Hike messenger

If you've been facing issues with Hike messenger randomly crashing over the last few days, you'll be glad to know that the issue has been resolved. The team at Hike have rolled out an update that fixes the "Crasher" bug.

Here's the changelog detailing the bug fix:

  • A big bad bug (codename "The Crasher"), had somehow manage to creep it's way into hike and started causing random crashes to happen to many of our hikers. We sent in 2 of our most courageous & bravest developers with the most advanced bug zapping guns we have. It was a long hunt and a very fierce battle, lasting 100+ hours. In the end, we managed to send "The Crasher" and 8 bugs to bug heaven!

Hike users, how are you finding the update?

QR: Hike messenger

Thanks for the tips everyone!