Hands on with Yahoo Go 3.0

Yahoo has recently released an upgrade to their Yahoo Go application. The new release of Yahoo 3.0 brings a new interface, ability to add widgets, and a customizable start page. Its getting harder and harder to choose which search app to use. If the lines are getting blurry check out some of our comparisons to see whats best for you.

WC Staff
  • Looks pretty nice, but (other than the widgets) nothing too massive over the 2.0 version. Yahoo does have some great content though and I do like their OneSearch for things like people/places since it nicely pulls up and formats entries from great sources like Wikipedia.
    Yahoo OneConnect (their mobile social networking platform tying all the services like Twitter, Facebook, etc under one app) is the one I'm most eager to see. Unfortunately, I'm not holding out too much hope of it initially being on WM though since there's a Nokia phone as their example and since Yahoo has a track record of not having their newest apps WM compatible at first.
  • So this is still not available on WM Pro huh?
    Ver 2 wont run on my buddies Touch ond pocket outlook hangs and gives errors when trying to pick up yahoo mail.
    I heard that upgrading to yahoo plus would solve his pocket outlook issues picking up yahoo mail but i know several users who pop yahoo mail that dont pay for plus.
    Will yahoo GO ver 3 for WM Pro allow users to pop yahoo mail without mail plus?
  • go for wm pro now available