HERE Drive+ to be free for all on Windows Phone 8.1

As part of Windows Phone 8.1, users will be getting access to Nokia's HERE Drive+ for free. It will be available on all phones receiving the update. HERE Transit will also be available for free on Windows Phone 8.1.

Also Windows Phone 8.1 is powered by HERE, but we wanted to make it even better for a mobile lifestyle. This is why we extend the benefits of free voice guided car navigation in 97 countries to everyone. No matter whether you have an entry-level Nokia Lumia 520, a Samsung Ativ S or a HTC 8X, with Windows Phone 8.1 you get HERE Drive+ for free, saving up to €35.

Maps views have been updated in HERE Drive+, along with HERE Maps and Transit. In certain countries, you can now view buildings in 3D, and aerial detail has been improved.

What do you think of HERE Drive+ being bundled with Windows Phone 8.1? Give us your thoughts below in the comments.

Source: HERE Three Sixty

Joseph Keller