HERE Maps for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 ditching use of Nokia accounts April 24

HERE Maps app users on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 won't be able to use their Nokia accounts to sign onto those apps after April 24. They will have to start using the new HERE accounts after that date.

HERE Maps users with Nokia accounts are being emailed today with the following message:

We're writing to let you know that starting April 24th, 2015, you'll no longer be able to sign in to HERE apps using your Nokia account.This is due to recent changes in Nokia services. The good news is you can easily import all your saved favourites from your old Nokia account to a new HERE account. If you haven't already, simply update the HERE app on your Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8 device before April 24th, 2015. With the updated version, you can register for a HERE account and sign in to the app. From there, you can import all your favourites from your old Nokia Account to your new HERE account. Or you can register for a new HERE account on the web at, and import your favourites to continue enjoying them. Please remember to import your favourites to your new HERE account before April 24th. Otherwise, they won't be saved, and you won't be able to use them thereafter. We hope you continue to enjoy using HERE.

This move is obviously yet another consequence of Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's smartphone business and doing away with the Nokia-branded accounts.

Download HERE Maps from the Windows Phone Store (free)

Download HERE Maps from the Windows Store (opens in new tab) (free)

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Thanks to KD for the tip!

  • Why is it even necessary apart from the favorite places list and my commute?
  • Microsoft did not get nokias maps devision and they do NOT own here maps.. It is sloppy journalism to claim that to be the case..
  • Are bloggers journalists? Well come to think of it not even journalists are journalists these days.
  • This isn't a blog, it's a news site.
  • We do hold them accountable, seeing that WPCentral/WindowsCentral out performs most news outlets in reporting stories. Particularly love the Rumour meter (do they still do that) in judging how likely a story is to be true... But, like any news agency/blog accuracy is up to the cheif editor. *looking at Daniel Rubino*
  • Amen to that!
  • Actually MSFT got licence for 3 or 5 years for Here development, so they are responsible for app develooment.
  • What is "Nokia"❓.... I keep seeing this weird word from time to time..
  • Get 'em @rodneyej. The Nokia most of us fell in love with is a thing of the past. What's left of it is ________.
  • Missing this _________.
  • Hey, they just made that iPad...........
  • Trolling much rodneye?
  • Saying I don't use WP❓ Watch yourself.
  • Sloppy journalism? What are you talking about? You people love to start arguments about nothing.
  • Lol.
  • We use one account for everyone in our household, so when traveling you grab any phone and it will have all the same favorites etc
  • Go to on our Windows phone -_-
  • I thought HERE is owned by Nokia??
  • It is.
  • Yes. This has nothing to do with MSFT.
  • First thing I thought. Perhaps it's to bring consistency across os's? Still, good of them to transfer your saved data.
  • Consistency? I use a Nokia account on iOS, not a HERE account.
  • Except Microsoft owns Nokia.
  • Yes.. MS also owns ConAgra food groups.. Didn't you hear❓❓
  • No. Nokia owns Nokia. Microsoft bought Nokia's mobile devices division. Nokia still owns HERE maps and a few other things, but most importantly the brand. That's why the Nokia N1 Android tablet can exist.
  • It is. The Nokia accounts were handed over to Microsoft.
    Microsoft converted Nokia accounts to Windows Live.
    You have to create Here account for Nokia to regain control of it.
  • Go to on our Windows phone... -_-
  • Why cant they integrate it with each platform main account/cloud and be done with it. I would prefer using my microsoft account and and have it roam around my devices.
  • That would be ideal.  I hope they do eventually do that.  HERE maps is now available cross-platform, so I think they might continue that cross-platform push and eventually offer you the ability to sign in with the accounts of the major mobile ecosystems (Google, iOS, Windows).
  • Rip Nokia
  • Nokia is 150 years old and most likely outlives you.
  • Nah they will be back in 2016 with the successor to the 1020 but running android since they hate MS now.
  • Nokia to sell unicorns too in 2016 lol.
  • I don't think Nokia hates MS as it's a big customer for licenses, maps etc.
  • Guess WP is just irrelevant for them. See which refers to iOS and Android apps and no sign of WP apps
  • Marketing.. A bit stupid though.
  • What's funny is nobody realizes Nokia's enormous business in mobile broadband. While you may not be using their phones anymore, you might not have a network at all without Nokia's hardware and services. Source: I work at Nokia as a telecom engineer.
  • There was some news in the internets that Q4 2014 Nokia was actually 1st in LTE/4G(revenue based). Care to comment? :)
  • Yes. I bought some shares before Microsoft took over. Nokia is a healthy company now. And I made a small profit. Here maps is dominating the navigation software competition in cars. Did you all know that.
  • Yes, when Nokia dies..... SMH
  • This news was issued 3 months back... And already did that...
  • Yes, I'm sure HERE sent emails out some time ago to say that Nokia accounts would be closing down. From memory it happened when they did an update for Windows phones.
  • Yes, you are right. After an update last month they asked to enter a new email address to transfer all the favourites to Microsoft account.
  • Why not just use Microsoft account or social networking accounts
  • You can login with facebook.
  • Have you seen the webpage from a computer? promote the Here app for iOS and Android with store logo from the menu on the right side. But not a word about a version for Windows Phone...
  • I've noticed that too. I'm hoping it's just because on WP it's not one app, buy many, and so when they rebuild it to be one app they publish the link alongside the others.
  • No. A few months ago there was already a news here on wcentral that Nokia no longer takes care of the WP apps and they are looking into giving this job into Ms' hands as Nokia concentrates on the bigger platforms
  • MSFT got licence for 3 or 5 years for Here development, so they are responsible for app develooment.
  • MS is trying to get rid of Nokia label from their phones asap by releasing the so called 'corrected/improved' Microsoft labeled lumias with MS logo which is basically an improved version of older Nokia Lumias. So it looks like Nokia too want to stay away from MS as far as they can. It's like a bad divorce.
  • MS has no rights to use Nokia brand on smartphones. As simple as that, no conspiracy involved. But L435 makes no sense, it was originally planned to be android phone and then releasing real better cheaper Lumia 430 just a few weeks after it is mind-boggling. Perhaps model numbers got mixed.
  • 1. MS HAD the rights to use Nokia brand on smartphones till 2016(Beginning or End, i'm not really sure). They CHOSE to remove the Nokia brand as fast as they can obviously because they wanted to promote Lumias as Microsoft Windows Phones. 2. This is not a conspiracy theaory, it's a simple marketing technique they did, which is right(although was stupid, but there is no other way around) if you look from their side. 3. We all know L435 was originally planned as Nokia X(Android Device) by NOKIA, not MS. So, when MS got the control, they just recycled it and brought it as L435 probably because the manufacturing units already made the hardware(Outer shell and internal parts) which the company don't wanted to go waste. And they launched L435 in a very limited numbers. Trust me you won't see it once the first lot is sold out.
  • They had rights only for phones already in development before deal was closed. All new smartphones can not have Nokia branding. You are perhaps mixing with Nokias rights to use Nokia on smartphones.
    And nothing wrong with 435 except confusing model number. And timing. And pricing. As if they wanted the people who bought it feel bad by releasing cheaper smarter looking 430 just a couple of weeks later. 535 had screen issues so perhaps they needed to do this in order to follow the path of disappointment..
  • Whoa!!! who brought up L435?! I didn't. You did! . You have all the writes to believe on your thoughts. I don't know the truth so whatever i told is my point of view and i stand by that. Now, about the rights of using the brand name, if you will search in internet you will get minimum a dozen DIFFERENT deal details. Even WPC stated once only the Nokia and MS guys knows what was in the real deal. As far as i know, MS got the rights to use Nokia brand name on featurephones for 10 years from the year of deal and till 2016 on Smartphones. And that is also the time limit where Nokia is not allowed to make a device which use a sim card. That is the same reason why Nokia N1(Their new android tablet) doesn't use a sim card. MS had the time to establish their brand on smartphone world. But they wanted to start when the news is still hot.
  • Nokia has stated that its just transitional license. Meaning, I suppose, that no new Nokia branded smart phones from Microsoft (save those already in production pipeline before deal closed). But Nokia can't use Nokia brand either until late 2016. So there is in effect 1-2 year No-Nokia branded smartphones period agreed. And yes MS has 10 year license for Nokia brand for feature phones. Which makes this whole thing a complete mess :) Nokia is anyway now out of consumer space and plans to keep it so for some time save design, technology & brand licensing.
  • For a moment I thought Here Maps was about to ditch Windows lol phew...
  • I set up HERE Maps on my sisters Android phone this week, and it had me set up a Nokia account. Why aren't they ditching Nokia accounts on Android? Maybe they just haven't done it yet?
  • Using Here Maps on Android and it should have given you an option to skip or ' Jump right in'
  • Reading the headline quickly had my heart beating like WP was about to lose the Here maps apps. Oh my!
  • HERE (Nokia property) actually said something along the lines that in the future official WP app will be developed by MS not HERE as HERE allocates more resources to ios & android apps. For HERE the core business is B2B services not branded apps.
  • Hallelujah
  • You may be happy, but I'm not. I love Nokia, and it bums me out that they aren't even interested in WP customers making accounts with them anymore. 
  • HERE is part of Nokia.
  • Yes, I know that. 
  • So why is account change from Nokia to Nokia (HERE) an issue? (edit: As someone commented this was actually done to get accounts BACK to Nokia because so called 'Nokia accounts' were transferred to MS as part of devices & services division deal)
  • I have never been able to get Cortona to recognize me work and home address to give me updates when to leave. Do t know what end the problem is on, but I have never gotten it to work.
  • It should eventually ask you 'is this where you live' etc but even then, the traffic features arent available to all countries, so that could be why traffic feature doesnt work yet.
  • While it prompted me and figured out my home address, it was never able to do the same for my work.  No matter.  Just open up Cortana and hit the "hambuger" menu in the upper-right corner of the screen to edit Cortana's Notebook.  Select "Places" and just add you work and home locations there.
  • You're posting in the wrong thread. 
  • Not sure who you are talking to, but if it is me, this is in reference to Here. So close enough. But thanks for the input.
  • Even if he posted in the wrong thread, you could have just answered his question or pointed him to the right place. It wouldnt kill you to help out.
  • I swear I skipped a heartbeat after reading "HERE Maps for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 ditching". Phew thank god :P
  • yay, since I got my first lumia from time to time I looked into the accounts page and wondered why I needed to have that nokia account that seemed like it didn't fit in
  • Autodesk used to use Google maps but now uses Here/Nokia maps. This tells me that it is far superior to Google.
  • has there been any info on Maps in W10? still no Japan support on Here and WP; it's the reason i bought an 8-inch android for travel in japan.
  • Well, Maps in W10 shows me detailed maps of Japan. I tried setting a route from Tokio to Osaka and it looks to be fully functioning.
  • I noticed I was signed out of Here when I used the Here Drive + to check highway traffic on my way to work this morning. I signed in with Facebook, which I've always done, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Just a precaution, I went to and logged in with Facebook. I don't know if this made a difference. I signed out of the Drive app and back in using Facebook. Hopefully, I'm in good standing when April 24th rolls around.
  • HERE is not working on windows 10 TP...
  • I guess so. It's taking lot of time to find GPS on L730.
  • I still think HERE is a terrible name.
  • It was a stupid move from Microsoft not to acquire HERE Maps with Nokia acquisition. It would've put their maps way ahead of Google's,
  • As far as I knew that Mircosoft didnt have the option to acquire Here, Nokia wanted to keep it
  • Microsoft wanted it. Nokia said hell no. Lol
  • Even the Finland govt didn't allow Microsoft to buy the whole Nokia. And Microsoft didn't wanted the whole Nokia actually. Even if they had bought maps the telecoms sector would have been there which still wouldn't have allowed Microsoft to keep the brand name Nokia.
  • How to import favorites from old account to new account?
  • here website ask you to create a here account and then ask you to login into your nokia account which then imports everthing here releated 
  • After switching to here account...all of my categories becomes unsorted!!! Why????????
  • Hi jrmy02, I'd done a new Here account & collections-sync some time back, don't remember exactly when, maybe Dec/Jan, and all Collections & favourites were synced on phone & web. That time they'd updated the Here Maps app which suggested to create a new Here account & sync the Nokia account, which worked. Now a few days back when I saw this wincentral post, I'd forgotten that I'd already done it, and I logged out on the app and saw the Here login/register, and tried logging in, and managed to login (which proves that I'd created the Here account before). However, now the app shows my favourites as Unsorted, thought their website shows my Collections as before - which is the same issue you're facing. Pretty weird, guess it's a bug, and am waiting in the hope that it'll be resolved. I certainly want to avoid re-creating my various Collections and manually re-sorting my Favourites all over again! Please do update if you get any info or work-around. Thanks!
  • Microsoft trying to totally detach from Nokia
  • On my
  • Well excellent. Doesn't make a difference but who didn't see this coming
  • Besides being his usual negative self and yet again trying to bash away at MSFT for whatever reason mr Callaham now also appears to be good with either not even bothering to inform himself or straight up providing mis-information:  "This move is obviously yet another consequence of Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's smartphone business and doing away with the Nokia-branded accounts." Microsoft does not own HERE nor do they have any say in how HERE conduct their business. The reasons for this change are fairly obvious.