Here's a preview of Windows' Whatsapp Beta UWP app

Whatsapp Desktop
Whatsapp Desktop (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Twitter, home to many leaks and scoops, has bestowed upon Whatsapp and Windows fans a new treat.
  • It's a fresh look at the Whatsapp Beta UWP app heading to a Windows operating system near you.
  • The new app retains the look of what web Whatsapp users are already familiar with.

Aggiornamenti Lumia occasionally drops nuggets of cool, not-yet-seen info that may interest Windows users. Today is one of those days, as the site has provided us all with a sneak peek at the new Whatsapp Beta UWP app.

Source: Aggiornamenti Lumia (Image credit: Source: Aggiornamenti Lumia)

If you're sick and tired of web Whatsapp for whatever reason, this could be good news for you. An app such as this one has been wanted by many. And better yet, though it'll be its own entity, it carries a design that's quite similar to web Whatsapp so you won't have to learn any newfangled, complex interfaces.

The leaks also confirms support for inking, which is an excellent addition for those using touchscreen PCs, as well as traditional toast notifications (even when the app is closed).

Everyone loves a good UWP app, so this Whatsapp news may come as a pleasant surprise for many. After all, there are entire UWP communities built around the idea, keeping new apps coming via nothing but passion and some good old-fashioned coding.

Whatsapp Drawing Finale Compresso

Source: Aggiornamenti Lumia (Image credit: Source: Aggiornamenti Lumia)

However, not everyone is a fan of Whatsapp, so for many, this news may very well be a nonstarter. Plenty of people hate Facebook (Meta) to the core and aren't happy with what the company has done to the service, hence the rise of the best Whatsapp alternatives. Disregard this news altogether if you're not a fan of hearing about Meta's activities, be they related to Whatsapp or the burgeoning metaverse.

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  • Interesting! Those old early Windows 8/10 fonts though lol. It'd look nicer if bold/semibold.
  • There are already 32-Bit and 64-Bit Win32 apps. Wonder if this will be replacing them and if there'll finally be an ARM64 ap too.
  • "Wonder if this will be replacing them and if there'll finally be an ARM64 ap too."
    If it's UWP, you get ARM64.
  • The Facebook Messenger app is UWP and 64-Bit only :(. It also says this in the System Requirements page on the Microsoft Store too.
  • It's 64-Bit only, so even on Windows 11 it'll have sluggish performance :( -
  • It's been 84 years...
  • Not complaining since I usually prefer native apps, but I wonder what benefits this would bring them? With the current PWA, they can update once for all OS's, but with this they'll need to frequently update their specific apps. If they don't maintain it, then it'll just be a repeat of past app failures and then you'll get the usual 'install the PWA for the best experience' comments. Are they planning deeper OS integration or other features that PWAs can't offer?
  • The current application is a win32 installer? If it was a PWA it wouldn't be a several hundred meg download lol.
  • It's the same UX as the Web App but is indeed a Win32 Installer. It's not a wrapper too as the 64-Bit version has extra functionality (Video/Audio calls) not in the Web App or 32-Bit version.
  • A dark mode may actually bring me back... Generally looks really nice though.
  • WhatsApp has had a dark mode for a long time.
  • Cool, another UWP app to replace the Win32 version installed. Since pretty much everyone I know is still using whatsapp... unfortunately. Managed to get a fair chunk of folks over to Signal. Hopefully, we get a UWP version of Signal too.
  • Interesting whatsapp going UWP, usually it's the other way around... UWP to PWA or win32 or something else.
  • Feel like this might be in line with Whatsapp testing functionality to have connected devices independent of your phone i.e. even if your phone is offline, your chats will still be able to sync on the PC. Not something which they can do with Whatsapp Web currently, I'd think.
  • Actually, they can, that already works.
  • Learn something new every day! I'll need to check that out
  • It's in the beta though, just FYI
  • Just in time for UWP’s deprecation!
  • I am using the standard Windows version of WhatsApp (the beta one that doesn't need your phone to be online) and it just works fine for me. The only important thing I would like is having the app minimize itself in the tray when I close the window, that's a pretty common feature of all IM apps.
  • I went back because the Beta version requires: 1. You to delete messages separately on both your Phone and then again on the Windows App. Seriously what!
    2. You can only search the past 30 days (I think) of messages in the Windows App now. Hopefully neither are intentional and are coming later.
  • Great design... for Win10 in 2015.
    I hope they update it to Win11's design language before launch.