Edge via Continuum is 99% as much browser as Edge on PC

Microsoft has revealed the small differencesfor people running the Microsoft Edge web browser for Windows 10 Mobile while in Continuum mode, versus using the same browser running on Windows 10 on the PC.

Continuum allows Windows 10 Mobile smartphones to connect to a large monitor and use apps as if they were running on a desktop or notebook PC. However, there are some tiny differences when running Edge.. Microsoft states:

Because Microsoft Edge uses the same engine across all Windows 10 devices, the rendering behavior is the same across Windows 10 devices, including Windows 10 Mobile devices. The only differences are due to certain device-specific qualities – for example, codec support may be different on phones due to missing hardware acceleration, and Flash is not supported on Windows 10 Mobile. Because Windows 10 Mobile has a different background model, RTC is also currently not supported. Finally, Windows 10 Mobile does not support Flash in order to provide a modern, touch-focused, and power-efficient experience appropriate for a mobile device. Because of this, Flash is not supported in Microsoft Edge in Continuum.

Website designers, for the most part, won't need to change any code for their sites to work on Edge in Continuum mode for Windows 10 Mobile, unless they want to offer those users a specific experience, or if they want the site to detect the browser for analytic data. Microsoft has also made a few changes, as part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, that allows for scrolling in Edge while in Continuum mode to be smoother:

On PCs, Microsoft Edge offloads scrolling from the UI thread to provide a more fluid scrolling experience during page load/painting. In the Anniversary Update, this same feature is now supported in Continuum, even when scrolling via the mouse or keyboard. This results in a smoother experience even while the page is loading or painting.

What has your experience been like with using Edge in Windows 10 Mobile while in Continuum mode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

John Callaham