Honeywell Evohome

The Windows Phone developer community often comes up with the goods where official support may be lacking and that's definitely the case here. Developer, David Horn, has taken it upon himself to build a remote application for the Honeywell Evohome connected home heating system but needs the help of some keen Windows Phone users to help beta test it. That's where you come in.

If you're familiar with Nest, then Evohome is along a similar line. It's a connected heating system that allows you to use such things as mobile devices and voice activation to control the temperature throughout your home – and much more besides. There is no official app for Windows Phone, but this looks so good that we're not losing out so much.

So, how can you help? Since this app hits a bit of a niche, beta testers are going to be harder to find. But, if you have an Evohome installation at home and you want to help, simply hit the link below to register and go from there. This is the developer's very first Windows Phone application having been developing before for Android and iOS, but if first impressions are anything to go by, we're glad to have him.