Lumia 925

The health care department in Oslo, Norway has placed an order for a further 3,000 Windows Phones to be shipped to employees. It's reported that almost every health care institution in the region files reports using an app that's only available on Windows Phone 8. Unfortunately, the exact model name has not been revealed, but some requirements were shared that narrows down the shortlist.

The department seeks a Windows Phone that sports a 1GHz chip, runs Windows Phone 8, has a 4-inch (or larger) display and supports tri-band 3G and EDGE, as well as 4G / LTE. We'll let you all have a short think about which Windows Phone the public sector in Norway is investing in. While the platform remains small when compared against the iPhone and Android, it's positive case studies such as this that really helps Microsoft and co. out.

Source:; thanks, Jon, for the heads up!