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Health care in Oslo to become more integrated with Windows Phone, thanks to a further 3,000 units ordered

The health care department in Oslo, Norway has placed an order for a further 3,000 Windows Phones to be shipped to employees. It's reported that almost every health care institution in the region files reports using an app that's only available on Windows Phone 8. Unfortunately, the exact model name has not been revealed, but some requirements were shared that narrows down the shortlist.

The department seeks a Windows Phone that sports a 1GHz chip, runs Windows Phone 8, has a 4-inch (or larger) display and supports tri-band 3G and EDGE, as well as 4G / LTE. We'll let you all have a short think about which Windows Phone the public sector in Norway is investing in. While the platform remains small when compared against the iPhone and Android, it's positive case studies such as this that really helps Microsoft and co. out.

Source:; thanks, Jon, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Outstanding :)
  • How are you bro? Yes, it is definitely good news, sounds like a 925, 920, or 820, I wonder what the app is called?
  • Good man!
  • Could be 625 as well
  • The app is called gerica
  • This is great. Hope this keeps up. I'm at my Dr's office now and showing them my 928.
  • Nice job!
  • Making moves.
  • I wonder if they use Microsoft Health Vault, or something similar?
  • That's an awesome idea. I forgot I've got an account - thanks!
  • I'd love to have that WFI calling App. Sometimes signal strength can be a bit weak where I live. (AT&T customer).
  • Ship them out!!!
  • Isn't that L520 or L720? Over 4 inches + 1ghz chip.
  • Yes but neither support 4G or LTE which is one of their requirements
  • This is great news for us norwegian Windows Phone fans. Deals like these will surely help getting the word out! The app is part of a case filing and archiving system widely used by the norwegian health care system, a system called Gerica. The app is developed by Tieto. I actually find it quite surprising that they have singled out WP for the app. It goes completely against "common beliefs". (Tieto's HQ are in Helsinki, Finland. Maybe they have a locally founded love for Nokia?) Hopefully this deal may help.. :)
  • I work for a company in Norway called Acos. We also use Windows Phone for mobile access to our health care system called CosDoc (similar to Gerica). We have over thousand of Windows Phones that our customers rent. For now we are mostly using Samsung Ativ S.
  • Aww that's sad :( wish they were Nokia Lumia's
  • Sounds like Lumia 625 is the obvious choice for the Norwegians
  • And the app is called... Ms office with Outlook.
    Great news. MS should be bold once again and go for BlackBerry.
    It will be money ( not as much as many thinks) well spend. Go MS, keep the momentum up.
  • Why would they want blackberry?
  • Because they would near double their market share and corner the enterprise market; something neither Apple nor Google are as well positioned to do. If BB silos their different business groups, as Nokia did pre-acquisition, their handset business and patent portfolio would be worthy purchases for MS, even with having just bought NOK. If they let another competitor buy them, then they might lose a serious opportunity in the enterprise market.
  • Good news for windows phone fans.I hoping to see the day windows phone becomes giant mobile OS.I know it will,very soon.
  • Interesting to know that nokia helped the healthcare in Oslo, but more interesting are the usage statistics. How often do they use their lumia devices, what is open and what is restricted en which software apps do they use to make the phone useful as a daily driver. That's what interests me more. Why? Because health care is complicated, and offering a lumia, iphone or even android device is far from easy.
  • Agree. Enterprise market is huge opportunity for WP. Great news from Oslo!
  • 625
  • That's great news!! Hope the medApp such as medscape , epocrate, pubmed, and cdc will build their own app for Windows Phone :) sooner and sooner