously I doubt it'll happen.
  • Your doubt is right
  • 6P is a Google phone. So that'd be the last one to ever get this treatment!
  • Hey, I have a few question about this Windows 10 mobile Mi 4,
    ​can it record 4k video ?
    can it record slo-mo video ?
    can it capture living image ?
    does it have motion data ?
    does it have sensitive touch ?  
  • Does this phone support Miracast in Windows 10 mobile ? thanks
  • To confirm - it does Miracast very well with my Netgear PTV3000 Push2TV!
  • To confirm - it does Miracast very well with my Netgear PTV3000 Push2TV adapter.
  • I don't doubt it. Why else would microsoft do such a collaboration with xiaomi?
  • Ahhhh..... Like a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly...
  • Yes ;)
  • Lol :D
  • Like a maggot turning into a horsefly. Sorry, I couldn't resist it, pls take no offense
  • Like a magikarp evolving to gyarados.. :P
  • Like a Pikachu changing into a Raichu?
  • Nope... Like Metapod evolving into butterfree ;-)
  • I'm waiting for MI4 3G version, Till now no info,
  • No info
  • Hey rich the most devine,you can review 950 vs 950 xl people not but i want it. Do you accept individual requests? :D
  • I don't have either of those phones so you're asking the wrong person.
  • From where we can download apps on it ?? Applications are still downloaded from Google playstore and are supported or now its a complete windows phone  and only windows store applications can be downloaded as it connects to windows store like other microsoft lumia's ??
  • It's a Windows 10 phone. You get apps the same way you get them on any other Windows 10 phone. I even show you the Store in the video and one of the photos ;-)
  • any trace of android is gone. that includes google play services.
    this is the bare bones windows 10 mobile experience.
    so the apps will come from the windows store.
  • Not that the rooted Android makes good use of gp anyway
  • I have a dell venue 7 tablet android version, 2Gig ram its super laggy, sometimes it doesnt wake up it takes time just wishing that one day they will bring this feature i hate android maximum.
  • The more the merrier I guess. Just hope they can provide adequate support and firmware updates, as everyday issues such as battery life, stability, and performance need to be fine-tuned for Windows.
  • not one word about continuum?
  • I don't think the hardware supports it. Minimum is SD808 or SD810.
  • I'd think at least they'd allow mhl its not a horrible experience even on older hardware like the playbook. Considering their now all about open standards why not they support mirecast(though intels widi got the ball rolling)
  • Special hardware required for Continuum.
  • No words to tell. Else there would be wordsL
  • The phone doesn't have the hardware. So, no.
  • So why not make a Windows phone, Xiaomi?
  • If Windows 10 Mobile grows a little, I am sure they will.
  • Yup, they will release a Windows tablet soon too!
  • Not as simple as just "hey let's make a phone." But if they make a phone with a choice of OS then that's probably a more likely outcome for them. Face facts, they won't sell as many phones if they're exclusively offering a Windows model. Offer it with Android and the option of Windows for people who care, best of both worlds for everyone. And Xiaomis bank manager.
  • Lol @ bank manager! Yes this is the best strategy they've adopted. If I ever want to try out an android phone this is my automatic option, nothing to lose if I don't enjoy the android experience, just flash to windows!
  • It makes some sense for phones with at least 32 GB of storage. Otherwise taking 3 GB away from consumers is not something that they will find as a feature.
  • Yep and id think this was a way for OEMs like them to get a discount on their fees for android
  • Well, in response to the author and some other folks who are wondering, QQ is an instant messenger that is equivalent to Skype.
  • I would say it is more of an ICQ/Wechat thing than Skype, after all QQ & WeChat is from Tencent
  • I've read articles stating that Tencent copied the idea of ICQ. But I've never used ICQ myself. QQ was actually what made Tencent what it is today back in 1998, WeChat came much later in 2010. But I guess most people would not have the simplest idea what ICQ is, so, I picked Skype. And truely, the two function similarly.
  • If you can't use android apps, then what's the point? Just get a windows phone... I don't understand
  • Higher hardware at cheaper price
  • The phone has really good hardware but it's not as expansive. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • the point is: money
  • It's a good way to experiment with android for a while. When you're tired of it go to windows and vice versa. Great idea in my opinion, gonna get me an mi4 sometime soon!
  • Your point is wrong.. This is about stealing android users and bringing them to WP so that market share increases
  • No
  • The 640 is only $20 now on go phone... Can't get much cheaper...
  • The point is obvious if you think about it. Hint: It has nothing to do with xiaomi.
  • Coming soon: Mi 5 running Windows 10 Mobile ;)
  • Lol if only
  • Love the figurine you got there
  • They should've used the menu button (left) as a back button and the back button (right) as the search button, to keep the same layout as any other windows phone. I'm pretty sure any WP user will constantly mix up those buttons, due to the force of habbit
  • Windows Phone users aren't exclusively installing this. Mi4 owners are. Why try to reinvent the wheel? Leave back as back.
  • Oh no, Vault Boy replaced Cortana!
  • But...he gives it a thumbs up!
  • I'd love to see a Codsworth theme for Cortana sometime in the future if that ever possible Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The Mi4 has a very ordinary camera even on MIUI. My 640XL is way better in low light photography and color reproduction.
  • Would love to see Mi5 with Windows 10 out of box. 
  • At most maybe the instructions printed & included in the box
  • I was hoping WC team would be able to demo this.  Good job Richard. Thanks.
  • Bought one earlier this year like right after the announcement waiting for this to happen!
  • Would you recommend giving this a shot at this stage?  My technical curiosity got me itching at the challenge.
  • It's as easy to go back to MIUI as it is to go to Windows 10 so sure thing!
  • Thanks Rich.  I'm goin' in.  Let us know if you decide an AMA.  I may do one if I can get that phone.
  • When on other Lumia phones??
  • It exists on every Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia except on those pretty rare phones that have 4 GB of storage. And it is easier to download the Windows Insider app than to flash the ROM...
  • Search xda
  • Great :)
  • This may be a good option for WP fans to get access to good hardware at cheap prices.
    However I don't see why normal, sane people outside of China would pick up an Android device with Google Play Services and replace it with a DOA OS. But to each their own I suppose... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Dead On Arrival OS that hasn't actually arrived yet? Give the kid a chance to be born before moaning about how messy their room is aha
  • Nothing in the expression "dead on arrival" implies that it must have arrived to be considered such. In either case, the moment the 950/XL/550 arrived on the market, WP10 arrived. Period. It's the official version that people will be buying so it's a commercial release. As for it being is. Everyone with more than a functional braincell has already realised that WP10/W10M isn't the future of anything. Microsoft isn't working on a phone running Intel chips and full Windows 10 because W10M has a future. So yeah. WP10/W10M is DOA. But hey, if you think there's a future W10M, go ahead. I'll be here to listen to your retraction when you realise I was right all along ;P  
  • I have more than a functional brain cell as I can read and write a reply for you. And I am yet to realize W10M has no future. Even if Microsoft is going to release an Intel phone and emerge bigger player in mobile because of that Wintel relation, why would they abandon Windows 10 mobile? It is not like we will have a low range Intel phone, mid range Intel phone right? Intel phone, until now, seen as a high end.
  • Someone better tell microsoft because they are still doing updates :P
  • Keep in mind that this is running a rooted version of Android so most of the popular apps(outside of China) wont run without modification anyway(removal of root checks)
  • Choice is good. we need more device choices across the price spectrum like android.
  • Even Windows 10 comes to Android devices first :(. Where's the Lumia upgrades?
  • Stop whinning like a *****.. It has got the same insider build that we have..
  • The whole point is it has had drivers/fw to handle mw10 properly unlike lumia/htc w8/lg lance
  • Drivers xiaomi provided, i'm sure...
  • A good one!
  • Later this month, apparently, for newer models, and supposedly February onwards for everyone else.
  • Wen in India :)
  • Friends who r using Nokia Lumia 730 dual sim better install windows 10 through insider at least possibility to get windows RT in ur mobile....
  • i bought this phone on amazon yesterday just for thispurpose - so far everything is great, apart from the camera as you described. the screen is amazing
  • Why would you want to downgrade to Windows 10 mobile from, well, ANYTHING? Posted via Android because Windows 10 Mobile is trash.
  • Why are you on WINDOWS CENTRAL trolling and criticizing peoples decision to use windows 10?
  • If they release to mi4 3g will be huge success in India.
  • So... You tried to install Windows Insider after Windows 10 mobile installation???
  • I flashed 10586.0, it updates to 10586.29 (on 2 or 3 iterations), then I installed Insider and got 10586.36 on Slow ring.
  •   Might sound silly, but I just have to confirm - this was on the MI4, right? It's one of the devices supported in the Insider Program?
  • If you don't have the cash for a 950/XL, the Mi4 is a great device for low money.  I'm glad MS did this, as it fits in with the Android culture, and offers a no commitment way to taste all things Windows 10.  I know this will ruffle some feathers, but creating a Rom is what MS should have done for mango users way back in the day.  
  • Wasn't this unofficially possible during the beginning of the Android era
  • Is there a real US version of this phone?  Or just imports that work in the US?
  • Samsung used to make a high end version of Windows smartphones operating system running on thier Flagship smart phones Folks I would like to see Windows phone 8.1 or Windows 10 running on a samsung S6. WOW what a great smart phone that would be
  • *** Chinese ****.
  • On the mi4, 16gb, what is the remaining memory we can use for our own files and aps? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Will they release a ROM for non LTE MI4? Or is it only for LTE version?
  • Currently it supports only LTE Mi4... I even don't imagine what is the f***en difference between two handsets (it exists, they are different price).
  • Does it support dual boot? Like, can I switch between Android and Windows 10 Mobile just by turning off and on my phone?
  • No dual boot, you need to reflash it. But it is a piece of time, if you have a good backups it is less than a half a hour..,
  • Finally I found a Mi4 LTE ROM with the new firmware and 10586.63. You need to reflash with MiFlash.
  • Hi, I am very curious what is Your general experience with Windows 10 Mobile on Mi4. I am already tired waiting for a replacement of my old Lumia 820, and am thinking about such possibility. Be as detailed, as possible, please.
  • Absolutely very positive. Everything work fine. Only the barometer and IR blaster are not supported, I think the firmware is not completed, because 950/XL has barometer and the API is here (SensorCore)! With 10586.164 MI4 is fine!
  • Wow! Two bulgarians are communicating in english... I am very interested in this option. But, if You don't mind, I'd like to know more about the transition and Your experience. You can find me in Facebook, Skype or just E-mail me on or Thank You in advance.
  • Is this the latest flashable ROM available or are you aware of a more recent one?
  • This is the latest flashable ROM (with 10586.63) - the following are OTA via Phone Update.
  • thx
  • I would like to try this,phone!
  • Hi everybody, I'm looking for the latest flashable windows rom for Xiaomi Mi4. At the moment the latest I found is the one released at the end of January ( Is any of you aware of a more recent ROM? Thanks in advance!
  • 10586.63.0115.3063 is the latest ROM available but the MI4 will be updated to 10586.318 once you check for updates and firmware will update to 3115.1.0.0
  • thx! I'm still waiting for the phone to be delivered, just a curiosity: Do you know if the Mi4 is supported by the windows device recovery tool (still I'm not sure if the tool is already in sync with windows 10 devices)?
  • No you need to use MIFlash tool, tutorial is here  
  • when will you launch windows 10 mobile rom for other devices also . like lenovo a6000 plus, lenovo vibek5 note , asus zenfone 5,6 etc..