Here's why the stand-alone Xbox One Rock Band 4 will cost $20 more than PlayStation 4 version

If you were going to buy the stand-alone Xbox One version of the upcoming music-based game Rock Band 4, be prepared to spend $20 more compared to the PlayStation 4 version. Developer Harmonix and publisher Mad Catz announced that the Xbox One version will cost $79.99 on its own, rather than the $59.99 price for the PlayStation 4 version.

Why is there such a large price difference? In short, the Xbox One has something extra that will be needed for people who want to use it with older music controllers made for the Xbox 360 console:

"Xbox One gamers can purchase a bundle ($79.99 SRP) that includes the game and Legacy Game Controller Adapter that enables them to use most previous-generation Xbox 360 Rock Band wireless guitars and drums. The adapter supports up to four wireless Rock Band controllers simultaneously as well as many third-party wireless instrument controllers for the Xbox 360."

The PlayStation 4 version of Rock Band 4 will not need that kind of adapter; owners of older PlayStation 3 Rock Band controllers can just plug them up to the new console. Harmonix and Mad Catz are also selling the game for both consoles with an all new guitar controller for $129.99 and with a guitar, drums and a microphone for $249.99.

Check out the Xbox One Rock Band 4 at Amazon (opens in new tab) ($79.96)

Source: Harmonix

  • More fuel for Playstation fans.
  • They can have their Rock Band. Xbox owners have two better exclusive Harmonix games: Fantasia: Music Evolved (the best music game ever made) and Dance Central Spotlight (the best-priced dance game ever made).
  • I'm still getting rock band on Xbox though
  • Wireless dude, Wireless.. PS4 is wired.. I would not have to feel thethered to play Rock band.
  • They are not wired, they have little USB dongles that plug in, they are still wireless tho.
  • I mean, Dance Central is certainly the best dancing game around, but Rock Band is about a million times larger, more mainstream, and IMO better than Fantasia. Luckily it's coming to Xbox One too - just a bit more expensively due to Microsoft switching wireless controller technology between the 360 and the 'Bone.
  • I read the word "plug" for the PlayStation side, does that mean wireless won't be supported?
  • yup, it was really clear..
  • They're wireless... They have USB dongles.
  • I see the fuel differently. You have a choice of Wireless or wired.. I rather be wireless..
  • Actually, the press release states that legacy wireless controllers work on PS4 with no additional hardware.
  • Why not release a version without the adapter for people who don't need it??
  • If you buy a bundle it doesn't come with the adapter. If you don't get a bundle you absolutely need the adapter to even play with 360 controllers.
  • Too bad. I was really looking forward to playing this eventually. Not paying $90 for it though. I really don't like the games THAT much.
  • There will surely be sales eventually.
  • There is - you buy the version with the controller for $100+
  • ok, while neat, forcing the bundle doesn't seem fair.
  • Why, you have 3 options for the Xbox one; buy the bundle and use your old controllers, buy the big bundle with new controllers, or don't play the game at all.
  • Actually, 4 optons: The one with the adapter for 360 controllers Small bundle with just the Xbone specific guitar (you didn't list this one) Big bundle with Xbone specific instruments Don't play
  • Why does it have to come with the adapter? Just sell it separate. This is gonna hurt the Rock Band sales for Xbox.
  • What are you gonna do without the adapter? Put the disc in and wish you could play?
  • Lmfao god dammit that made me almost choke
  • That's fine. $20 more to play the hundreds of songs I bought on the 360. 
  • Im in the other boat. I bought a ton of songs for ps3 and don't have a ps4 :(
  • You read something wrong. It's not 20 extra dollars to play your old songs. It's 20 extra dollars to use your old wireless instruments.
  • I could be wrong, but I think Harmonix announced they would carry over all your purchases.
  • They did, but that wasn't his point. He's saying you don't have to pay for the songs you already bought for the 360 versions of RB. 
  • What isn't said here is if you have "Wired" Rock Band 1 instruments, this adapter does nothing for you and you must buy all new instruments to work with this new game.
  • I guess you would just buy the guitar bundle then, no?
  • The guitar bundle or the full band kit. I'm electing to get the full kit. I like playing all the instruments.
  • I really want to know how true this is. Cause I'm super pumped for this game but only if I can use my wired rock band 1 instruments. I'm not willing to buy the all new instruments.
  • It's correct. Wired instruments are inexplicably not supported. The issue would certainly be on Microsoft's end (some technical hurdle or restriction) rather than Harmonix's.
  • Wired instruments wont work at all, with this adaptar or without.
  • Just curious, but what do the people that want it sold unbundled plan to play it with?
  • Thank you!
  • Maybe we would buy them used off craigslist or ebay or GameStop rather than pay full price.
  • You're going to buy the new controllers? Since the game isn't even released yet I don't think your plan will work. By the time the controllers are available to buy second hand, the game will be too.
  • Rock Band 1 wired instruments.
  • Wired RB1 instruments won't work. You can still use the wired mic, but only with the legacy adapter. Source: It's clearly explained in the Amazon listing.
  • I didn't realize Rock Band was still a thing.
  • not really and here's hoping sales will mak ethem realize it.
  • Why? A lot of people still like the games so why deny those people?
  • Harmonix piss you off somehow?  
  • Not as big as it once was, bit still has a following.
  • They sure as hell pissed me off after dropping hundreds of dollars for broken plastic junk (2 broken drum sets and 2 broken guitars).
  • It's like doing CPR on a dog that died 4 years ago
  • Wonder if this will be useable with 360 gamepad when bc officially launches
  • So, the old wired guitar and drums won't work then at all? That's disappointing.
  • Idk if they just didn't include them in the description or not... But I hope they will.
  • They will not. According to the details on the Amazon listing, the legacy adapter supports only wireless instruments and wired mics.
  • They should release it without the adapter, and a demo mode, so we could hold our old instruments and pretend to pretend playing real music.
  • I can use the lips wireless microphones with rock band on the 360. Does Xbox one rock band have a wireless mic?, will the lips mics work with the adaptor?
  • I'm actually really happy to hear they worked out a way to get the old instruments working. 
  • Okay, those who are reading this article are not getting it.. If you don't own Rock Band, then you would have to get the bundle because you need the instruments to play. If you already own Xbox 360 Rock Band equipment, then you need the adapter because the 360 equipment does connect Wirelessly to the Xbox One. The PS3 equipment to PS4 has to tether through the USB port. My understanding is that both the PS4 and Xbox One bundle equipment do connect wirelessly to the system.
  • Sooooo what if you want to get this game digitally? #screwed
  • Cool, I'll just get it on PS4 not like it makes a difference which console I play it on.
  • It does make a difference if you already own songs on 360 or PS3. Otherwise, yeah.
  • True, this is my first rock band game so its all good for me.
  • Each version of this game has required new drum hardware. The standard drum kit does not hold up well to my fills.
  • LOL. They might as well not even sell it on Xbox. Just dumb that they feel they can justify the price difference, especially for a game that's been dead for a while and trying to be resurrected.
  • Ever since Rocksmith was released, Rockband/Guitar Hero seem pretty obsolete. A bit like those Dance Mats you used to get before Kinect was released. If they're going to bring back anything with niche peripherals, it should be light-gun stuff like Time Crisis and Point Blank.