Here's how well Intel RealSense works with Windows Hello

At the opening keynote of Computex 2015, Intel executives spent a brief moment on stage demonstrating how well things work, and how secure it actually is. Using a face mask to try and 'spoof' the cameras into thinking you're someone else just won't work, as shown in this short video clip.

The Intel RealSense camera technology goes beyond being a simple webcam, with aspects to sense depth, too, and the effects are impressive. We've seen Microsoft demo Windows Hello at Build, and this is every bit as impressive. There seems to be absolutely no lag whatsoever, with the PC unlocking virtually instantly after it sees your face.

It's very cool stuff, and we've already heard from Dell that some of its new laptops launching soon will have RealSense on board, with Windows Hello being a prime use case.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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