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Edge via Continuum is 99% as much browser as Edge on PC

Microsoft has revealed the small differencesfor people running the Microsoft Edge web browser for Windows 10 Mobile while in Continuum mode, versus using the same browser running on Windows 10 on the PC.

Continuum allows Windows 10 Mobile smartphones to connect to a large monitor and use apps as if they were running on a desktop or notebook PC. However, there are some tiny differences when running Edge.. Microsoft states:

Because Microsoft Edge uses the same engine across all Windows 10 devices, the rendering behavior is the same across Windows 10 devices, including Windows 10 Mobile devices. The only differences are due to certain device-specific qualities – for example, codec support may be different on phones due to missing hardware acceleration, and Flash is not supported on Windows 10 Mobile. Because Windows 10 Mobile has a different background model, RTC is also currently not supported. Finally, Windows 10 Mobile does not support Flash in order to provide a modern, touch-focused, and power-efficient experience appropriate for a mobile device. Because of this, Flash is not supported in Microsoft Edge in Continuum.

Website designers, for the most part, won't need to change any code for their sites to work on Edge in Continuum mode for Windows 10 Mobile, unless they want to offer those users a specific experience, or if they want the site to detect the browser for analytic data. Microsoft has also made a few changes, as part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, that allows for scrolling in Edge while in Continuum mode to be smoother:

On PCs, Microsoft Edge offloads scrolling from the UI thread to provide a more fluid scrolling experience during page load/painting. In the Anniversary Update, this same feature is now supported in Continuum, even when scrolling via the mouse or keyboard. This results in a smoother experience even while the page is loading or painting.

What has your experience been like with using Edge in Windows 10 Mobile while in Continuum mode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

  • And 1% is no support for extensions? Microsoft is bad at math
  • Spot on Saras112!  
  • And, the write on the web feature, as well....
    .... But, I'm sure MS is strictly talking about rendering capabilities here and they shouldn't have failed to mention that.
  • No, not Microsoft, but Windowscentral is the mathematically insufficient fella in this case.
  • Lol! You guys are hilarious.
  • I don't mind Flash, but the UI is different, e.g. no favorites bar -> another 50% different from desktop.
  • It would've been cool if they left that desktop view option that they had in early builds of W10M
  • Right, I remember.
  • And what about printing? Edge on mobile can not do that, at least it should be able to print to PDF.
  • What about multiple instance of Edge?
  • What about speed ?
  • That too! Though its supposed to be one of the priority already without even need to mentioning it. Like a car doesn't need to mention to have a steering wheel (unless its a self-driving car). But yeah, speed is a crucial factor to improve usability and overall user experience.
  • They are talking about the core engine my friend - rendering, codec, etc.. Not feature parity. I like extensions. But, if possible I rather have apps and browser to be able to communicate with each other. I recon it'll make life easier for developers. For example, Enpass. So, yeah, I hope Microsoft can make it happen for developers.
  • Nice!
  • Or no printer support
  • That's at the OS level, no?
  • Ah, but the OS *does* have printer support. It would be really nice to add printing support to Mobile Edge so one can print out PDFs and perhaps even—shudder—web content!
  • Ah, I didn't realise. I had heard about it being requested but I've never seen it in action.
  • PDF's would be what I was thinking, the printer icon is there but it is grayed out.
  • Hope other apps reach the level as Continuum grows.
  • Yes, the goal is for Windows on ARM to emulate the desktop experience so closely where they are virtually the same.
  • Until Microsoft kills it next year. Again. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What kind of Windows Phone do you have?
  • L1320 and L640.
  • [Duplicated comment]
  • This is what I'm looking forward into, a desktop experience. Even Windows RT, a recompiled Windows 8 for ARM that runs full Windows Explorer shell. W10M Continuum doesn't need to port Explorer shell to W10M, it just have to improve Continuum mode.
  • I'm really impressed that I can watch the Amazon Prime video on Continuum(Lumia 950), but I wonder why I cannot watch it on Edge on Lumia non-Continuum....
  • Because continuum is a detected state and changes the ui. It's the same reason why tabs etc change in continuum. It's also why google docs won't detect me on a nonmobile device unless a continuum is on. However it shows googles practice and makes me wonder what other sites use their crap code.
  • its the browser agent i believe. its slightly different between the two so that the website thinks you're on a full PC versus mobile.
  • That's exactly what it is...
  • I can watch Amazon prime content on my Lumia Icon if I change to desktop version in settings.
  • I am surprised. Thank you for this information. I tried it, took a couple restarts, but it worked in 1080p with x-ray.
  • Just change to desktop mode in Edge, it will work
  • Really? This is the best news I've ever heard.
  • Things you don't know lol
  • Great! Still haven't tried Continuum yet as I just recently started using a 950 but do not have the display dock yet. But hoping Edge Mobile ad blocking extensions are coming soon! And like sooner than RS2/RS3 end of 2017 SOON!!
  • You can try it wirelessly, if you have a supported TV/monitor.
  • Yeah unfortunately I don't have access to either at work. Hoping for a decent sale on the MS display dock soon!
  • On Amazon their are plenty USB-C to HDMI adapter  for cheap. They work also. Windows 10 is really flexible on that level.
  • The USB-C to HDMI dongles seem to work well. Don't expect much from the USB-C docks that allow USB, HDMI and charging pass thru though. There are a bunch of those that reference MacBooks, and some other PCs, that ought to work, but are spotty on the HDMI aspect. I have an early Anker one that works with some monitors, but not all. You can dig through the reviews for Continuum, MS, Lumia, to see if someone has tried it and their experience.
  • You could also try it out by connecting to your Windows 10 PC / laptop / tablet via the "Connect" app.
  • My 950 only connects to my Surface Book via wireless. USB cable has no affect on it. I have seen you comment previously in regards to USB and just cannot figure out how to. I followed your directions last time and nope. Any thoughts?
  • In the Continuum app on the phone, set it to wired connection.
  • Does not work, unfortunately. When you select Wired dock, the connect button does not pop up like it does when connected to the dock or wirelessly.
  • I don't have continuum but my phone can connect to my laptop through connect app. I set the laptop to be visible and set pin for pairing. Though I don't have mouse and keyboard support, I played Lep's World 3 just like console game. The sound comes from laptop instead of phone. Really awesome. Looking for an high end phone purchase which supports continuum.
  • This is for luring windows fans who still think the pc way.... The world is moving away from pc
  • What do you mean by the world moving away from the PC? Yes, people are mostly do the computing needs on their mobile devices, which is why we are concerned about Microsoft doing in this front. Still though, PC isn't going anywhere just like the mainframe (those cabinet-size or room-sized computers) are still here, heck even more powerful.  In the world where internet and computing devices is more and more integrated to everyday objects and in our lives in general, PC became even more persistent. Maybe they're not anymore as hyped as during the 90's but they still serve too many purpose. Maybe a phone connected with a dock can do most stuff like we do on our desktop/laptops of today, but it mostly gonna replace or just an alternative to low-powered or thin-client PCs. For average person who just do not so demanding computing task on computers, that will serve them very well, but not for everybody like a video editor for example.
  • Yes i know PC's aren't vanishing but the masses that used them have now mobile computers (phones) and the move that seeks to motivate the masses towards the pc is just dumb! Focus on WP nutella!!
  • Its for people that want to use keyboards and mouses for productivity. Just like a PC or laptop. And the world is not moving away from productivity. Use the power of the keyboard/mouse with big screen fully. There is no reason not to want that. Android is moving to better big screen support with their apps also. So there is no reason to claim its a useless feature.
  • people like that (myselft included) already have pc! Let me tell you my situation! I'm a software developer, I don't remember using a laptop for something none other than work! It's always on my phone!
  • The Connect app on the PC does not accept wired connections, only wireless. That may change, but as of now, you need to use Continuum on the phone wireless to connect to a PC running Connect.
  • Thanks for that. I thought I was going crazy.
  • I like edge via continuum to my 1080p TV, but hate continuum not working on my two other 720p TVs.
  • I love it, use it ever chance I get. I really wish flash would come since continuum is almost always plugged in. Funny I say that though because I wireless all my continuum.
  • I can tell you that the browser version of Netflix didn't work in either mobile Edge version, and after AU, I can finally watch it through Continuum, flawlessly.
  • And Edge is 49% as much as proper browser. Continuum aka RT lite Jr would also need some improvements to be usable.
  • Interesting that my experience differs.  I decided to try Edge for a week after being a Chrome users forever.  I haven't gone back to Chrome.
  • its close to Firefox in HTML5 comp scores just behind Chrome. They really caught up the last few months. The AU version is really close to the others. But its smoother and cleaner than the others. So I have no reason anymore to use firefox (is giving me issues a lot also) other than being able to use more users at the same time. Being able to use multiple users for Azure at the same time is the only feature I am missing.
  • I use it every night to watch Netflix, works great:)
  • without extensions it is as useless as ever, same reason I only started using it after AU
  • Yup...I've only just started using Edge as my main browser. Without Adblock, it was DOA.
  • and from using it since build 14379 I can tell its way more unstable than IE11 was
  • I use exactly zero extensions or ad blockers... Have absolutely no need for them.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.. But waiting for the HP Elite so I can get rid of this junkie Galaxy S5...
  • Windows Central alone is reason enough for an adblocker. This website is an absolute dog on my Surface 3...but with ABP, it works properly!
    Things like Putlocker are unusable without an ad blocker.
  • I absolutely agree. I use Adguard and it works on all browsers. No need for extension. Use the Adguard DNS and set it with your router. All ads gone! Brilliant
  • I thought I felt the same way, until I had them.....Browsing was always fairly decent with Edge, though this site wasn't a lot of fun to navigate. Turned on AdBlocker and my experience online has changed dramatically. Like had I known how much better it was I may have used something else. Dramatic difference in performance.
  • congratz
  • The web is damn near unusable without ad blockers unless you're visiting nothing but corporate sites like Microsoft or apple dot com..but if you read blogs or anything like that, they're a must.
  • For me, it's not the lack of extension is the core problem, it's the collection of functionalities that Edge in general missing that even IE had. Tab syncing as a common obvious example. Many of extension possibilities can be done on Share charm, like the OneNote Clipper which is not much a difference using Share to OneNote.
  • Tried the update. Is quicker but heavy sites like crash it lots.
  • Also Firefox,Chrome,Opera and Vivaldi are 99% better browsers than Edge
  • Curious, what makes you say that?
  • better extension support,better ram usage(except chrome),custom themes
  • What about Windows Ink? Seems much more then 1%
  • My other concern is that some business sites don't seem to work with Edge. On W10 PC that's not the end of the world because you can just go back to IE when necessary. But on mobile, even with continuum, what are you going to do? For example, Asana doesn't seem to work at all with Edge mobile, not sure about with Continuum, but their support page says no Edge at all.
  • So it is a "pc like" experience, which makes it by default not a pc experience. And the pc experience, that is what would be attractive to business consumers. Windowed apps, full featured edge and office, these are not just "nice to haves" in the business world, these are freaking mandatory. Without it, it was a nice gimmicks but will be gone as soon MS gives up on mobile, approx 2 years after surface phone. (Unless they give it away for free, saw an interesting editorial on that thought!) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It needs some kind of built-in adblock
  • Edge on Lumia 640 can't render websites, twitter, and many, many others!
  • Do you have it on desktop version or mobile version? Cause its not Edge on mobile that is not rendering those sites, they work fine for me on my lumia 950. So it may be an other issue or phone specific?
  • Great now launch Edge for Android, I hate Chrome and Firefox browsers at my Android device but I don't have another choice. If Edge was available for Android it would be my only choice :)  
  • Seems like they could have added flash in Continuum mode, seeing as how you're probably going to plug into power anyway and a touch friendly experience isn't very important in Continuum mode.
  • Yeah, and it applies to tons of other things as well. For example, my bank (Banamex in Mexico) has no mobile friendly website, so all they do for mobiles is instruct you to download the app. Problem is, there is no app for WM. But if I change to desktop mode, I can bank without problems and everything works (provided I use the new HTML5 friendly version of their website), it's just not layout for mobile.
  • It Should be. Next is extensions
  • It just can't be. Since ad blocking is 98% of browsing. Ads deliver malware, slow down pages and make them crash
  • Yep. With bingeon on T-Mobile, you can stream Netflix around the clock to your HDTV. No home internet required. Shh.
  • I don t understand why flash is not supported on mobile.
  • Flash needs to die already. I would have no problem if all browsers drop flash. Sites that still use that junk need to realize it's 2016 and there is a thing called HTML5 now.
  • I agree there. If all browsers just call it quits with flash, all sites that use have no choice to update. So bit the bullet and declare the death of flash.
  • Must be 98% max, if we deduct 1% for missing extensions and 1% for broken zoom function (only zooms in)
  • OK, so the engine is the same, but the front end is lacking in features. Fixing the front end should be the easy part right?
  • OK, so the engine is the same, but the front end is lacking in features. Fixing the front end should be the easy part right?
  • well for me the main difference is website mobile version of Edge there is a lot of website issues of displaying pages properly....the text size or format is scrambled on a lot of pages, not displaying them correctly, impossible to rad or navigate on the page...even simple pages like Wikipedia are all messed up...any other op system and other browsers can do it well except edge on mobile...disappointing!
  • May be difficult (and I say this as I dislike flash...), but my greatest wish is for flash support so I can watch MLB.TV and other streaming services such as this.  As soon as I have that the app gap is completely nonexistant for me (Rather than really small like it is now). 
  • I find it stupid that only Windows 10 mobile devices with a USB type C can use continuum. I have always wanted to try it on my Lumia 435. I think it has real potential.