Here's a preview of Windows' Whatsapp Beta UWP app

Whatsapp Desktop
Whatsapp Desktop (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Twitter, home to many leaks and scoops, has bestowed upon Whatsapp and Windows fans a new treat.
  • It's a fresh look at the Whatsapp Beta UWP app heading to a Windows operating system near you.
  • The new app retains the look of what web Whatsapp users are already familiar with.

Aggiornamenti Lumia occasionally drops nuggets of cool, not-yet-seen info that may interest Windows users. Today is one of those days, as the site has provided us all with a sneak peek at the new Whatsapp Beta UWP app.

Source: Aggiornamenti Lumia (Image credit: Source: Aggiornamenti Lumia)

If you're sick and tired of web Whatsapp for whatever reason, this could be good news for you. An app such as this one has been wanted by many. And better yet, though it'll be its own entity, it carries a design that's quite similar to web Whatsapp so you won't have to learn any newfangled, complex interfaces.

The leaks also confirms support for inking, which is an excellent addition for those using touchscreen PCs, as well as traditional toast notifications (even when the app is closed).

Everyone loves a good UWP app, so this Whatsapp news may come as a pleasant surprise for many. After all, there are entire UWP communities built around the idea, keeping new apps coming via nothing but passion and some good old-fashioned coding.

Whatsapp Drawing Finale Compresso

Source: Aggiornamenti Lumia (Image credit: Source: Aggiornamenti Lumia)

However, not everyone is a fan of Whatsapp, so for many, this news may very well be a nonstarter. Plenty of people hate Facebook (Meta) to the core and aren't happy with what the company has done to the service, hence the rise of the best Whatsapp alternatives. Disregard this news altogether if you're not a fan of hearing about Meta's activities, be they related to Whatsapp or the burgeoning metaverse.

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