Hitman's November update lets you take your item unlocks offline

Hitman players will finally get a chance to take their earned items offline, thanks to the latest update to the game on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Alongside a number of gameplay fixes and improvements, Hitman's November update includes a new Offline Profile, which lets players take unlockable items they earned while online and save them to a dedicated profile for use in offline mode.

From the November update release notes:

All unlockable items that are earned when connected to the game's servers, are now also saved to an 'offline profile', meaning that they can be used when in Offline Mode. Items include all mastery items; including weapons, gear, starting/pickup locations as well as Elusive Target suit rewards and Challenge Pack unlocks.

Unfortunately, you still need to be online and connected to the game servers to earn new unlocks, according to the notes.

This update also introduces a number of general improvements and bug fixes across the board — all of which you can check out in the full patch notes. Of particular note is a new ability added in this update that lets 47 pull people over balconies and out of windows. Sadly, there's a bug with the ability that keeps NPCs who see the move from blaming 47, so it will be removed in the December update to return later.

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