Here's why the stand-alone Xbox One Rock Band 4 will cost $20 more than PlayStation 4 version

If you were going to buy the stand-alone Xbox One version of the upcoming music-based game Rock Band 4, be prepared to spend $20 more compared to the PlayStation 4 version. Developer Harmonix and publisher Mad Catz announced that the Xbox One version will cost $79.99 on its own, rather than the $59.99 price for the PlayStation 4 version.

Why is there such a large price difference? In short, the Xbox One has something extra that will be needed for people who want to use it with older music controllers made for the Xbox 360 console:

"Xbox One gamers can purchase a bundle ($79.99 SRP) that includes the game and Legacy Game Controller Adapter that enables them to use most previous-generation Xbox 360 Rock Band wireless guitars and drums. The adapter supports up to four wireless Rock Band controllers simultaneously as well as many third-party wireless instrument controllers for the Xbox 360."

The PlayStation 4 version of Rock Band 4 will not need that kind of adapter; owners of older PlayStation 3 Rock Band controllers can just plug them up to the new console. Harmonix and Mad Catz are also selling the game for both consoles with an all new guitar controller for $129.99 and with a guitar, drums and a microphone for $249.99.

Check out the Xbox One Rock Band 4 at Amazon ($79.96)

Source: Harmonix

John Callaham