The Harvest now available on Windows 8, but still no love for Windows Phone 8

The Harvest has returned, but not on Windows Phone 8. The popular RPG is still available for Windows Phone 7, but has yet to be updated to take advantage of Windows Phone 8. Now those who are using Windows 8 will be able to enjoy the addictive gameplay as the title has just been made available on the Windows Store. What's more is The Harvest has been expanded on.

If you're not familiar with The Harvest, it's an advanced RPG set some time in the future. Hostile aliens are attacking planet Earth and are turning organic life into cyborgs. Known as The Harvesters, the beings are using humans and animals to create the machinery. It's the player's job to halt their progress and save Earth. Taking command of a human-controlled mechanised infantry unit (many are available), the war against the invaders is both exciting and intense.

RPG fans will enjoy playing The Harvest as it sports exploration, character development and story progression - the foundations of a solid experience. It was highly rated by Windows Phone consumers who enjoyed the waves of hordes. Be sure to check out our previous review of The Harvest for Windows Phone to see how we enjoyed the gameplay.

Players can now enjoy synchronous multiplayer, which would be a top feature for Windows Phone if implemented. The synchronous co-operative multiplayer enables friends to battle it out together in story mode. Leaderboards and achievements are available, providing incentive to get stuck in and unlock goals. Numerous upgrades are on offer to keep everything interesting and the storyline is engaging.

Will we see The Harvest updated for Windows Phone 8? We'll be joining a number of consumers in prayer and letters of request to Microsoft, but we'll have to see what the future holds. The Windows 8 launch could be a good sign. The Harvest is currently running $6.99 and you can download The Harvest from the Windows 8 Store, as well as the Windows Phone Store if you're using older hardware. Thanks, einztrigger, for the tip!

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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