Watch, play, and win as we celebrate the holidays with Jackbox Party Pack 2 tonight on Twitch

Every weekend, Windows Central streams an Xbox One game or two on Twitch for 1-2 hours and gives out free games to the cool people who join us during the stream. It's like a live podcast, only you also get to watch a game while chatting with our awesome readers and viewers!

Tonight we celebrated a year of great gaming streams with our first holiday party stream. We ate, drank, and made merry while playing Jackbox Party Pack 1 and 2 with our audience. And of course, we gave out presents (game codes) for regular viewers and newcomers. Read on party details, prize winners, and the video replay!

Just follow us at, enable email notifications , watch along, and participate in chat for your chance to win. After the stream ends, be sure to check back for the YouTube replay video and contest winners.

Holiday Party with Jackbox Party Pack 2

Windows Central has been streaming Xbox One and Windows games every Saturday for over a year now – our first weekend giveaway stream happened way back in October 2014!

During that time, we've played dozens of fantastic games and met hundreds of awesome viewers during our streams. Many of you join our streams every single weekend, while others come as often as they're able. We're grateful for all of you, and so we're throwing a party.

Tonight's stream will be a festive and laid-back affair. We'll be streaming Jackbox Party Pack 2, a game that everyone can play from their web browsers during the stream. Paul will simply be chatting along with the viewers and Stream Team cohosts, giving out presents throughout the stream.

Prepare to eat, drink, and be merry as we celebrate the holidays, friendship, and a year of great gaming.

Jackbox Party Pack 2

Quiplash XL

What's Jackbox Party Pack 2, you ask? Here's the official description:

The sequel to the party game phenomenon The Jackbox Party Pack, featuring FIVE fresh, rib-tickling party games! Games include:

  1. The runaway hit bluffing game Fibbage 2 (2-8 players) with over 500 brand-new questions, more than 2x the original.
  2. The hear-larious sound-effects game Earwax (3-8 players).
  3. The absurd art auction game Bidiots (3-6 players), where you draw right there on your phone or tablet.
  4. The say-anything, gut-busting Quiplash XL (3-8 players), which includes everything in Quiplash, Quip Pack 1, AND over 100 brand-new prompts.
  5. The bomb-defusing nailbiter of a party game, Bomb Corp. (1-4 players).

Players play using their phones, tablets, or even computers as controllers – making it the perfect easy-to-join party starter. No extra controllers needed! And, spectators can join and affect some games by playing as Audience members!

Everyone who tunes into the livestream is invited to play along. Afterwards, catch up on the fun with the video replay.

Jackbox Party Pack 2 Windows Phone

Windows Phone screenshots - you play from your web browser!

Holiday gifts

Our Holiday Party Stream will last approximately two hours tonight, starting at 8pm Central (9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific, 2am GMT). During that time, we'll be giving out over 50 presents to stream regulars and new viewers alike. Everyone has a chance at a gift!

Tonight's presents (Xbox One, PlayStation, and Steam game codes) come from numerous donors. Our top donors for this stream:

  • Alexkywalker (viewer) – Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox One, 1 copy)
  • Asteroid Base – Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (Xbox One)
  • Bria5544 (viewer) – 5 $10 Xbox gift codes
  • Little Green Men Games – Starpoint Gemini 2 (Xbox One)
  • Metalhead Software – Super Mega Baseball (Xbox One)
  • Paul Acevedo – Paul brought codes for some of our best stream participants!
  • SgtTorrente (viewer) – Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (Xbox One, 1 copy)
  • Telltale Games – Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands Season 1 (Steam)
  • Zen Studios – Pinball FX2 'Balls of Fury' Pack (Xbox One, PlayStation, and Steam)

And more!

To enter, just follow us at (making sure to enable email notifications!) and tune in during the stream. You can watch the stream right here in this post, but you need to actually participate in the stream chat to have a chance at winning. We'll deliver codes to the winners via Twitch message (PM) during the stream. No code begging!

Feel free to stick around in chat before and after the stream if you have any questions or just want to say hi. If you enjoy the stream, be sure to check our schedule and come back for more!

Jackbox Party Pack 2

How to watch Twitch livestreams

What's the best way to experience Twitch? The Twitch website on your PC or Mac web browser. If you don't have or prefer not to use a computer, you can get the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Xbox 360 Twitch apps and watch from the comfort of your couch. Android and iOS both have official and unofficial Twitch apps to choose from as well.

On Windows Phone, you'll have to grab an unofficial app. There are several to choose from, each with different strengths and weaknesses. Only one app lets you search directly for our channel, though. If you use the others you'll have to find and follow us from a web browser first. Read the roundup to learn more!

Jackbox Party Pack 2

Fibbage 2

Future streams

Want to know what's next for Windows Central's Twitch programming? We stream a different game every Saturday. The stream always starts at the same time: 8pm Central (9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific, 2am GMT). Here are our planned streams for the rest of December:

We hope you'll tune in as often as you can! Set a recurring alarm on your phone so you'll always know when it's time for the stream to start.

Jackbox Party Pack 2

Present winners

These people celebrated the holidays with us and walked away with some great presents!

$10 Xbox code (donated by Bria5544)

  • Osodog
  • PuRe_Pretzel
  • DWxThrasher
  • nosyrbllewe
  • addicted2xbox

$25 Xbox code (donated by SgtTorrente)

  • notscrappycoco

Assassin's Creed: Unity (donated by Sean1robertson)

  • Dakrkplayer2

Baseball Riot from 10tons

  • Kufeifei
  • Stoneysilence

Divekick (Steam, donated by Gomezz)

  • shojsauce

Extreme Exorcism from Ripstone

  • id10t_err0r (Xbox One)
  • FatalityCag (Steam)

Frizzy from Team Frizzy

  • bAN01TgAZ
  • CaveSmurf
  • Fizzysignal

Game of Thrones Season 1 from Telltale (Steam)

  • ShihTzuOnYou
  • chsoriano

Gears of War (Xbox 360)

  • Afalcon90

Gears of War 2 (Xbox 360)

  • CGriffiths86

Gears of War Ultimate Edition (donated by SgtTorrente and Alexkywalker)

  • Oblivion_275

Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition

  • Mook6_99

Gunworld from m07 games

  • Jurassicworld
  • Tlitd31
  • Mittens_small_cox

Halo 5 Monster Energy REQ Pack

  • VinTheButcher

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime from Asteroid Base

  • MrGryffudd
  • bria5544
  • spartan_lover
  • surrealsonicus
  • MarineDawg

Pinball FX2 'Balls of Glory' Pack from Zen Studios

  • paprtigrs (Xbox One)
  • i_love_bambi (Xbox One)
  • nma_pr (Xbox One)
  • LightspeedHalo (PSN)
  • 8bit_Ghost (PSN)
  • Gomezz34 (PSN)
  • CARL15523 (Steam)
  • Brownmeister (Steam)

Rise of the Tomb Raider from Microsoft (donated by Alexkywalker)

  • SirLoinsteaks

Starpoint Gemini from Little Green Men Games

  • thesnapplecap
  • bearkat14
  • CMUchippewa

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings from Metalhead Software

  • Mongbox
  • Ihacker0390
  • MTARaylz
  • DNev555
  • outlawoftorn
  • lightcycle45

Tales from the Borderlands Season 1 from Telltale (Steam)

  • rainbowunicornn_
  • Sean1robertson

Witcher 3 1st expansion from CD Projekt Red

  • qwe123878

Tonight's prizes provided by Alexkywalker, Asteroid Base, Bria5544, Little Green Men Games, Metalhead Software, Paul Acevedo, SgtTorrente, Telltale Games, and Zen Studios. Thanks also to our Twitch stream moderators for keeping the peace and giving away the prizes!

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