Here's how Battlepacks have changed in Battlefield 1

Battlepacks have been in the Battlefield series for some time now, after being originally introduced as a way of distributing attachments and cosmetic items in multiplayer. These have since become a key aspect of player customization, despite the controversial element of persistence they added to progression.

Battlepacks are back in Battlefield 1, but like many of the game's components, some significant revisions have been made. With gameplay returning to the roots of earlier titles, the Battlepack system has also undergone some adaptive changes. Here's what you need to know about the new additions!

What is a Battlepack?

Battlepacks are Battlefield 1's random content drop system, which provides players various cosmetic rewards for the multiplayer portion of the game. Each Battlepack contains a random assortment of loot, with one guaranteed weapon skin and the chance of other additional content. These bonuses span from consumable XP boosts to collectible melee puzzle pieces.

How do I earn Battlepacks?

Battlefield 1 has three different rarities of Battlepacks, each with differing grades of guaranteed rewards. While standard Battlepacks can be earned by simply playing the game, more valuable packages require a little more work.

Standard Battlepacks

Standard Battlepacks are the most common loot drops and rewarded for leveling up and completing matches. Each standard pack contains one weapon skin of any rarity with the chance of some additional bonus items. The rewards found in these packs can be of any rarity, however, more valuable skins are less likely to drop.

Enhanced/Superior Battlepacks

Enhanced Battlepacks and Superior Battlepacks contain Battlefield 1's higher tier item drops, with a greater chance of obtaining rare weapon skins. All skins will be of a certain rarity or higher, increasing the likelihood of unlocking Distinguished and Legendary skins.

Both of these packs can be purchased exclusively with in-game 'Scrap' currency, which is earned by discarding previously unlocked items. Any weapon skins, melee puzzle pieces or XP boosts can be salvaged for scrap, with differing values based on their rarity.

How are the contents of my Battlepacks decided?

While the items found inside Battlepacks are mostly random, the content available is limited to a certain assortment of the game's skins. Not every skin in Battlefield 1 is available at the same time, with a rotating roster of items known as 'Revisions'. New Revisions are swapped out frequently, so make sure to check back for your favorite skins!

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